About Us


Founded by Greg Wheeler back on 24th May 2017, TheReviewGeek launched with a very simple mission – to become the best review website on the internet. Before TheReviewGeek officially launched however, a lot of the very early reviews on this site can also be found on Amazon too, where Greg Wheeler was officially part of the Amazon Vine program – a prestigious title reserved for elite reviewers.

What began with film reviews, quickly expanded to include full season reviews – something very few places on the internet currently do – as well as album and soundtrack write-ups and videogame reviews.

Attracting visitors the world over, TheReviewGeek has grown from strength to strength over the years, adding polls, film timelines, episode recaps and hiring extra reviewers to come onboard too.



We value thought-provoking, informative reviews that credit the technicality and themes of a piece as much as the actual content on-screen. We lean heavily toward in-depth recaps that detail the majority of plot points that occur, mostly for series we believe may be renewed or green-lit for another season.

We write full season reviews for almost every show we’ve covered on a weekly basis as a spoiler-free accompanying piece, acting as a more constructive, thoughtful and analytical review alongside our episodic snapshots.

Nowhere on the internet bridges the gap between Asian, American, UK and European content quite like we do. Whether it be the latest USA Network drama, a BBC thriller or a Korean rom-com, we aim to cover all of this with the same enthusiasm and keen eye for detail we would do anything else.

Since its inception, the site has exploded in popularity and the more recent months, including March 2020, has seen highs of 500,000 visitors and over 800,000 page views – and we continue to grow.



We actively encourage any film-makers, record labels, game companies or PR representatives to contact us regarding anything media-related we currently cover that you’d like us to review.

Please do be aware that while we do our best to cover as much as we can, our resources are limited and as such, we may decline some requests. On the same subject, at present time we are only looking to review artist EPs, LPs or full artist/compilation albums. At this time we are not reviewing singles or individual tracks, so please don’t send these over as they will be rejected.

If there are specific embargoes or time frames on when you’d like our review to go up by, please do include this for us to as it helps prioritize the order of reviews going up on the site.

If your query is in relation to advertising opportunities, check out our Press Kit for more information on this.


We’re also available on Facebook HERE as well as Twitter HERE if you’d rather message us via social media, but do feel free to fill out the form below if you’d prefer a direct response! Generally we aim to reply within 3-5 working days.