Atlas Fallen Quest Guide: “The Essence Caravan” Walkthrough

Atlas Fallen Guide – The Essence Caravan

Mission List (Click to jump down the page!)

The Prologue

Talk to Warden, Smith and Herder

Find the thief

Learn where Morrath went

Find Morrath

Defeat The Wraith

Escape From The Cave


The Prologue

After a brief intro, we begin Atlas Fallen by controlling one of the Na’vi from Avatar! It’s not really, of course, but this little arena is a nice introduction to the game’s basic mechanics. There’s only one way to go, so follow the pathway up the hill and you’ll be attacked by a creature.

Prompts on the screen show the buttons for your standard attack, secondary attack and evade buttons. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these here, as you’ll be using them a lot across the game’s run-time.

As you run up the hill, there will be two different enemy encounters. The first is with a single creature, the second with a group.

Watch the red markers on-screen for when to evade attacks in group settings, but this shouldn’t cause you too many problems here. When you’re ready, proceed up the pathway.

Follow the curling path and a strange voice will call out to you. Double jump over the platforms ahead but don’t worry if you fall, you’ll just respawn before the gap again.

After another group of enemies, which introduces your special move (activated by holding L2 and R2 or your back triggers), a cutscene will ensue and finish the prologue.


Talk to Warden, Smith and Herder

After creating your character, you’ll wake up in camp with a woman called Tracker before you. She explains that the road used to be safe but there’s Wraiths everywhere now. She laments that the guards are no longer protecting them.

After being approached by one of the city guards and nudged to get back to work, we get our first objective. Tracker wants you to talk to Warden, Smith and Herder. The area is pretty small so they should be easy to find, plus the map does help to highlight their locations. However, we’ve added screenshots below all the same for their exact locations.

Just before returning to Tracker, search around the camp area as there’s a few items to pick-up, including Tributes x50 which is this game’s version of currency.

Once that’s done, return to Tracker and trigger the dialogue to push the scene forward. With the Lower Camp residents joined together, your little rebellion begins as you confront Captain Morrath.

Morrath doesn’t take kindly to your rallying call and sends you out on a suicide mission to teach you a lesson. There’s a few dialogue options here but in truth, whatever you pick you end up in the same location.

Your mission is to find a thief out in the wider world and retrieve the trinket he’s stolen.


Find the thief

Search the Wilderness

Proceed forward and pick up Fiery Leaves x1 on the ground to your left. There are also journal entries dotted throughout the world too, and you’ll encounter one just ahead of the Fiery Leaves pick-up. It’s on the right and is glowing blue. We won’t list them all here but it’s worth bearing in mind as it does flesh out more of the world.

Once you reach a bit further down this linear path, a brief scene will see the thief running away from a creature on the stone overpass above you. Keep going forward and you’ll notice a strange green glow in the distance. Just before jumping down the gap, there’s another Fiery Leaves x1 to your right.

Find the source of whispering/Defeat the Wraiths

Jump down the gap when you’re ready and a short cut-scene will see you interact with a strange gauntlet. This is the source of the whispering and it’ll attach itself to your arm. For those who played Forspoken earlier this year, yes this gauntlet talks and yes it’s just as annoying as it was in that game! Anyway, let’s continue.

There’s a couple of tutorials here, including the use of Idols, Momentum and Essence Dust. When that’s done, follow the blue orb up the gap by double-jumping. There’s a few more enemies here, and a couple of Meadow Cinth flowers dotted around too. There’s also another Tributes x50 to the left of the broken cart before you cross the stone bridge. Be sure to grab this as we’ll need it shortly!

Find the thief

Cross the bridge, collecting another Tributes x50 next to where three enemies are camping out. Proceed forward to the gap and talk to the Thief. He’ll hand over the trinket and go into hiding. You’ll now be in possession of Old Insignia.

Jump down the gap and Captain Morrath will notice the gauntlet on your arm. Hell take it for himself and try to put it on his arm. However, it’s seemingly cursed and he’ll curse his luck (no pun intended) and leave.


Learn where Morrath went

Back in camp, approach Tracker who will be standing where we interacted with the Smith earlier in the chapter. She’ll admit she knows about the artifact and encourages you to go and get it back.

Take a right and speak to the city guard blocking the path. He’ll let you pass this time into the Upper Camp. There’s a whole bunch of different journal entries dotted about here, coming in the form of glowing blue books (shown below)

When you’re ready, head to the back of camp and speak to the Grave Digger.

He’ll tell you that Morrath has left camp and in order to get him, you should volunteer to hunt wraiths. You also need some armour before going though otherwise you’ll be torn to shreds. After talking to the Grave Digger, head into the heart of the Upper Camp and talk to the Travelling Vendor. Remember those Tributes we got earlier? Now we can use them! Buy the Recruit Garments and equip.


Find Morrath

Head back along the pathway toward the Grave Digger but this time continue on to the gates. Speak to the Caravan Guard and he’ll let you pass. Before going up the main path (highlighted with blue slashes on the ground) take a right and pick up Tributes x50 by the cliff-edge.

There’s also a Priest poring over a book just past this, and they also happen to be standing over Tributes x50. There’s another as the path curls, and afterwards keep going along this linear path until you enter a cave. 

Keep moving along this linear path until you reach an area where sunlight is beautifully filtering through onto the rock. As you get nearer, a cutscene will ensue. Now you’re back in possession of the Gauntlet, and we have a name for our friend who’s been speaking to us all this time. It’s Nyaal.


Defeat The Wraith

Mini Boss Fight – Cloaker

While this Wraith isn’t a proper boss fight per-se, it is our first taste of a much larger foe, something that Atlas Fallen will start to throw our way more consistently as the chapters of the game progresses.

We’re also introduced to a new mechanic here called Sandskin. Triggering this at the right time will crystallize enemies, allowing you to get some good hits in.

Cloaker doesn’t have many attacks, but it does use a big Lunge, which sees him jump across the arena toward you. The wind-up for this is quite obvious, as he’ll show off a red dot on his mouth and under his chin which will indicate when to activate Sandskin.

There’s not a lot else here, but keep using this to freeze our big foe. Keep an eye on your health incase you get caught by the Lunge. Using a combination of your secondary and primary attack is also a good tactic here. Eventually, you’ll best the beast.



Escape From The Cave

Head through the cave mouth and you’ll enter another little arena. Follow the path up, killing the few enemies along the way and collecting Tributes x50 from the edge of the platform. Ascend up the path and the first quest will be complete.


Away From the Sun’s Eye >>

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