Atlas Fallen Quest Guide: “Path to Bastengar/ Reforging the Gauntlet” Walkthrough

Atlas Fallen Guide – The Path to Bastengar

Mission List (Click to jump down the page!)

Find a piece to stabilise the gauntlet

Reforging The Gauntlet (Enhanced Air Dash)

Meet Arif in Castrum VII

Retrieve the piece in the ruins

Defeat Tailguarder

Reforging The Gauntlet (Unearth)

Return to Arif


Find a piece to stabilise the gauntlet

As a quick note, Atlas Fallen has a tendency to block progression for certain Main Quests until another is completed. With that in mind, this guide also includes “Reforging the Gauntlet” too.

With the Gauntlet in desperate need of repairs, our first task is to head up to Caladrias Ruins. This is quite near to our current area. Take a left at the giant gates you can’t open and ascend up the pathway. Move past the sandy steps and deeper into the ruins. Your destination is right ahead, highlighted by the glowing blue area on the ground, circled by two orange orbs.

This shard is protected by magic, which requires you to complete a specific task before unlocking. This one requires you to defeat a certain number of enemies.

Take out the group that approach and you’ll be able to pick up the Shard after the battle. There’s a Mawer in the group of enemies here, but it’s not so much a boss fight given it’s more of a standard enemy. Be sure to use your Sandskin when the familiar wind-up (a Lunge just after a visible red dot under the chin) appears.

Once you’ve collected and unlocked the framework for Enhanced Dash, you’ll be introduced to a new mechanic – using Nyaal’s senses. You can essentially press down on the directional pad at any time to show shining beams of light in the world. These are our destinations, where we’ll need to collect some shards to unlock new abilities.

Now, it’s worth noting here that a second Main Quest actually coincides with our current mission, and we’ll have to complete this before proceeding forward. To save clicking (or tapping) between pages, that can be found below:


Reforging The Gauntlet (Enhanced Air Dash)

It doesn’t matter in which order you complete these, but using the screenshots above, here’s the quickest way to get the Shard fragments for each of the designated areas. You’ll want to start with number 2 (middle), then number 1 (left) and then finally number 3 (right).

2) This is the closest fragment to our current location. Double-jump over the gap from our starting point and cross the bridge to the right. Scale around the tall tower and when you reach the hollowed-out building with cages out the front, turn around and head to the end of the pathway.

Raise the platform and jump up. Once you reach the top, take a running jump and scale the tower to collect the shard.

1) Head back across the rope bridge and this time take a left. Be sure to open the chest that’s on this platform as it holds more Essence Stone goodies inside. Once you reach the Vast Desert, we’ll be in a large, open area. There’s actually a pathway carved out here, so follow the path up, dispatching any enemies that show.

At the top of this hill is a small settlement. There’s also a Sealing Totem here, along with various Journal entries and a new Side-quest giver. You don’t have to do the Sealing Totem game but it does lead us in the right direction. From this Totem, look ahead at the stone alcove and proceed in this direction.

Once you pass under the alcove, you’ll find another Shard with Ward magic around it. 

Defeat the enemies that pop up, and collect the Shard.

3) The large settlement just North of Enhanced Shard 2 is Castrum VII. It’s also the location for a shard. If you’ve saved this one for last, you’ll have cut out a lot of back-tracking. The Shard location is just to your left, behind the Village Vendor. 

You want to scale the wall next to the tarp, head over the other side and then take out the group of enemies to dispel the Warded barrier.  Collect the shard. Now, in doing this we also progress forward a Side-Quest, which you can complete at the same time should you wish. It’s basically on the way and regards saving the villagers from the Wraith attack.

We won’t be including all the Side Quest details here but if you want to see everything Atlas Fallen has to offer, then this will definitely keep you busy for a while!

Once you’ve got all three shards, you van now upgrade at an Anvil. There’s loads of these dotted throughout the world and if you’ve followed this guide, there will be one just outside town. You can also use Perk Points to bolster out your abilities.

Once you’ve upgraded your Gauntlet with the Enhanced Air Dash, the quest will be complete… for now.

It’s worth noting that Enhanced Air Dash will allow us to dash twice in the air, which is extremely useful in battle for evading enemies, and for exploration as we’ll be able to reach previously inaccessible areas.


