Messiah – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Tornado

Episode 3 of Messiah starts with Rebecca packing her things and money, ready to run away in the middle of the night while her father heads into his church and removes the battery from the smoke detector. We then see him taking petrol cans, ready to light the church on fire. Suddenly, his wife receives a tornado warning text but doesn’t find the rest of her family there.

Running into the church, she sees her husband with the petrol cans before both start to frantically look for Rebecca. Unable to find her, they rush in the shelter alongside the rest of the villagers. However, just before closing the doors, Felix sees someone, believing it to be his daughter, standing in the middle of the storm and staring at the tornado.

Meanwhile, Eva and her people have tracked Al-Masih in Jordan. However, they receive a video of the storm in Texas where we see Rebecca unhurt and being reunited with her parents. As they look through the footage, they are shocked to see Al-Masih standing there. Back in Texas, Felix talks to Al-Masih about who he is and why he got here. He tells them he goes where God takes him. Felix marvels at the miracle that his church is the only building still standing and asks him if he came to stop him, before Al-Masih is arrested and taken away.

In Isarel, Avarim questions Jibril about his leader as he wants to know who he really is and where he’s currently situated. Jibril calls him Al-Masih but declines knowing his whereabouts, instead claiming that he came with God.

Eva decides to return to the States to investigate how Al-Masih arrived there. She gets a call from Q who has managed to track down how he got into the country. After being stopped to see him by another agent, Eva finds out that his presence and involvement in the storm has been leaked to the media. During the night, we see that the treatment in hospital Eva received was most likely IVF but unfortunately, it didn’t work as we see that she starts bleeding.

Switching continents, Al-Masih decides to perform his next miracle in Texas by helping the Iguero family and saving Rebecca which is where we leave the episode. This was quite a tense and dramatic beginning as we see the tornado raging, causing devastation in its path. The show does a good job questioning your own beliefs and wondering if Al-Masih is staging everything or if he is telling the truth.

Eva remains the strong character and while we find out a little more about her, this definitely gives the series more depth as we see her internal struggles. She seems to use her work as a coping mechanism and throws herself right into it. Now that Al-Masih is in the States, it is bound to cause even more ripples in the world as people will either rally with him or against him.

After three episodes, Messiah has been quite the decent series so far and while there are still quite a lot of questions left answered, it gives us enough drama and tense moments to make it an enjoyable to watch.


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