Messiah – Season 1 Episode 10 (The Finale) Recap & Review

And The Truth Shall Set You Free

The season 1 finale of Messiah starts in 2011 at the Nablus West Bank where we see Aviram storming into a shop and arresting a young boy who was transporting explosives. He threatens to torture him to make him talk and as he agrees to cooperate, Aviram and his partner take him way.

We then cut back to the present with Aviram taking Al-Masih in his car and telling him that America will soon forget him, before we jump to Palestine with the aftermath of the explosion. Jibril is gravely wounded but still alive. As Eva tries to track where Aviram is taking Al-Masih, she finds out that they’re on the plane but she’s unable to find out details about it as it’s a government jet.

Collier meets with journalist Miriam to give her information about Al-Masih including his real name. When she asks him why he’s doing this, he replies that he owes her and she will see when she runs the story.

In the plane, Al-Massih tries to provoke Aviram by mentioning the boy from Mediggo and talks about sins. Suddenly one of the plane’s engine explodes which causes Aviram to remember the boy he arrested. We find out that his father was the one responsible for the death of many, including his mother. Telling him he inherited his father’s sins, he pulls out his gun and shoots the boy.

While Eva is planning her next step, the plane’s signal disappears from the radar. This prompts Eva to confront Collier about it, accusing him of bringing down a diplomatic plane. Meanwhile, Staci is unable to wake her daughter up and as she takes her to hospital, we see a news report explaining that Al-Masih is mortal and has conducted the hoax of the century, before mentioning his dark past and mental issues. This news reaches the rest of the world and the Iguero family watch it in dismay before cutting back to Staci who loses her daughter to cancer.

As we cut back to Texas, Felix finishes what he originally planned on doing and burns his church down. Surprisingly, Aviram and Al-Mesih survive the plane crash and land in a field of poppies in the desert. A boy called Malik arrives to give Aviram water and asks him how the other man managed to raise him, as he was dead. Malik explains that he saw him put his hands on his and his partner’s heart and resuscitated them. Speechless, Aviram looks around and sees Al-Masih touching his partner and looks at him straight in his eyes as the episode closes.

The truth finally comes out in the finale as Collier leaks all the information Eva has gathered to the press which will end Al-Masih’s hold on the world once and for all. The ending of Messiah was quite the decent one as we get conclusions to most of its plot points. The people believing in him didn’t really get their happy endings, as we see Felix’s world collapsing and the tragic death of Staci’s daughter, while we see Aviram surviving the crash as he has apparently been resuscitated by Al-Masih.

The final scene does leave things open a little as we’re left wondering if he really was the Messiah after all or whether this was just one final trick before the series bows out, especially with how some of the characters’ storylines end here. This will definitely create some debate amongst the audience as it could be interpreted both ways.

Messiah has definitely been an intriguing and thrilling show, with plenty of twists and dramatic moments in each episode. This, coupled with the great performances from its cast, make this latest Netflix drama easy to binge and with a miraculously decent ending for the streaming giants.


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4 thoughts on “Messiah – Season 1 Episode 10 (The Finale) Recap & Review”

  1. unbelievably slow and boring , They could have conveyed its message in a two episode miniseries. WOW. THE DRAG. All for NOTHING. lol

  2. My three favorite moments. #1 “The Flood” #2 His aspect at the Tornado site. # 3 The look on Rebecca’s face when he walked on the reflecting pool.

    He was never going to speak at that Money Church. I’m not sure if he had a plan but(seems like he does right) There was going to be an intervention. Possibly Avi had already contacted him about the extraction. Speaking at that podium would have been wrong. It felt wrong from the moment AI Masih said he’d do it. It’s all meant to convey this sort of speculation of course. This is after all one of the writers of “Lost”.

    I have one more favorite moment. #4 When it hit’s Eva that AI Masih is gone. In her mind dead. Another moment when you are not sure if she is upset because her cause has been taken or that her belief has been shaken.

  3. Do you know why Al Masih was willing to be captured by Aviram before he was supposed to speak to the crowd?

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