Meet Arif in Castrum VII

Regardless of where you end up collecting the shards, head into Castrum VII and proceed to the heart of town. Arif is not difficult to find but he’s right next to the gate we’re unable to open just yet.

After talking to Arif, he’ll mention how there’s a piece of the Gauntlet off in the keep, west of this current location. Head back out the main gates of Castrum VII and keep moving west. On the way, be sure to pick up Gleam Thorns x1, which is needed for upgrading some of the Essence Stones.


Retrieve the piece in the ruins

Eventually we’ll reach a large gap that seems impossible to pass. Thankfully, our double-dash should do the trick here. Before crossing the pathway, Raise the Anvil off to the left and upgrade anything if needed.

When you’re ready, pass the gap and keep moving toward the ruins, dispatching any enemies along the way. As you move closer to the ruins, there’s a doorway just to your right, behind the large tower sticking out from the sand. 

Take out the enemies by the entrance and proceed deeper into the Cellars. There’s a few different items we can interact with here, including an Anvil, some research papers on the table, a conversation with Nyaal about the past and a couple of NPCs too. The Researcher ahead will explain how the bridge collapsed while they were studying in the library.

He’s scared to proceed forward though as there’s a huge wraith in the cathedral. He does mention how “the stone can break any wraith’s posture” before handing over a Formula for Dazzling Impact, a useful ability that performs an attack that interrupts all foes hit.

Make any necessary upgrades at the Anvil and proceed forward deeper into the cave. When you reach the Cathedral, head for the thin sliver of light, being sure to stop halfway and open the chest. There’s an Essence Core inside. By the light, pick up the Enhanced Raise Piece, which will help raise the gate at the start of this chapter.

On the way out however, we’ll be stopped by a monstrous Colossal Wraith.


Defeat Tailguarder

Boss Fight – Tailguarder

Tips for Beating: While there have been a few foes up to this point that include different limb parts to target, Tailguarder is the first that’ll hit hard if you’re not prepared.

There are five different limbs that we need to target, including the face, belly, both legs and the tail. Tailguarder will use a variety of different melee-based moves if you get too close so you need to be prepared to move regularly.

Tail swipe will see Tailguarder use his tail to sweep the ground in front. There’s also several varying swipe attacks, which Tailguarder will use if you get too close to his legs. 

From time to time, Tailguarder will also spawn flying creatures. These help to build up your Momentum meter so it’s a good idea to focus on these as soon as they show up.

Tailguarder will also use his tail to shoot laser beams, starting with a giant orb in the middle of the arena which expands out with a larger area. There’s also a couple of falling rocks marked on the ground with a splash radius you’ll need to avoid. 

If the fight goes on for a while, Tailguarder can actually change form and turn into sand temporarily. It won’t take any damage here so just be patient and wait for him to show up again.

Your best bet is to actually focus on the belly first before moving across to taking out the tail, then both limbs. In Atlas Fallen, removing limbs will incapacitate foes to a different degree. The belly will stop Tailguarder from moving so freely but the tail still packs quite a punch, hence why that’s next.

You’ll want to try and keep a distance, so using your Secondary Weapon, Sandwhip, is an excellent choice. Be sure to build up your Essence Stone abilities, with Hurling Hammer working pretty well here, if you’re going for a more cautious approach. Biting Sandstorm is also another must for this fight.

Be sure to use your Sandskin ability too, watching for the red dot wind-ups for each attack. The tail can be difficult to time, given the speed, but crystallising the limbs is another great way of making this fight more manageable.

Golden Ore x1 Coppery Ore x1 Crystalline Knuckle


Reforging The Gauntlet (Unearth)

Before we can do anything, that new Piece of the Gauntlet we grabbed just now in the Cathedral needs some Shards to help beef up its power. Thankfully, these are still in the Shattered Keep area and not too far away from our location. We want to make our way up to the rooftop this time. 

Here’s the map location for all three shard pieces, and you’ll want to literally follow this from 1, 2 and 3 for the quickest way to completion.

1) After exiting the Cathedral, keep an eye out for wooden platforms that will help ascend to our destination. Raise the platform when you reach the Shattered Keep Second Floor and dispatch any enemies nearby. 

Once you reach the rooftop, turn left and head for the tower with blue flag. There’s a Shard here but this time, we’ll need to complete a Sealing Totem activity. Raise the first, and follow the blue beams to the corresponding Totems that show up. Raise each of them and proceed back to the starting point. Collect this Shard and get ready to grab the next two.


