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Messiah is one of Netflix’s first new shows of the year and the streaming giant has started 2020 off pretty strongly with this latest drama. Having been dubbed as one of the more controversial releases this year, Messiah staves off these claims with an intriguing and engaging premise but also one that’s respectful with its slant on religion. It may not be the perfect, and there’s quite a few elements that feel similar to Homeland, but Messiah’s original idea and some solid performances make this show worth checking out, with plenty of twists and explosive scenes during its 10 episodes run-time.

The story begins in Syria and follows proclaimed prophet Al-Masih as he makes his way from the Middle East to the United States, gaining more and more followers on the way as he manipulates and performs miracles to impress the world. Running parallel to this is CIA agent Eva Geller, who finds herself determined to uncover the truth, believing him to be an imposter. Another agent in Israel, Aviram, also finds himself on his case after an emotional run in early in the season.

While Messiah starts off a little slow with its opening few episodes, the show does pick up the pace as it crosses the halfway point, adding some urgency and a few shocking plot developments to the fold. The story is definitely interesting, keeping you constantly guessing just whether Al-Masih is the real thing or just a very clever man and a master of illusion. This is cleverly handled with each passing episode, giving more clues behind the enigmatic man and leading to a decent ending that should keep you debating for a while when the final credits roll.

The performance from the actors here is certainly worth mentioning. In particular, Mehdi Dehbi portrays his role perfectly, shows us a charismatic and believable character that may or may not be the new Messiah. Michelle Monaghan does a great job too as a CIA agent with a troubled past but throwing herself into her work, determined to get to the bottom of what she believes is a very elaborate and dangerous hoax.

There were some impressive juxtaposed scenes here as we’re presented with the contrast between what’s happening in the States and the Middle East as the camera switches from one side of the planet to the other. One scene in particular towards the end of the series sees both men walking at the same time, each with a similar purpose to change people’s perception. I won’t spoil too much but suffice to say, it’s one of the more memorable moments of the entire 10 episode run.

While the ending brings a conclusion for most of the plot threads, there are a couple of character stories that feel a little unresolved and leave me in the dark as to the fate of those. If a second season is green-lit, we might perhaps get those answers but if it’s not, there’s enough here for an entertaining stand-alone series regardless.

Messiah is quite a nice surprise to start the New Year off with, boasting an intriguing and fascinating story with plenty of shockers and explosive moments along the way. It may be a little slow to start with but stick with it, the performances from the cast and the scenes playing on the contrast between countries towards the second half of the series should be enough to keep you sticking around.

For anyone looking for a binge-worthy series and don’t mind something religiously inclined and mysterious, Messiah might just be the series to raise you from your New Year slumber after the holiday season.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

9 thoughts on “Messiah – Netflix Season 1 Review”

  1. I am amazed at the comments about The Messiah, this is a TV show with actors playing roles written for them purely for your entertainment! It was well written and acted but was still just a TV show and don’t read too much into it. If you have faith and believe in something then this show shouldn’t sway you one way or the other. Keep your faith by all means just don’t let a TV programme change it.

  2. Not a hoax, Al-Masih is either The Christ or the anti-christ – completely mesmerizing. Reminds me of something that could have been penned by Frank Perreti so far.

  3. The Messiah is brilliant, beautifully written and acted.. Many scenes and events parallel the events of Christ, his followers of the day and his detractors. In this story the Messiah repeats that history is no more and that we have only now – now to make good choices. Christians today, indeed people of faith or none should not be scared by this series, indeed if they are they show a lack of real appreciation of the message of Christ. Christ’s message was not that he wanted to be idolised and worshipped. His preaching was all about love and compassion and mercy. The focus of this series Messiah is exactly about this, and that we are called not to look for miracles but to take responsibility for ourselves in every moment where we may choose life and love or not. The consequences of taking the dark path are clear as history has shown. The choice is ours and Messiah makes this clear. We are invited through this mini series, not to look for a second coming of the saviour and another godlike form to answer all our problems. We are asked in fact to accept responsibility to bring love into the world. If we all did this as commanded by Christ, we would be living in heaven here in earth. This is what the Messiah has reminded us. Well done! I relished the entire series. Best thought provoking series I’ve ever seen on the screen.

  4. Loved this, binged the whole thing couldn’t stop, riveting TV no matter what your religious point of view is

  5. This is a pleasant surprise really. Finally a show which is provoking a thought and consideration. Great entertainer but also got quite a few important ideas to think about. Thanks this was really enjoyable

  6. It is a great Hollywood film. However, if you believe he is the Messiah you’re not following the truth of the bible. Our Lord and Savior will not step one foot on this earth when He returns a second time. This is not how Christ will return. Don’t put your faith in this film. It is only for entertainment. I’d like to see biblical films. The truth poured out.

  7. The Messiah series was brilliant . I was so glued to the series that I watched 7 episodes in one night.
    The beginning was so good and how they hook you in as you are watching . I actually believed he was the Messiah and then towards the end as it is unravelling I was disappointed that he may not be but the last episode was brilliant and made me believe who he was . Hope they do a sequel to it

  8. Messiah, had me glued to my chair. Couldn’t look away because I didn’t even want to blink I enjoyed it so much. There were times of anger and times of compassion that had my undivided attention. Was he or wasn’t he the Messiah, had me guessing to the end and what an ending, the hairs stood up on the back of my neck and I was so floored at the sight of the Messiah walking around….

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