Atlas Fallen Quest Guide: “The City of the Sun” (Part 2) Walkthrough

Atlas Fallen Guide – The City of the Sun (Part 2)

Mission List

Create a path to the Watchtower

Create a path to the Watchtower

With all 3 pieces of the shard gathered in the previous chapter, it’s now time to tackle the Watchtower. This is an incredibly short chapter, although Atlas Fallen (as mentioned previously) likes to make things confusing with numerous quests called City of the Sun.

When you’re ready, head up toward the Watchtower and under it, where we’ll have a big boss fight to handle.


Boss Fight – Dromur

Tips for Beating: If you tackled the Shellbasher earlier in the game, chances are you’ll already be familiar with Dromur’s move-set. This fight basically plays out like an enhanced version of that Crustacean. There are three different places to attack, it’s head and both claws. 

Dromur’s move-set includes a blue shockwave that rips across the arena, along with a sand tornado ability where it’ll become invincible and spin across the battlefield toward you. However, in this fight it’ll spawn several different copies of himself when using this move.

Watch out for the Striking Claws, with Dromur dropping both claws rhythmically one after the other on the ground. It’ll do this five times. There’s a headbutt where it’ll slam his head into the ground, and a jumping slam where it’ll propel across the battlefield at you.

Finally, there’s also some spawning flying enemies we need to watch out for as well.

Dromur is tough but the claw movements are well-orchestrated. You want to either attack from behind, or use the rhythmic movements of the slam to try and hit Sandskin and build your momentum. Aim for the head first, with Biting Sandstorm and Hurling Hammer both excellent Essence Stone choices.

You want to also make sure Tough Skin is attached to alleviate some of the damage Dromur will do if you’re caught too. Timing is important here, and if evading isn’t your jam, you want to keep a distance from Shellbasher’s claw strikes. Also, when it headbutts the ground, there’s a short window of time to attack where it’ll be docile.

Dash around Shellbasher and attack from behind when he’s stationary and back off when he turns into a tornado. When the head is down, focus on each of the claws. It’s also a good idea to try and attack from the side here during this part of the fight if you can.

Eventually it’ll go down and we’ll be able to progress.

Watchtower Down  



A short cutscene will start after this, where we’re finally reunited with Tracker and the others. More importantly, we can also enter the mines now.

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