TheReviewGeek Team


Greg Wheeler

Owner, Editor-In-Chief and Reviewer

Since he was able to hold a pen, Greg has spent his entire life writing. He’s had poems and short stories published and competed in several different writing competitions. After studying media, music production and film, Greg began working on TheReviewGeek.

Built from the ground up, Greg’s unwavering enthusiasm for the media industry sees any of his free time taken up with watching critics on YouTube, reading reviews around the internet and researching new content to add to the site.

Favourite Movie: Memento

Favourite TV Show: Doctor Who

Favourite Album: Hybrid Theory – Linkin Park / Vicious Delicious – Infected Mushroom

Favourite Video Game: The Last Of Us

Veronique Englebert  


Veronique has been involved in the development of TheReviewGeek behind the scenes since March 2019. Bilingual in both French and English, Veronique has helped with the promotion and growth of the site and is always on the lookout for the next big thing when it comes to TV and film.

Having studied English and the history of cinema, Veronique has now turned her talents to critiquing, with a particular emphasis on writing about Korean dramas.


Favourite Movie: Life Is Beautiful

Favourite TV Show: Breaking Bad

Favourite Album: Common Ground- Above & Beyond

Favourite Video Game: Persona 5

Kristen Lazur


Kristen is a writer and seasoned strategic international communications leader. A voracious consumer of stories in every medium, her passion is connecting people.

A dual US/UK citizen, Kristen spends her spare time travelling or watching movies and TV from far-flung places, including South Korea, Japan, China and India, etc. She blames her anime addiction on her artist nephews, Obi and G-man.

Favourite Movie: Star Wars
Favourite TV Show: Mr Sunshine or Reply 1988
Favourite Album: TK from Ling Tosite Sigure – Fantastic Magic
Favourite Video Game: Centipede

Lee Brown



Lee is a freelance writer and published author (and poet) who has previously written for Screen Rant, The Things, Signal Horizon, and a variety of other well-known websites.

Outside of writing articles, Lee is usually glued to his television, watching movies, binge-watching Netflix, and playing new and classic video games!

Favourite Movie: Magnolia
Favourite TV Show: Doctor Who
Favourite Album: Anything soundtrack-related
Favourite Video Game: The original Tomb Raider

Talia Pillay


Talia is currently a university student studying law and communication. When not cramming in all the assignments she left until the last possible minute, she’s either consuming more stories than she can count, or making them up herself.

Favourite Movie: Currently Andhadhun
Favourite TV show: Firefly / Healer / Samurai Champloo
Favourite Album: Red Light – Zion.T
Favourite Video Game: N/A

Ally Ham


Ally puts her English degree to use as a freelance writer for TheReviewGeek, Video Librarian, and Verblio. When she isn’t writing, she probably has her eyes glued to a movie or her head stuck in a book.
Favourite Movie: Eighth Grade
Favourite TV Show: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Favourite Album: Cocoa Sugar by Young Fathers
Favourite Video Game: Celeste

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