2) Head back down from the roof and head a little further south on the map. Raise the platform next to the leaning structure, but you may have to contend with a Level 3 Heaver before you do.

Mini Boss Fight – Heaver

Tips for Beating: Heavers are lanky wraiths that are protected by a number of orange totems around that serve as a forcefield. The trick here is to take out all the orbs and then landing some killing blows on the main bulk to take him out. 

That’s easier said than done though given the Heaver will fire off a number of projectiles your way. Not only that, but there’s also a big shockwave that’ll ride across the entire arena. Finally, there’s spawning flying monsters, along with splash damage areas on the ground that burst up with blue lightning.

Heaver’s got a lot of moves, and this also includes throwing out spinning sand creatures along with exploding these orange orbs. You’ll notice the latter coming when the orbs turn blue and begin shaking.

The best tactic here is to take out each of the orbs, in a circular motion, being sure to raise your Momentum whenever you can. This is best done by taking out the flying enemies when they show, and using Sandskin to try and crystallize the spinning creatures when they get near.

Don’t attack the main bulk of Heaver until all the barriers are gone, and just keep working on taking out the orbs.

Golden Ore x1 Essence Core x1  

Once you’ve defeated Heaver, head back up the platform again and follow the pathway along the ruined battlements. Follow the pathway and collect the Unearth shard, being sure to pick up the Journal entry at the end of the pathway too.


3) Once you’ve collected the two shard pieces, you’ll want to head back out the Shattered Keep and along the route back to Castrum VII. Our destination is the Outskirts Bandit Cave. Just outside are a number of wooden structures wrapped around the stone. We want to climb up this, and you can get there by heading inside the cave, and looking out for the ruins of a house. Just to the left is a platform we can double-jump across to.

Follow the pathway all the way up, being sure to collect the Artefact that’s just off to the left before turning and going up the stairs. Once you reach the top, the Travelling Merchant is there. Our destination is off to the South east, at the end of this pathway. There’s also a Journal entry here too so be sure to take a slight detour to the right and pick that up.

You’ve got another Sealing Totem game to complete, so go ahead and do that. Once you’ve collect the third Shard, take a leap of faith and dive off the end and back into Castrum VII. Be sure to Air Dash just before hitting the ground to direct your fall. There’s also an Anvil in town next to the Village Vendor. Raise it if you haven’t already and upgrade your Gauntlet. We’ve now unlocked Unearth and completed this quest.


Return to Arif

Once you’ve reforged the Gauntlet, head back and speak to Erif. He’ll hand over a new Armour set, Knight’s Plate. That gate just behind him can now be raised, so when you’re ready, be sure to do that. A cutscene will ensue and you’ll find yourself in the sand. Proceed forward and prepare for another boss fight.

Boss Fight – Marauder

Tips for Beating: The Marauder is an aggressive foe and it has some heavy armour across its different limbs. The main threat here though comes from its claws, which can do big damage if you’re not careful. Along with individual slashes with his claws, he’ll do a double-slash with both front paws. There’s also a jumping attack where he’ll attempt to crash down on top of you.

Marauder will also spawn flying enemies, so be sure to use these to build your momentum. As the fight progresses, Marauder will also summon a shockwave attack across the battlefield. Largely though, he’ll stick to the slashes for most of the fight.

Given the claws are the most damaging part of Marauder’s skill-set, it’s worth using an aerial strategy and get around Marauder, targeting the back-limbs first. The slashes though have very obvious wind-ups so if your reflexes are good, you can counter them with Sandskin, allowing you to take out the claws. If you do manage to take one of these out first, the fight is a lot easier.

Concentrate on building up your Momentum, use Sandskin when you can but focus on the back-legs before moving around to the front. Given Marauder is a front-heavy attacker, this is your best bet for success. Hurling Hammer and Biting Sandstorm are effective abilities to use here, while the Sandwhip is a good secondary weapon to make sure you have a distance from Marauder’s claws.

Eventually you’ll best this giant foe and reap the rewards!

Golden Ore x1 Coppery Ore x2 Essence Core x1


Once you’ve defeated the Marauder, head toward the giant gate and interact with it. You’ll be warned that this is a point of no return, although there’s nothing missable in this game, at least in terms of collectibles and achievements. Unless you want to mess about in this area, interact with it and complete this lengthy quest.

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