Atlas Fallen Quest Guide: “A Bridge from the Past” Walkthrough

Atlas Fallen Guide – A Bridge from the Past

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Talk to the odd hunter

Shards 2 & 3 Locations


Talk to the odd hunter

Proceed through the Southern Wastes and across the big expanse of land, out toward the Hunter’s Camp. Speak to the woman there, Head Huntress, and she’ll guide you along to another hunter, aptly named “Odd Hunter”.

Travel south east from this location, through the Wildland Forest until you come to the Southern Wastes. There’s a passageway here with wooden bridges that you can climb up. Do just that and speak to the Odd Hunter who’s just chilling outside his tent. He’ll give you a Refined Raise Piece of the Gauntlet… but of course we need three shards in order to get it to work.

The first is immediately to the south of the Odd Hunter. Use your Nyaal Senses to locate the exact area in the sand and jump down. Once there, use your Raise on the various different green outlines on the ground. Eventually you’ll reveal the Shard you need.


Shards 2 & 3 Locations

From this location, use your senses and move the camera around. The next shard is located north west of your location. When you get here, you’ll notice that the Shard is located on top of a tower, surrounded by quicksand on one side and seemingly no way to reach it.

Head along the pathway to the bridge and jump up onto the ridge with a wooden platform sticking out. You’ll essentially want to double-jump and dash over to the first hollowed out tower, then head up to the small rock outcropping and do the same again (indicated in the screen below).

After completing the Sealing Totem and heading back to the tower again, collect the shard and then use your senses one more time. The next Shard is located south of your location. This will bring you all the way to the Southern Crater. There’s a magical Ward around the Shard though, so dispatch the enemies.

Among these enemies will be a Spiker and several flying enemies, so be sure to use the same tactics as before with this Wraith. When you’re ready, collect the last Shard piece and head to an Anvil. Upgrade your Gauntlet and you’ll finally have the powers needed to continue on with part 2 of The City of the Sun.

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