Atlas Fallen Quest Guide: “The Battle of Gods” Walkthrough

Atlas Fallen Guide – The Battle of Gods

Mission List (Click to jump down the page!)

Crush the energy sources

A Source in the Ruins

A Source in the Swamps

Crush Thelos’ Shrine/ Defeat Thelos


Crush the energy sources

We’re into the endgame now. The final fight awaits but first we need to regroup with the Knights. Head along the linear slope down and we’ll overlook the entire Black Alms region.

The mission will change to show that we need to crush the energy sources before reaching Thelos and ending this. You’ll see them on the horizon as two spires spewing out orange energy.

Jump down from here, as we have an optional task of speaking to Khendra. Given she’s literally meters from our location, we might as well. Update her on the situation and you’ll gain 1000 Essence Souls for your troubles. Now it’s onto tackling these spires.

It doesn’t really matter which way round you do this, but the Swamp (left spire) is arguably easier than the ruins (right spire) so take your pick over which one to tackle first. We did the ruins first, but feel free to jump over to the swamp if you want a gradual increase in challenge.


A Source in the Ruins

Sub-Quest – A Source in the Ruins

The ruin spire is a fair distance away and has some environmental hazards and a lot of tough enemies along the way. However, we can actually avoid almost all of them if you wish by heading right from the camp and sliding down the hill. Travel to the Watchtower in the distance and then take a right at the protected chests.

From here, there’s a whole bunch of platforms surrounded by quicksand. Use your platforming skills to jump from one to the other. We essentially want to jump across while travelling east on the map HUD. In the distance, you’ll notice a rocky ridge sticking out. This is where we want to aim to reach.

Reach the top and jump off the ridge, heading north east. Why? Well, there’s a Conjurer boss waiting by the gates and unless you want the headache of tackling it again so soon, this will avoid it completely. Double-jump off the ridge, and then dash three times, aiming for the little grassy area behind the gate. You’ll notice the Conjurer in the picture below with the orange orb above its head.

As long as you land around this area without going near the gate, it won’t alert the Conjurer. Head forward, interact with the Totem and jump on the platforms leading over.

After a bit more jumping, there’s another Totem. This will eventually lead to a platform with a glowing orange chain. There are two on this platform so go ahead and interact with them both. The second holds a Totem underneath. Dispatch any flying enemies that may spawn and then use the Totem to move across to the next platform.

Circle around the ruins and you’ll find yet another Totem. When you’ve completed this, you’ll reach a platform where Nyaal is swirling around. There’s an Anvil here, and it’s a good idea to stock up and regroup before the fight.

When you’re ready, head into the Ruins Temple.

Thelos will begin taunting you and then throw a whole bunch of enemies your way. Basically, we’re facing three bosses we already have up until this point. Shellbasher, Scatterer and then Soarer. Once you’ve destroyed them all, approach the ruins and crush the energy source. 


A Source in the Swamps

Sub-Quest – A Source in the Swamps

Find the source of power

We now want to move around to the left spire, so make your way there now. In the Essence Wastes, you’ll find a route through the ruined walls. There’s a way up from the scaffolding just outside and you can dash and jump your way over, but you don’t have to do this. However, do make note of where this is as we’ll need it shortly.

Catch up with the Taskforce Leader outside the locked gate and then interact with the Sealing Totem just to the right of this location. You’ll need to basically move all the way along the ruined battlement walls, raising the Totems as you go. You can see some of the route here:

Once you’ve done that and erased the Ward, Crush the chains on the door and head on in. You’ll now find yourself in the Swamp Village. Follow the path until you reach a location called Caves. Enemies will show up so dispatch them and proceed forward. There’s essentially two routes here, one that leads up a pathway on the left, and another that continues on. Go left.

If you follow the path, head into the cave mouth and jump over the gap. You’ll now find yourself in a familiar arena as before. A Shellbasher will be waiting so take this out, along with the other enemies before Crushing the Chains on the door.

Defeat the Source’s Guardians

Head into the chamber below and you’ll need to defeat two guardians. Again, these are enemies we’ve faced before. There will be a Spiker and then a Heaver, along with several flying enemies too. Once that’s done and you’ve grabbed the goodies, head on over and crush the energy source.


Crush Thelos’ Shrine

With both energy sources down, it’s now time to tackle Thelos. You’ll find this area between the two spires, nestled right in the heart of Essence Waste. There’s two Soarers stomping around but you can avoid both if you approach from either spire and head on up from the left or right side.

When you’re ready, head on up to the shrine and crush the chains to launch into the final boss.

Boss Fight – Thelos’ Champion

Tips For Beating: Here we go, the final fight. With Morrah chosen as the Champion of Thelos, it’s now come down to the last fight to decide who comes out of this victorious.

Phase 1: Although the boss doesn’t have two phases per-se, it does have slightly different variations to moves later on in this fight once you start to take out the limbs.

The Champion has six different limbs to target. There’s the tail, both lower arms, a conjuring arm on the right hand side and the head. Each of these have a significant amount of health so take your time.

There’s also lots of spawning enemies here, both grounded and flying. These are great for building your momentum but you want to try and focus on the Champion as much as possible.

So what of his moves? Well, prepare yourself as there’s a lot! When it comes to melee, Champion will slam the ground with his fist. He’ll also slash out with his right and left arm too if you’re infront of him.

Champion can also conjure blue lasers to streak across the battlefield, while there’s also a Splash damage square on the ground that he’ll conjure too on occasion. Furthermore, he’ll turn into a tornado and chase after you around the arena. Champion likes to teleport too, so keep an eye on him suddenly blinking out and reappearing elsewhere. He’ll also use explosive orbs that detonate with a large radius.

When the fight has progressed a bit, Thelos’ Champion will add damaging quicksand to the entire arena with several platforms scattered around. You basically want to jump from one to the next, avoiding the blasts that he’ll throw your way.

Phase 2: After this, Thelos will use his blue beam laser again but this time, spread across the entire arena, rotating anti-clockwise. Keep chipping away at the health and another platforming section with quicksand will mark the final part of the fight.

If that wasn’t enough, Thelos will start slashing three orange lasers your way, as well as throwing out spinning enemies. It’s actually pretty chaotic at this point and targeting Champion can be a real pain, given how much is going on. There will also be a third platforming section which adds in the blue lasers rotating along with everything else.

So how to beat Thelos? Well, your best bet is to use your strongest Essence Stones and double down on the damage. Anything with splash damage radius like Blunting Blast and Fair Fight are great options. The Biting Sandstorm is also a good option, as you can use that to hit multiple grounded and flying enemies.

You’ll want to build your Momentum meter up and use Shatter on Thelos to give yourself some breathing room and the ability to do some good damage. Piercing Parry is also a good choice here, while the Sandwhip, attacking from a distance while dashing around, can serve you well as a secondary weapon.

Compared to The Conjurer though, this fight isn’t actually too bas until you reach Phase 2. Just be sure to keep using your healing and keep a distance if you need to regroup!

Eventually though, you’ll defeat this final boss.

Finishing Atlas Fallen!  


After you’ve defeated Thelos’ Champion, a lengthy cutscene will ensue and mark the end of the game. There is free-roam exploration after and you can choose to head back in to collect everything if you wish. This will basically kick you back to just before the final fight. Otherwise though, congratulations; you’ve finished the game!

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