Atlas Fallen Quest Guide: “The City of the Sun” (Part 1) Walkthrough

Atlas Fallen Guide – The City of the Sun (Part 1)

Mission List (Click to jump down the page!)

Reach Lithesta

Inform the High Priest of the threat

Light the fires at Thelos’ shrines

Return to the gates of Lithesta

Spire workers/ Graveller

Follow the Mining Road to the Mining Village

Find a way up to the Watchtower

Create a path to the Watchtower


Reach Lithesta

Welcome to the next open world section in Atlas Fallen. Our first task is to reach Lithesta but before we do, it’s worth prefacing that Atlas Fallen has chosen to include numerous main missions with the exact same title. As a result, the mission log will show three or four different “City of the Sun” missions, hence why this guide is split into different parts.

Now, you can explore the region a bit but given the next few chapters actually do see you hopping around this large open space, it’s a good idea to head straight to your destination.

Slide down the slope and head west. Speak to the Travelling Vendor outside the city gates, as he has some good Essence Stones and a few other valuables that are definitely worth acquiring. When you’re done, the City Guard is blocking the gates and won’t let you in. They’re expecting a surge of Wraiths and are holding up tight. Instead,  turn round and speak to the High Priest about what’s happening.


Inform the High Priest of the threat

Pick up the journal entry by the side of the City Plaza and right ahead, facing away from the city, is a strange Totem pole sticking out the ground. This is Atlas Fallen’s version of the Vantage Points from Assassins Creed and other open-world games. When you’ve interacted with it, follow the Old Tithe Road past the sunflower fields. 

You’ll find a strange chain which Nyaal will explain is a manifestation of Telos’ power. Follow the path to the left, letting it curl around until you reach the Priest’s Estate.

Go all the way up the stairs, collect the blue journal to your left and then speak to the High Priest. She’ll doubt your usefulness and task you with proving you worth.

You’ll need to collect oil and light 3 different shrines. Turn around from the Priest and head left up the staircase. From here, you want to take the first right and interact with the barrels on the ground.


Light the fires at Thelos’ shrines

At the top of this next staircase is one of the shrines. This is actually lit but the general aesthetic is the same for the 3 different locations we need to reach. From this area, double-jump to the right, and dash across to the overhanging platform. There’s a Journal entry here and a quick route to our first shrine.

Head to the end of the pathway, double-jump over and dash to the hanging platform. You want to jump down the other side, where you’ll find a circular alcove in the ground. The shrine is just underneath this. However, if you jump around to the back of the tower sticking out the ground, you’ll find a chest holding another Essence Stone formula, for both Enhanced Hook and Invigorating Burst.

Approach the first shrine and interact with it. After, head east and toward the Northern Ridge. You’ll notice more of these vhains and also another Shrine, sticking out on the horizon and circled by a monstrous Wraith. Approach the Shrine and interact with it.

Proceed back to the Western Ridge and Lithesta, where you’ll notice another shrine to the left of the city and on the outskirts. Same as before, approach and interact with it.

Once all 3 shrines are lit, speak to the High Priest again. As she begins speaking, a messenger will suddenly show and reveal that the city is under attack. It’s up to you to go and stop them.

The High Priest will hand over some Armour; Preacher’s Guard. Depending on if you’ve been upgrading your gear or not, this may not be as powerful as the High Priest claims. However, it does emphasize defence over the other stats, so there is that.


Return to the gates of Lithesta

Proceed back to Lithesta and approach the City Guard. However, an orange flame wall will suddenly spring up, leaving us with another boss fight.

Boss Fight – Soarer

Tips for Beating: Soarer is an aggressive stone Golem that can pack one heck of a punch. It has five different body parts to target, and a range of malicious attacks.

It has downward punching attacks, a swiping upper-cut, along with the ability to transmorph his hands into different weapons. There’s both a Slashing blow and a piercing lunge to watch out for here when he conjures a blade. If you’re far away, Soarer will conjure that blade and run at you, slashing the blade along the ground as he does.

His other arm can also turn into an axe handle, with two variations. One, will see a simple slam into the ground. The other will see him slam in quick succession with three blows.

There’s a stomping attack to watch out for, which will see Soarer slam the ground and send spinning blue shockwaves your way, along with a jumping lunge, where Soarer will pummel the ground. Finally, it’ll also conjure a couple of grounded enemies to keep you busy, along with spewing three blue projectiles to head in your direction.

There’s a lot of aggressive melee here but Soarer’s attacks are actually quite easy to dodge. Its abilities have a very obvious wind-up, especially when he leans back with his arms. There’s a small window of time to attack after its hit with his axe or sword, meaning Sandskin is a good choice to use – as long as you time your evades correctly.

An effective strategy is to use your double-jump and triple dash to lull Soarer into using his big, jumping lunge. If you use this in conjuction with Biting Sandstorm, you can actually get Soarer to jump right into your ability.

Given Soarer’s bulky form, if dash around in circles, slashing at Soarer when you can, you’ll get extra hits while he tries to swipe at you. Be mindful of his attacks though and dash backwards when he uses the axe or sword.

Soarer will get more aggressive and frantic as the fight progresses, especially when you take out a few limbs. Be sure to keep a distance when it does and use Biting Sandstorm, Hurling Hammer or any other projectile or long-range move to maximize your effectiveness.

Eventually you’ll best it and come out victorious.

Golden Ore x1 Essence Core x1


Once Soarer is defeated, speak to the City Guard again, who will now open the gates for you to head in. And guess who’s there? Captain Morrath. He’ll taunt you a bit and tell you to go left to the city’s underbelly “where you belong”. Instead, go right until you reach another of the familiar shrines from before. Here, take a right and head up the two sets of stairs. Go slightly right again at the top of the stairs and speak to Arif.

Arif will encourage you to learn all you can at the Spire, and will inform you that you can get in from the main plaza.


Spire workers/ Graveller

After speaking to Arif, go back to where you originally spoke to Captain Morrath in the town square. This time go inside the Palace, which is straight ahead. You’ll be quite high up so your best bet is to literally jump off the edge and straight to the bottom. You’ll find the Spire Workers on this floor and they’ll be highlighted as you approach. 

Talk to all three and then you’ll be given a new mission to go and speak with Graveller in the Lower City. Head out the Palace and this time take a left. The road forks in half here, with the furthest left leading up a stairwell and the other to a slope. Go up the sloped route and go all the way to the end of the pathway, where you’ll find Graveller.


Follow the Mining Road to the Mining Village

After speaking to Graveller, he’ll send you off to a brand new area. This is way down south-west of our current location and requires a good deal of travelling. If you open your map, you’ll see just how far it actually is.

When you’re ready, head out and along the Mining Road until you reach your destination. If you follow the yellow marker on your HUD, you’ll reach the Mining Village.

Keep going forward until you reach the end of the pathway. You’ll find an Orange barrier here that can’t be accessed. After picking up the journal entry, turn back around and head out.


Find a way up to the Watchtower

Head out the mine and up the staircase. It’ll be on your left from the entrance and quite easy to spot. Go up the stairs and speak to the Forewoman at the top.

The Forewoman will encourage you to go and visit a camp of hunters by the road to Lithesta. One of the hunters over there knows the area well and may well have an alternate route you can take.

From the Forewoman, take a right and head south out of the camp. You’ll come to a platform in the Quicksand, so go ahead and Raise it. When you do, climb up the structure and make your way to the top.

When you do, this portion of the quest will come to an end, and we have another detour, this time to unearth new Shard Remnants.

We’ve tackled all of A Bridge from the Past in a separate walkthrough, given the length. Be sure to check that out here before returning!

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