Atlas Fallen Quest Guide: “The City of the Sun” (Part 3) Walkthrough

Atlas Fallen Guide – The City of the Sun (Part 3)

Mission List (Click to jump down the page!)

Enter the Mines

Discuss the plan with Arif

The Absolution Spire

Hurry to the Queen’s Palace

Return to the Wildlands

The Power to Reach Thelos (Sub-quest)

Crush the chains holding the Sun Dial

Thelos’ citadel/The Conjurer


Enter the Mines

With the way forward now unlocked, it’s time to tackle the mines. Head into the Mining Village Cave and follow the path. Don’t worry about Raising the three glowing green sections up here, they don’t hold anything of value.

Turn the corner and Nyaal will mention how there’s light coming from the depths of the mines. Jump down and use Raise on the ground over the highlighted areas. Eventually you’ll uncover a strange claw and receive a new quest item – the Corrupted Spark.

The Corrupted Spark is an old relic from Thelos’ time. However, there’s also an Essence Stone attached to it as well, Blooming Calamity.


Discuss the plan with Arif

With the mines thoroughly explored, it’s time to return to Arif. In the center of the area we dropped down is a blue-green Totem on the ground. Raise this and interact with it. Just like with reaching the Watchtower, it’ll create suspending bridges and platforms to let us get all the way back up where we came from.

Travel all the way back to Arif and enter Lithesta. Speak to Arif and he’ll send you over to the Spire.


The Absolution Spire

Go back to the Palace and just like you did when you interacted with the Spire Workers. Here, you’ll want to jump all the way down to the sand below. Pick up the Corrupted Urn glowing white on the sand. Next, remove your armour and select the Unnamed Workwear. 

Next, turn so you’re facing south and head up the stairs into the chamber ahead.

Pass through the linear passageway until you come to the Kiln. Approach it and drop the corrupted artefact inside. As you leave, the entire area will turn sickly green as the Kiln corrupts. Be sure to equip your armour again as you leave, and return to Arif, updating him on what’s happened.

However, Arif isn’t there. Graveller is instead and he’ll urge you to hurry up to the Throne Room.


Hurry to the Queen’s Palace

From Graveller’s location, turn around and take the stairs on the right.

There’s only one way to go from here and you’ll know you’re on the right path as there are two sets of stairs here. At the top, interact with the doors and a cutscene will begin.

Captain Morrath will show up behind you but the Queen will slam the doors on him and talk. She’ll reveal that she led your caravan to the cursed route as she wanted the Gauntlet to be found. She also explains that she’s just a puppet and Thelos is the real one in charge.

Given you have the Gauntlet, it’s up to you to “break us all free”. Ah, the Chosen One. Of course! The Queen will also surrender, allowing you to slip away and find Valery.

When the cutscene is over, approach Valery’s body and interact with her. Another cutscene will begin. After, you’ll receive framework on the Gauntlet, coming in the form of a Crush Piece.

Now, it’s worth noting that on the Quest Archive screen, “part 3” of The City of the Sun ends and “part 4” begins, but to save you clicking (tapping) around, we’ll just continue the quest here.


Return to the Wildlands

That Crush piece we just acquired will now allow you to enter otherwise chained areas. You can crush these chains by pressing the directional pad up. They look like this:

The first chain is just left of Valery’s body. Enter this chamber and then immediately Crush the chains to the right. This will allow you to Raise a Totem and use the floating platforms to ascend out of this area.

When you reach the top of the stairs, up on the wall fortifications, turn left and head all the way down to the end. There’s a chest here. Inside holds an Active Formula for Blunting Blast.

Turn around and head all the way forward until you reach a doorway. Crush the chains and you’ll find yourself back in the Wildlands.


The Power to Reach Thelos

Sub-Quest – The Power to Reach Thelos


Approach the chains but unfortunately, you’ll need to upgrade your Gauntlet before you can go any further. There’s three Crush Shards scattered around, but this time they’re a little trickier to find. Two are in the Wildlands area, and another is in the Sunken Palace area, back on the way to Bastengar.

It doesn’t matter which way you do this but given our location, we’ll do the Sunken Palace first and then tackle the Wildlands. The quest marker is a little deceptive because it says to: “Revisit Bastengar’s Underground for Shards” but in truth there’s only one here.

Sunken Palace Shard

Head back on the path to Bastengar and descend into the Sunken Palace. Near the first Anvil on this path, we want to head into the Upper District but watch out for a platform on the right that can be Raised.

From the Raised platform, turn 180 degrees from the village ruins and look up. Double-jump and dash over to find a Chained entrance. Crush the chains and then use Raise on the ground to reveal a shard.

Roadside Temple Shard

When you leave Bastengar and head into the Wildlands area, immediately head to the Roadside Temple. You may have passed this on the way to Lithesta but we’ve highlighted it here.

