Sex/ Life Season 2 Review – A terrible erotic drama that is best forgotten

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The rather controversial erotic drama adapted from the book “44 Chapters About 4 Men” by BB Easton, centers on Billie Connelly. The protagonist leads a relatively normal marital life in Connecticut with a faithful spouse and two adorable children. However, she’s sexually frustrated and as such, things start to fall apart for her.

As a consequence, she remembers her days as a wild party girl and keeps herself occupied with sexual fantasies regarding her ex-boyfriend Brad. Once the previously discussed ex-boyfriend reappears in Billie’s life, her emotions rise to the surface.

Billie’s emotions concerning Brad, as well as their time together, don’t ever go away. The person in question likewise makes an effort to move on. In this season, he dates Gigi, a model who eventually gets pregnant and they end up having a son together. However, she ultimately leaves Brad seeing as he has feelings for Billie.

Following a disastrous evening in which Majid’s diner almost burns to the ground and Billie’s kid Hudson disappears while spending time with him, their relationship also comes to an end.

Cooper strolls down a path toward self-destruction as his marriage to Billie falls apart. He makes a decision to change his life after nearly passing away due to a car accident. He goes to group therapy, he starts dating Emily, his ex-girlfriend and he attempts to turn his life around.

Sasha, Billie’s best friend, and Kam are having an on-and-off relationship. Billie runs into Brad once more at their wedding. After receiving her PhD., she picks up their relationship. At their marriage ceremony, where the season wraps up, Billie announces her pregnancy to Brad.

In this season, Sex/Life follows the show’s usual pattern. Everyone seems to have extramarital affairs, cheating is accepted, and the perpetrator always finds a way to blame the victim. What’s truly heartbreaking though is that the children, Hudson and Ellary, are being dragged into the midst of all of this. The kids appear to be suffering the consequences of their parents’ rash decisions, which is terrible.

Additionally, this season succeeds in sinking to a new low. It makes it abundantly clear that the main characters end up ruining not only their own lives, but also the lives of anyone who crosses paths with them. For instance, Sasha dumps her boyfriend because he won’t participate in her charade, Cooper drags Francesca down with him, and Billie teaches her friends how to act recklessly in the name of being bold.

It’s almost shocking how popular this show has become among a generation of binge-watchers, given its paper-thin storyline, lack of motivation for plot advancement, thoughtlessly written script, and poorly performed scenes. Furthermore, this season outweighs the morally repugnant quality of the previous one, so if you thought that was terrible then buckle up for a wild ride!

The tale has many inconsistencies. Truthfully, it is impossible for values to change and advance at this rate. The season showcases how Billie and Brad appear to have feelings for one another. In all honesty, the Brad/Billy drama throughout this season is way too repetitive and tedious, and it appears as though the writers are suffering from a lack of direction.

It seems like it’s high time for shows to tell stories that accurately depict relationships, or at the very least, reveal how unhealthily connected people don’t yield desirable results. Towards the end, this show achieves none of these things. In actuality, it encourages and directs the viewers to tolerate unhealthy relationships.

Billie’s love interest, Brad, is an odd character – and not in a good way. It’s strange how bad this character’s arc is. Throughout the season, it seems as though the writers had no idea what they were trying to do with him.

Cooper informs Billie that he intends to ask Emily to marry him. Throughout the show, we’ve seen Emily twice for brief moments. And, while it’s great that he’s making progress, his story arc appears to be rushed, just so he could have a happy ending as well. The relationship between Sasha and Kam appears to be the only One that develops and ends decently.

The one character this season you can sympathize with is Brad’s ex-wife. While his wife is pregnant with his child and making living arrangements for their family, he appears to be pining after Billy, having fantasies about her, and even meeting her behind his wife’s back.

Sex/Life is a morally reprehensible, awful show. The storyline is terrible, the character arcs underdeveloped and the dialogues are cringe-worthy. Give this one a miss.

