Messiah – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Walking on Water

Episode 6 of Messiah starts with Jibril dreaming that his mother is waking up from under the rubble and then experiencing a vision of Al-Masih giving him a gun. Back in Texas, people are told to go home by the authorities after Al-Masih fired a gun which has caused people to stop believing in him.

While discussing the latest events with Mathers, Eva receives a call from Q with the name Payam Golshiri, who he believes is Al-Masih as his brother Adar has been making a lot of noise in Tehran. After hanging up, he tells her that he’s trying to meet Adar the next day. Meanwhile, Felix decides to follow Al-Masih as he told him he’s the one who will decide where to go next. Rebecca decides to also come on the trip despite the protests of her mother. Just as he is about to leave, he talks to the crowd and asks them to follow him.

We then see the caravan of cars blindly following Felix and Al-Masih. While Eva and Mathers get to know each other, we see that Staci has taken a big gamble bringing her daughter there as her husband calls, berating her for making their daughter miss her hospital appointments. As the convoy of cars reach another state, we see that they have gathered a lot more supporters.

When the caravan stops for the night, we hear on the news that the Palestinian leaders are calling on other Arab leaders to condemn Israel’s position due to the border crisis. As Rebecca’s latest picture on social media goes viral, we find out that they’re heading to Washington DC. Eva finds out that Al-Masih has been in the city before when he did a semester in a university, at the same time that Wallace was a lecturer. This could be a potential problem as Al-Masih is heading to the capital with hundreds of followers and is now associated to an international terrorist.

The caravan arrives in the capital but there are road blockages set up by the local police. This prompts everyone to get out of their cars and head infront of the Lincoln memorial. As Al-Masih starts giving a speech about liberty and justice, he tells them that those who have come to receive, will have lost. After commenting on them making choices, he starts walking on the lake while we see Jibril in Syrian, getting undressed and walking towards the border. The guard raises his gun at him but as Jibril stares him down, he lowers his weapon and lets him and the others through the barbed wire gates where the episode leaves things hanging in the balance.

The latest episode of Messiah ended with quite the shocking twist as Al-Masih walks on water. While many will believe in the miracle, others will definitely be sceptical as this could be a trick, especially as we’ve seen some magicians use this tactic before, using hidden steps and points under the water to give this illusion more credibility. More evidence points towards him being involved with a radical and terrorist movement though as Eva digs deeper into his past.

There was a nice shot here too when we see Al-Masih walking on the water, cutting across to Jibril as he walks towards the border. Both walked with purpose and are linked in what they want to achieve. After the latest miracle performed, there is bound to be even more controversy and backlash from the world. All these intriguing plots continue to make this drama an easy one to binge as we slowly make our way towards the finale.


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