Sex/ Life – Season 2 Episode 1 “Welcome to New York” Recap & Review

Welcome To New York

Episode 1 of Sex/Life Season 2 begins with Billie, the morally questionable protagonist, giving the audience some advice. She goes on to say that choosing a life partner is among the most crucial decisions you will ever make.

The episode picks up with Billie rushing to the city at night in an attempt to have sex with Brad. However, in an interesting turn of events, Brad has supposedly moved on. He desires more than just physical intimacy and he goes on to tell Billie that. Furthermore, he tells her that he wishes to begin his life with a woman who is carrying his child.

Seeing as Billie and Cooper are getting divorced, Billie currently has a flat in New York. Cooper and Billie appear to have a working co-parenting plan in place. Sasha and Billie go out partying together in an effort to put Billie back in the dating scene. Billie interacts with a guy in the bar who offers to grab her a drink.

The guy’s name is Majid. Billie admits to Majid that her life is a complete mess and she’s currently going through a challenging divorce. Majid keeps talking to Billie because he prefers the truth.

The drama takes us back to the evening that Billie went to the city to meet Brad. Billie tells Cooper that she is unhappy with their marriage when she gets home. However, Cooper is aware of the change of mind on her end. He confesses about tracking her phone, making the situation worse. Thereafter, an argument breaks out between them. Cooper goes on to tell her that he doesn’t wish to save their marriage and then leaves.

Cooper is currently experiencing issues with his son. His son misses having the whole family around. He proceeds to tell Cooper that he prefers his parents to be present at the same time.

Cooper and Francesca have developed a physical relationship in the past 6 months. We are aware that Cooper has long been on Francesca’s mind. Additionally, they can’t get enough of one another. They have sex in the office elevator before they get to their floor. Dev sees them, and when he does, he praises Cooper for finally getting laid. Thereafter, Cooper goes on to remind Dev that Francesca is his superior, so he is not allowed to mention it to anyone.

Cooper’s brother Spencer calls him after work to warn him that he has kids with Billie and to get his life back on track. Cooper, conversely, tends to feel upset that he has consistently been a nice person in the past. He no longer wants to be that person.

Kam, a former boyfriend, reappears in Sasha’s life. He appears at the studio where Sasha works. Sasha is shocked to run into him once more. They haven’t seen one another in 17 years. Noticing she is single, Kam invites her to dinner.

Majid and Billie go on a date. She dons her best outfit. Billie quickly finds out that Majid seems to own the bar where they are having dinner. Majid tells Billie about his goals and aspirations. He discusses his journey from poverty to prosperity. He talks about his itch for a better quality of life. Majid disagrees while Billie feels that the itch is what causes problems for people.

Owing to Majid, Billie has a wonderful evening that almost results in a kiss. Billie pulls back from kissing Majid and says she just wants to take things slowly. Majid is composed and considerate.

Kam and Sasha go on a date in the meantime. Kam acknowledges that he did not meet Sasha by accident. He goes on to tell her that he hoped to see her. Kam was able to visit an empty museum with her because of his connections with the NGO he appears to work for.

In a flashback, Sasha accepts Kam’s marriage proposal. Sasha is reminded by Kam in the current timeline that he proposed to her while visiting this museum, but she is overcome with nostalgic memories and bolts for the restroom.

In a different flashback, Sasha’s grandmother expresses her concern that by accepting the proposal, Sasha is sacrificing her life for a man. The grandmother makes Sasha think of the graduate school at Columbia that she applied for. Sasha’s grandmother hands her a notice from Colombia informing her that she has been selected, however Sasha explains to her grandmother that nothing has changed.

Sasha informs Kam that she won’t sacrifice everything once more in the current timeline. Furthermore, she goes on to tell him that she is not interested in losing herself. In a different flashback, Sasha is seen abandoning Kam and ditching him at the airport without telling him, when they were about to start a life together.

Majid is “awesome,” Billie informs Sasha, but she backs out of their initial kiss. She goes on to tell Sasha that she doesn’t think she has a legitimate claim to happiness. On the other hand, Cooper and Francesca seem to be in trouble after being caught hooking up by a superior.

Billie arrives back at the bar as the episode comes to an end. She finds Majid and ends up kissing because she has the itch. Brad shows up thereafter. Brad appears to be an investor in Majid’s company. Thereafter, Majid realizes that Brad is Billie’s, former love. Additionally, Brad’s pregnant girlfriend Gigi shows up, which only makes things worse.

The Episode Review

Billie, who is morally questionable herself, gives us, the audience, advice at the beginning of the episode. She goes on to say that picking a life partner is the most important choice we will ever have to make. It’s hilarious how she says this while ruining her marriage with a responsible man and chasing after a boy who ran away and hooked up with a hooker right after she lost her child with him.

With this show, just when you think things can’t get any worse, they do. Billie decides to have a relationship with her husband and use Brad for sex when she leaves to have an extramarital affair with Brad, which is absolutely ridiculous because the show somehow manages to paint it as acceptable.

Interestingly, Brad decides to take responsibility for his actions. He informs Billie that he wishes to start a family with the woman who is carrying his child. It’s unexpected, given that it’s Brad, but I guess he’s the only character who’s on the right track after all.

Things appear to be coming to an end for Billie and Cooper, but you can’t help but feel sad for the children they have together. They (especially Billie) never once considered how their kids would deal with their reckless choices, which is truly heartbreaking.

Brad has second thoughts while his girlfriend is redecorating his apartment (classic Brad), and he returns to see Billie. Billie, on the other hand, breaks down and leaves. They appear to have a strange toxic relationship. They don’t seem to have a meaningful relationship at all based on what we’ve seen so far. They’re only hung up on the incredible sex they had. To be honest, the storyline is extremely weak, making it difficult to empathize with the protagonist.

The episode concludes with our protagonist kissing Majid, and, of course, Brad shows up.

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