Atlas Fallen: Complete Walkthrough & Game Guide

Atlas Fallen: Complete Walkthrough

Welcome to our Atlas Fallen guide! Throughout the next few weeks we’ll be honing in to every part of this open-world game, helping you find the best ways to play and unlock everything there is to see.

We’ve played this one extensively and have everything you need to know about the game. From here, you’ll find links across to each of the individual chapters for walkthroughs, along with links to FAQ guides and more.

Do bookmark this page though as we’ll be adding more and more articles over the coming weeks, including our ongoing coverage of the main missions, side quests and more!

FAQ Guides

Atlas Fallen Release Date, Platform & Game Length

Main Quests

Atlas Fallen Chapter Walkthroughs

1) The Essence Caravan 2) Away From the Sun’s Eye 3) The Path to Bastengar
4) Reforging the Gauntlet 5) From Beliefs to Trust 6) The City of the Sun
7) A Bridge from the Past 8) The City of the Sun (2) 9) The City of the Sun (3)
10) The Power to Reach Thelos 11) A Source in the Swamp 12) A Source in the Ruins
13) The Battle of Gods


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