Atlas Fallen Quest Guide: “From Beliefs to Trust” Walkthrough

Atlas Fallen Guide – From Beliefs to Trust

Mission List (Click to jump down the page!)

Enter Bastengar

Find the entrance to the Sunken City

Find a way to the Sunken Palace

Look for Valery in the Sunken Palace

Show Proof to Khendra

Travel to Monsalar


Enter Bastengar

As the chapter begins, you’ll find yourself in the Knight’s Hideout. Khendra, one of the Knights, will approach and swiftly smack Arif in the face. She’s not happy that Arif has “failed her” and isn’t happy about the Gauntlet being here. She’s also torn up about her sister, Valery. She’s missing.

After this dialogue exchange, you’ll be allowed to head into Bastengar so proceed up the linear pathway and enter the War Room. This is quite easy to find and located to the left of the Knight vendor.

Go into the War Room and speak to Khendra. You’ll offer to help find Valery and that’ll set you on your way. It’s a good idea to buy any armour upgrades here from that aforementioned vendor as the latter parts of this chapter can be tricky if you’re not prepared.


Find the entrance to the Sunken City

As this next section begins, there’s an optional quest to go and check on Arif in his prison cell. You don’t have to do this, but you’ll be rewarded some dye if you choose to complete this fetch quest.

To summarize, you’ll have to head to the prison cells, back to the Travelling Merchant near the Bastengar entrance, then to the Soupmaker. Finally, back to Arif again. It’s not essential nor all that valuable to the main plot, hence the brief summary here.

So where is the Sunken City? Well, it’s actually super easy to find. The fastest way is to literally just jump off the edge of the bridge near the prison.

Before heading in, be sure to talk to the Knight Guard outside. She’ll hand over an Essence Stone called Piercing Parry. There’s also another journal entry down here too. When you’re ready, head into the cavern.

At the end of the passageway, Raise the platform and move into the next chamber. Drop down and move through the hollowed out passageway.

Once you reach the end, use your Raise ability to uncover the Sunken City of Lothville.


Find a way to the Sunken Palace

There’s only really one route here so keep descending down the path. You can avoid the Tailguarder altogether if you wish, by heading round the pathway to the right. There’s some artefacts and a couple of other goodies here, not to mention an Essence Core should you choose to stay.

Once you reach the Upper Districts, double-jump and double-dash across to the adjacent platform. You won’t make the top layer, so don’t worry too much about falling to the lower levels. Follow the wooden scaffolding around. Make another double-jump and double-dash into the Royal Palace. 


Look for Valery in the Sunken Palace

Now that we’re in the Palace, the next step is to look for clues surrounding Valery’s whereabouts. You’ll notice an Anvil in the middle of an arena, and, yep, you guessed it – it’s a boss fight.

Descend down into the chamber and the Anvil will disappear, to be replaced by a monstrous Spiker.

Boss Fight – Spiker

Tips for Beating: Spiker is a nasty foe and has some horrible moves. Its tail is the most deadly part of its anatomy, but it also has some nasty melee strikes too.

There’s a Tail Strike that’ll pierce the ground with his spikes but watch out as there are two variations. The first will see it hit the ground once. The other, sees him hit the group three times in quick succession.

There’s also a Tail Swipe, sweeping across the ground in front of him. After this, you’ll also have several flying enemies spawned. As the fight progresses Spiker will use more desperate lunges, along with swipes using its front two claws.

Depending on how the fight is going, Spiker will also sprout a tentacle out of its belly and try to hit you that way.

This is a fight all about timing and Spiker’s arsenal mainly comprises of deadly strikes. There is a small window of time to hit the tail after the triple strike, so use this to your advantage. Take your time here, and focus on taking out the stinger first if you can. 

The evading windows are tight and Sandskin is difficult to pull off successfully. You want to utilize your Enhanced Air Dash a lot and move around Spiker, taking swipes at the tail from afar. Hurling Hammer and Biting Sandstorm are excellent choices too. Alternatively, Piercing Parry and Thick Skin are options to consider if you’re having trouble. 

Coppery Ore x1 Silvery Ore x1 Essence Core x1

Once you’ve defeated Spiker, raise the Anvil and acquire the Refined Dash Piece. After watching the cutscene, head left at the metal gate and enter the chamber.

Interact with the wall holding numerous pictures, and then open the chest at the back of the room. This will reveal another Armour piece, Deadeye’s Attire. Proceed deeper into the chamber and follow the blue glow. You’ll pick up 3 Refined Dash Shards in a row, and there’s also a Bestiary book just behind this, holding information on the Devorur. 

Head back out, interact with the Anvil again and upgrade your Gauntlet.


Show Proof to Khendra

With everything completed, you now want to retrace your steps all the way back to Bastengar. On the way, you’ll have a Shellbasher to contend with, which is a nasty Crustacean foe. You can actually avoid this altogether if you want by dashing through the double doors.

When you reach that large passageway back to the Upper Districts, our Enhanced Dash will allow you to make that large gap without problem.

Return to Khendra and complete the dialogue options with her. After, she’ll encourage you to go and free Arif from his cell. Circle back around to the Prison and speak to Arif. This will trigger a cutscene, with Arif back in the War Room again and all three characters talking.

When this is finished, you’ll receive a new Active Formula for Stalling Tornado.


Travel to Monsalar

From where you start, take the first left and head out into the cavern. You want to follow the path ahead all the way to the end.

You’ll soon arrive at the Wildlands Gate. There’s a chest buried just to the right of the stairwell which holds Nodrite x1. Proceed up the stairs when you’re ready, and interact with the blue glowing doorway. Proceed forward a little and end this chapter.


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