Atlas Fallen Quest Guide: “Away From The Sun’s Eye” Walkthrough

Atlas Fallen Guide – Away From the Sun’s Eye

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Escape the Watcher

A Way Out

The Lost Anvils


Escape the Watcher

After exiting the cave, a short cut-scene will ensue. The Watcher, a giant celestial body in the sky, will seemingly invade Captain Morrath and his guards.

The chapter opens with an on-rails sequence of you gliding down deeper into the cave. Like a sandy SSX track, the aim here is to dodge and weave past the falling debris and descend as quickly as possible.

Head for the bright lights and you’ll come to an outside area. Continue to descend down at rapid speed. Eventually you’ll reach the end of this sand sliding path, and come out to another cave section.


A Way Out

After speaking to Nyaal, follow the blue orb to a strange anvil. You’ll be seeing a lot of these throughout your adventure so it’s definitely worth familiarizing yourself with how these work. The areas are used to upgrade your armour, spend Perk points and more.

Interact with it and you’ll be granted your first ability, Raise. This useful tool will help you traverse seemingly unreachable areas and make your life a bit easier. Approach the glowing green platform behind you and hold up on the directional pad.

Reach the top of the platform and proceed forward, toward the heart of this area. Follow the rock wall on your right but stop halfway to pick up an Artefact, which will be glowing white on the left, nestled in some rocks.

Before you get excited (like we did) at a brand new collectible type, these are essentially trinkets that can be collected and sold to travelling vendors. They come in different varieties of rarity, ranging from Special to Common.

Keep moving forward and pass through the small gap into another area. Take out the little Cloaker ahead of you, which is far more manageable compared to the previous boss, and watch the tutorial on Essence Stones. These nifty little trinkets are where Atlas Fallen’s combat really comes into its own.

For now, keep going forward and Raise the platform next to the wall and proceed up, double-jumping on the platform. Keep moving forward and open the chest infront of you, which contains another Essence Stone, Thick Skin

Move to your right, Raise the platform and double-jump again. There’s another Essence Stone here too, coming in the form of Hurling Hammer.

After a brief tutorial on how Essence Stones and Momentum work together, Raise the next platform and double-jump up. Move through the progressively smaller cave passage until you reach the end.


The Lost Anvils

Once you head out into the wider area, proceed forward but don’t Raise the Anvil just yet, despite what Nyaal insists you do. Instead, head toward the circled structure below (or the leaning tower for those who can’t see it).

Around the back, Raise the platform, jump up and Raise the ground to reveal a chest with Tributes x150 inside. There’s also another Artefact at the top of this structure too, which you can reach by double-jumping.

At the top is a lovely viewpoint of the whole area. Our destination is actually just next to this, right on the ground and to the left of this leaning tower. Approach, Raise the Anvil and interact with it.

A short cutscene will lead into a much larger one as Nyaal explains more of the history for this world, and specifically regarding the Knights of Bastengar. Move through the dialogue options and you’ll unlock Air Dash, a nifty ability that lets you dash forward slightly while airborne.

Before you leave this area, open the chest just behind the Anvil to reveal another Essence Stone, Idol’s Fortune.

Our destination is actually just behind that structure we climbed earlier. It’ll be recognizable by a wooden ramp. Essentially we need to double-jump and then dash through the air forwards to pass through.

Once you reach the other side, slide down the pathway and your Gauntlet will start to spark and stop working. You’ll collapse and eventually be awoken by a strange man named Arif, further on in the desert.

He’s trying to reach Bastengar and has heard of the Gauntlet too. After some dialogue, and an introduction to the map of the area, he’ll take his leave and suggest you meet in the village later on. First things first, we need to fix our gauntlet.

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