Messiah – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

The President

We begin episode 8 of Messiah with Al-Masih meeting with the President of the United States who asks him what he actually wants. After a short speech about war and the possibility of world peace, Al Masih asks the president to withdraw all American soldiers from all countries; that way he will be remembered as the President of peace. The president calls him naive as some of the troops are there for peacekeeping and removing them would spell disaster. However, Al-Masih tells him that the world is beginning again and claims that God is speaking for him now which leaves the president speechless.

Meanwhile, Eva heads to William’s college to find out more about Al-Masih. After talking to the headmaster, she heads to the library to look for a paper Al-Masih wrote on transformational politics. Unfortunately the paper is missing while in Israel, the sheikh asks Jibril (who’s seen as a hero) to read a statement as he believes their nation should be independent and free from occupation.

Back in Washington, Al Masih addresses the media and one of the journalists asks him straight if he is the Messiah. He replies that he is a messenger and here to bring about the world to come. He then ends the conference telling them he met with the President where they talked about world peace. This news causes a ripple effect as everyone finds out. Felix confronts Al-Masih about not involving him while Collier tells the president they need to issue a statement. However, the president tells him he needs some time so Collier decides to open a back channel with Israel without telling his leader. At the same time, Eva finds out that Mathers has decided to head back to Texas as he now believes Al-Masih.

Al-Masih meets with the president again who asks him why he made their meeting public. He then asks him if the angel has visited and if he has made up his mind. We then see that it was actually a dream as the president wakes up and sees on the news that there is an unexplained huge tidal surge in Florida as well as an increase in tornadoes. Heading to Florida, he holds a conference where he decides to ask God for help.

After spending time in a pool, Rebecca reveals to her dad that when she went to Austin with her mum the year before, it was actually to get an abortion which shocks him. This is likely to be the burden Al-Masih asked her to get rid of. Aviram calls his ex-wife and daughter which leads to the Israeli intelligence tracking him in Washington DC while Anna visits Al Masih asking him who he really is and what he wants with her daughter. His reply ends the episode, where he tells Rebecca he’s at the beginning of a long path and that he only wants what God wants – which is the flood.

The latest episode of Messiah shows us what Al-Masih’s motives have been all along – which is for the President to remove all his troops from the countries around the world. He claims that it’s for world peace but could it actually be for a darker and more sinister reason if  he is really involved with a terrorist? While the first reaction of the President was expected, the conversation ended with the leader seemingly quite perturbed by the exchange.

With the country and the West Bank in turmoil, the next two episodes should be quite dramatic and tense as we see just how the world and people will cope, especially with the freak weather condition. There is quite a lot of discord in the Iguero family too and Rebecca’s latest bombshell has certainly made things even more shocking for her father.

All these different plot twists are definitely making the show quite the thrilling and enjoyable one but whether Messiah will end on a cliffhanger or give us answers to the burning question at the heart of this one remains to be seen.


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  1. And God promised to never again flood the earth. Genesis 9:11
    Bad research.
    People dissect the Living Word of God, pull from it what they need to create a story and have not a clue what they have read.

  2. It was a long hard boil but we got what we deserved at the end. Almost eight shows in and the truth flashes over Al-Masih face. That was a great hammer drop. It only took 8 episodes but it was worth it.

    “The Flood.”

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