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  • Verdict - 1/10

9 thoughts on “Sex/ Life Season 2 Review – A terrible erotic drama that is best forgotten”

  1. Cooper’s character was so poorly managed that i felt pity for him. There was no regard for his character for someone who was supposed to be the good guy. His sex scenes from s1 to 2 were terrible. Feels like there was a “Cooper” in the scriptwriter’s life that she didn’t particularly like. I am not sure what aspect of Billie’s messy life was inspiring to her friends and even to her husband Cooper who she hurt so much. The series felt out of balance…too skewed to “an opinion” and not rich enough to consider other positive possibilities. I don’t know if i should be bold to say the attempt to push “feminism” was too extra that it lost its taste…it could have been balanced a bit…just a thought, lol.

  2. The show was horrible, Billie said times without number that cooper was the love of her life and let’s be honest the only thing brag has over her is sex, so you lots are telling me it’s okay for Billie to forfeit the 85% for 15%?!😂 Nah! Billie was a horrible character and Brad was interesting as a white school board.

  3. Goodness the cheater sympathizers here. Lol. If you love someone and you broke up and you’re not over them, GET OVER IT before moving on with someone else. Grow up people. Have some self awareness, learn some self control and self regulation. Midlife crisis is for people who are entirely emotionally immature. “Love makes you do crazy things” – is never an excuse to hurt someone. Seriously, grow up. Get some help.

  4. It’s a good show to binge. Kind of stupid in parts but mindless entertainment. I enjoyed the last 2 episodes even though the story lines were rushed. Sort of feel like we don’t need a season 3 but I did enjoy it for what it was.

  5. I thought this series was fantastic! Season 2 better than even Season 1.
    Why feel sorry for Gigi? She was manipulative of Brad (really stupid) and she left him because he lost his business…nothing to do with Billie!
    If the writer has problems with this great series then she might as well watch no shows! Forget great ones like Offspring, Seaside Hotel, Rita, Outlander, Love My Way, The Heart Guy, etc, etc.
    Lives are complicated…if you want squeaky clean,not sure you’ll find it. I thought Kam and Sasha was incredibly strong part. Also the series told from female POV might have tripped you up…no idea.
    As a psychotherapist who works with children, with divorce being over 50%, children who get therapy if needed do fantastic. Far better than children in families where their parents are not compatible and mismatched. That said, there IS a place for other arrangements where families stay together but parents are not glued together.
    I didn’t like the fact of all the weddings at end. It would have been plenty, for instance, to let Sasha and Kam simply make decision to stay together. Didn’t have to get all traditional on us.
    Sarah, perhaps check out some of the incredible work by Esther Perel. People could do with learning about erotic intelligence, and that doesn’t include just sex either.

  6. whilst Brad was protrayed as Billie’s love of her life, I was secretly hoping she was going to find her way back to Cooper her husband. I felt in the first season and throughout the second season claimed that she was his love of his life, I didn’t think he appreciated her and truly treasured her in the way she wanted. Hence causing her fantasy. Like the opening scene of him coming home and not even looking at her properly, not being present when having sex with her, or not even taking time to know her body when having sex, etc… The sex is always very mechanical rather than emotional hence leaving Billie disatisfied.Honestly, I can see why Billie wanted out. I feel the script could be written for him to explore himself and his faults in the marraige in Season 2. Wilst Cooper had more storyline in Season 2, I felt it could have been explored in more depth. They never went to couple’s counselling on why he was always so dismissive of Billie’s needs. After crashing the car, he just goes I wish I fought for us more. Honestly, I think its pathetic but I guess the writers are set on Billie so deeply in love with Brad. Then Cooper chooses his ex because she always believed in him and thought he was enough for her. I think its pathetic.

  7. The show is exactly what it is.. a show and it’s not that bad.. I def cried at different instances during this show you’d have to be a woman going through. Midlife crisis to understand maybe .. love will make you do crazy things as well I guess maybe you never experienced that as well .. tf you’re so negative

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