Messiah – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Trial

Episode 4 of Messiah begins with Eva in hospital as we find out this was her fourth miscarriage. As the nurse questions her about getting her husband into the room, she replies that he died but had his sperm frozen before starting chemo.

In Texas, Felix’s church is getting some attention from the media and people who want to see where the miracle man was. Agent Will Mathers calls Eva to let her know that Al Masih’s lawyer has left and that she’s welcome to come and see him.

Once in the detention centre, Eva questions him about his reasons behind what he has been doing. Replying that it’s God’s will, she asks him if it’s God that led him to take 2000 refugees to a country that will never let them in. However, he explains that he just follows what God asks him to do, which he claims is not always easy. She tells him that she is wary of him as she believes she could lead people down a dark path. He then shocks her by calling her by her name and mentions her husband and mother. We then see that Agent Mathers has been recording the whole conversation.

Eva calls Bailey and explains that she believes Al-Masih is not working alone as he was able to read her and knew things about her; she wants to make sure he doesn’t get extradited back to Israel. At the hearing, Al-Masih’s lawyer files for a request to keep him in the US for his own protection. However, the judge decides to deny bail and expedite the hearing. This prompts Eva to offer a deal with the lawyer to try detaining him in the country.

In Israel, Zev questions Avarim again about the content of the video footage he erased. As he refuses to talk about it again, Zev suspends him and advises he get a lawyer. Jibril, who has been dropped on the side of a road, slowly makes his way back through the desert while in Texas, Felix tells his wife he needs to be with Al-Masih. After she asks him what he was going to do to the church, he replies that he was just trying to help them but insists on going to Al-Masih.

Felix arrives just as the hearing gets underway and Al-Masih’s lawyer requests that he stays in the country as a refugee for fear of being persecuted due to his religious beliefs. Al-Masih takes the stand and explains that it’s fate or God that decides where you are born, which certainly seems to intrigue the judge. When the opposition tries to discredit his religious beliefs and asks what actual religion he practices, he replies that he walks with all men which shocks everyone.

Meanwhile, Al-Masih is causing ripples throughout the country as people start protesting against sending him away. Judge Pleva gets a call from the White House where he finds out that the president wants him back in Israel.The next day during the hearing, Judge Pleva decides to grant him asylum and just as he’s freed, Felix is waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs of the courthouse to pick him up where the episode ends.

As expected, Al-Masih’s presence in the States has definitely caused a lot more controversy. While some wish for him to be sent back, the president included, others believes he is actually performing miracles. Will he gain more followers in the west? This certainly seems to be the case, especially with Pastor Felix who is determined to help him out.

We finally find out more about Eva’s tragic past and we see just how strong she is by returning to work straight after her miscarriage. She’s fast becoming a likable and relatable character too, ready to do anything to get to the bottom of the truth.

Each episode of Messiah runs at around 40 minutes which definitely helps with the show’s pacing and while it may not be the strongest drama out there, it has certainly got enough mystery and twists within its plot to keep things interesting.


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  1. Who plays the female pundit with a hijab on, on CNN in episode 4? She looks so familiar. I know I’ve seen her in other things. Driving me nuts!

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