Enter up the stairs and follow the linear pathway into the temple. You’ll need to Crush the chains on the doorway. Once you’ve done that, descend down and collect the shard.

Wildlands North Shard

From our position in the Wildlands, this Shard is a fair distance and will barely register while using Nyaal’s senses. Keep moving north on the map, through the Northern Forest and up the Old Trade Road. The outline for the next Shard will be visible once you reach these areas, so be sure to use Nyaal’s senses again to hone in on the exact location. We’ve also marked it with an X on the map too.

You’ll notice the Shard is on a seemingly impassable island. Don’t try and jump over (like we did to begin with) as you won’t make it. Instead, keep following the road and you’ll notice another Totem. Interact with it and head over to the island. There’s a pretty lengthy Sealing Totem you’ll need to unlock but keep following those markers and then grab the next Shard.

With all three gathered, upgrade your Gauntlet at an Anvil. Now we can crush the Sundial Chains and that also ends this quest too.


Crush the chains holding the Sun Dial

There are a couple of optional quests here, including talking to Khendra and Tracker, but neither are actually needed to advance the plot so we won’t list them there. They’re pretty straightforward dialogue options. It’s completely up to you whether you choose to do this, but it’s a good idea to prep for big fights ahead regardless.

There are five chains holding the Sun Dial, and you essentially need to work your way round each one and Crush the chains. You’ll notice their location by the long, orange-glowing chain leading from the sundial to a glowing section on the ground.

Once you’ve Crushed several chains, Thelos will begin spewing monsters your way to try and slow you down. You don’t have to defeat these and if you’re quick, you can actually take out each of the chains without engaging in combat – or taking damage.

It’s likely that the final chain will lead you out to the east, into the Outer Wastes around here:

Once you’ve Crushed the final chain, you’ll find yourself awakening after passing out. Sarge is there to greet you, and he’ll explain that the Sun Dial has fallen and a wave of something (his words, not ours) rushed over and knocked everyone out.

Khendra has ordered the troops to move into Black Alms, preparing for the final fight. Before going, Sarge will hand over an Essence Stone, Fair Fight. 


Thelos’ citadel/The Conjurer

Proceed up Sundial Road but before you do, make sure you stop by an Anvil. Upgrade your armour and add any perk points, while also upgrading your favourite Essence Stones too. There’s a rough fight coming up that’s arguably tougher than the final boss!

When you’re ready, follow the road up and you’ll be faced with The Conjurer.

Boss Fight – The Conjurer

Tips for Beating: The Conjurer is a tough foe with a lot of health and a varied move-set. It’s also a more enhanced version of the Heaver fight we had earlier in the game.

Not only do we need to contend with Conjurer’s moves, there’s also four spawned enemies to fight, along with environmental hazards too. Essentially, we need to take out each of the monsters first, then move over to tackle Conjurer once its forcefield is down. However, we also need to watch out for Conjurer’s melee strikes and projectiles, whilst simultaneously keeping an eye on the arena floor.

Conjurer will use two projectile attacks, and a third if you haven’t taken out the ground enemies. The first, will see it conjure several rock spikes in your location. The second, will see it conjure a whole bunch of blue beam strikes in a row, between 8-10 to be precise. The third will see it absorb one of the ground enemy as fodder to throw at you, coming in the form of a blue homing orb.

As for the arena, the different segments of the rooftop will glow blue and if you’re standing on that part, it’ll constantly cause damage. These locations also change throughout the fight.

The ground enemies are your standard grunts, however they do sometimes morph into more powerful versions. They’ll also turn invisible and using Spinning attacks to come at you.

The best thing to do is keep a distance and do not use any attack that has a big wind-up. Hurling Hammer is a horrible choice, as you’ll be rooted to the spot and take lots of damage. Biting Sandstorm is better, while Blunting Blast (if you grabbed it earlier) and Fair Fight are also good choices. 

When it comes to the ground enemies, try and target the invisible ones first. When you strike them, they become crystalized and can take a lot more damage. This will help turn things in your favour. It’s a good idea to also save all your big abilities for when the forcefield is down, rather than wasting them on the little enemies. This is also a good opportunity to build up your momentum so you can Shatter Conjurer when its forcefield is down.

The Conjurer itself has four different limbs that can be targeted. The head, the midriff and both arms. When the forcefield is down, use your Shatter or pummel it with all your best abilities to whittle down its XP. It’ll only be exposed for a short period of time before the forcefield returns and the sequence repeats all over again.

This is a long fight so take your time and keep moving. Target the Conjurer’s limbs with the right analog stick when the forcefield is down to save yourself a bit of a headache! Eventually it’ll be defeated.

Protective Instinct Essence Stone  


With The Conjurer defeated, head over the Sundial. Travel up Black Alms Road and speak to Odd Hunter. He’ll hand you a new Armour set called Perennial Mantle. This is an excellent Armour set so go ahead and equip it now.

Approach the blue wall and enter, starting the final mission.

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