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Having spent his entire life writing and equipped with a sickening work ethic and passion for learning, Greg Wheeler found his love of fiction writing, watching TV and critical analysis merge into the form of review writing during the early 2000’s. Back then the site operated under the name “DJGregsta”; an alias that reflected Greg’s passion for music as much as writing.

Realizing the reviews were becoming more popular, he switched across to writing on Amazon before being accepted to the Amazon Vine program; reserved for influential review writers. From here, Greg started writing on Wattpad, a free site that allows authors to share their work the world over. After reaching #1 on the Non-fiction rankings, #1 for the topic of film and #5 for trending in 2017, Greg found he’d reached the end of his Wattpad journey and instead shifted his effort across to a new website format – TheReview Geek.

Launched officially back on 24th May 2017 as a simple film review blog, Greg’s mission was simple – provide in-depth reviews across a wide range of different films. TV show reviews were quickly added along with both Video Game and Album reviews, all of which suggestions from our growing audience.

Attracting visitors the world over, TheReviewGeek has grown from strength to strength over the years, adding polls, film timelines and episode recaps. As of September 2019, TheReviewGeek has started covering more Korean dramas and looking forward, will aim to provide more anime content too.

We value thought-provoking, informative reviews that credit the technicality and themes of a piece as much as the actual content on-screen. We lean heavily toward in-depth recaps that detail the majority of plot points that occur, mostly for series we believe may be renewed or green-lit for another season. We also aim to write full season reviews for any show we’ve covered on a weekly basis as a spoiler-free piece acting as a collective whole rather than episodic snapshots.

The site operates with enough adverts to keep the lights on but primarily we do what we do for the love of media and writing. Since its inception, the site has exploded in popularity and more recent months, including September 2019, has seen highs of 400,000 visitors per month and over 600,000 page views – and we continue to grow.


Greg Wheeler – Owner, Editor-In-Chief and Head Reviewer



Since he was able to hold a pen, Greg has spent his entire life writing fiction and non-fiction pieces. He’s had poems and short stories published while in primary school and despite falling out of favour with writing during secondary school and college, quickly found his passions again after studying media, music production and film.

Between a full-time job and looking after his kids at the weekend, Greg’s unwavering enthusiasm for the media industry sees any of his free time taken up with watching critics on YouTube, reading reviews around the internet and researching new content and shows to add to the site.


Favourite Movie: Memento

Favourite TV Show: Doctor Who

Favourite Album: Hybrid Theory – Linkin Park / Vicious Delicous – Infected Mushroom

Favourite Video Game: The Last Of Us


Veronique Englebert – Reviewer


Veronique has been involved in the development of TheReviewGeek behind the scenes since March 2019. Bilingual in both French and English, Veronique has helped with the promotion and growth of the site and is always on the lookout for the next big thing when it comes to TV and film.

Having studied English and the history of cinema, Veronique has now turned her talents to critiquing, with a particular emphasis on writing about mainstream cinema releases, indie films and episode recaps for TV shows.


Favourite Movie: Life Is Beautiful

Favourite TV Show: Breaking Bad

Favourite Album: Common Ground- Above & Beyond

Favourite Video Game: Persona 5



We actively encourage any film-makers, record labels, game companies or PR representatives to contact us regarding anything media-related we currently cover that you’d like us to review. We always give an impartial and constructive review wherever possible and are happy to promote this as much as we can across both our Twitter and Facebook feeds. Of course, we’d love to give everything a glowing review but if our verdict is less than favourable, we do actively

If there are specific embargos or time frames on when you’d like our review to be up by, please do include this for us to as it helps prioritise the order of reviews going up on the site.

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Sponsored Articles are something we also consider, as long as they stick with the theme of the site and revolve around TV, film, games or music. Whether this be promotional content for an upcoming game as a preview piece, or n article about an upcoming band to listen to on Spotify, we’re open to providing this so do feel free to email us directly to discuss any fees or terms around this as prices will vary.


We’re also available on Facebook HERE as well as Twitter HERE if you’d rather message us via social media, but do feel free to fill out the form below if you’d prefer a direct response! Generally we aim to reply within 3-5 working days.