Messiah – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The First Miracle

Episode 2 of Messiah starts with a girl, Rebecca Iguero, in a desert taking a picture of a dead bird. After looking up at the sun, she collapses before returning home to her parents arguing about their mounting debt. The wife, Anna, speaks to her pastor husband Felix in a bid to borrow money from her father but he refuses.

Meanwhile Eva arrives in Israel where she is driven by Qamar, leading her to the Israeli intelligence office. Zev calls Avarim in as he was the last one who saw Al Masih before he escaped. Zev then questions him about deleting the interrogation footage and reveals that the CCTV cameras were turned off for 12 minutes while he disappeared. Upset by the accusation, he tells them he was only doing his job and storms out.

After picking up his daughter from school, Avarim sees a man who looks just like Al-Masih so he decides to leave his daughter alone to chase after him. Unfortunately, he was chasing the wrong man as we see Al Masih turning up at the Dome of the Rock. While the people around him recognise his face, he starts preaching about God again. Soldiers suddenly arrive though and accidentally shoot a little boy but just before escaping, Al-Masih touches him and he miraculously gets up, unscathed.

While in a taxi, Eva hears about the shooting and asks the driver to take her there. Meanwhile, we hear that the president of the Palestinian National Authority has announced an intifada which is the first one since 2000.

In the evening, Eva is followed by Avarim in the streets of Israel. They decide to have a drink together where she asks him again why he deleted that footage. He quickly changes the conversation and warns her against him. She later meets with Qamar and after viewing the footage of the bombing, she decides to go and find the boy. Unfortunately, when they reach his house, they find out that the family has moved away as everyone wanted to touch him.

In Texas, Rebecca considers running away while her dad contemplates what to do with his debt. The episode ends with Avarim kidnapping Jibril.

Al-Masih seems to have performed his first miracle by supposedly bringing a little boy back to life. Is he really a prophet sent by God like he claims to be or has he managed to stage everything up until now? This mystery definitely helps make this show quite interesting and is bound to be one that Eva will be investigating as she tries to uncover the truth behind his actions.

A new family from Texas has also been introduced and while it is quite unclear what their connection is with Al-Masih at the moment, we see that they have their issues too and we’re certainly going to find out more about them in the episodes to come. Messiah has so far been quite the decent drama with plenty of interesting characters and an original storyline to keep you coming back for more.


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