Sex/ Life – Season 2 Episode 5 “Future Starts Today” Recap & Review

Future Starts Today

In the opening sequence of episode 5 for Sex/Life season 2, Billie and Sasha are out for a run together when they see Sasha’s most recent endeavor advertised on a billboard. Sasha is popular since she gave up her relationship for her professional life. As soon as she realizes she is missing Kam, she engages in senseless sex, which includes threesomes, rather than telling him. Billie is having fun having sex with Majid in the meantime.

Kam runs into Sasha, who tells him that she misses him. Sasha goes on to say that while her professional success has been great, it is missing something because she doesn’t have him with her. Kam acknowledges that life without her has become challenging. Sasha tells him how much she loves him and longs to be reunited with him.

Billie realizes that the day has finally come for her divorce from Cooper to be finalized. She understands that getting a divorce involves breaking promises and failing. She is still affected by it, even though she has moved on. She is struck by this reminder, particularly when she must speak to her son Hudson and reassure him.

Majid tries to reassure Billie when she wonders if her life with him is real. Majid learns from Billie that she never discusses her kids with him. Majid acknowledges he has never previously dated a woman who has kids but keeps insisting he wants to get to know Billie completely. On the day of the divorce, he wishes to meet her children.

In order to complete the divorce proceedings, Cooper and Billie show up at court. Billie describes how her eight-year union is whittled down to paperwork. Backstories capture their great marriage and the early stages of life together.

Cooper answers the judge’s question about whether all efforts at reconciliation have been made in the current timeline. Billie signs the divorce documents while appearing hurt. Cooper, on the other hand, seems to be emotionally cold.

Billie runs after Cooper and gives him a hug after the judicial process. Billie explains to him that they cannot honor the good times in their marriage while condemning the mistakes they made. Cooper starts to lose it. He then turns and leaves. Billie accompanies him and tells Cooper that she would like to introduce Majid, her new partner, to her kids.

Dev, who is eager to commemorate the divorce, picks up Cooper. Cooper decides to join Dev and makes a polite exit from the discussion. Coke is brought out, and Dev appears to offer it to Cooper. They drive off after he gives it a sniff.

Billie encounters Brad while she is out with her kids, as he and his newborn son are trying to enjoy the garden. Billie is informed that having a son is the greatest thing to ever happen to him. He also says that although he lost the business as a result of the fraud allegations, it doesn’t matter because he actually likes being a dad. When Billie inquires about Gigi, he acts rather oddly by responding that she loves her son. Billie’s kids then meet Majid. Billie finds it endearing that Majid and Hudson click right away.

Cooper indulges in drug and alcohol use while having a party in a hotel suite. Cooper takes a large line of cocaine because he can’t get the flashbacks of his wife Billie out of his mind. A chair is grabbed by Cooper and thrown off the balcony. It causes the windscreen of a passing car to shatter. As quickly as they hear the security alarm, Cooper, Dev, and the women erupt in joy.

Cooper finds that both of the women seem to be sex workers and immediately want to begin partying. The women are paid by him to spend all night with them.

Kam pauses for a moment and goes on to tell Sasha he would like to speak to her first before they proceed to have sex. Sasha, however, is desperate for intimacy. Kam is powerless. After having sex, Kam informs Sasha that his company is growing internationally. In a month, he will be leaving the country. Sasha is hesitant when Kam asks her to relocate with him out of the country.

Billie and Majid continue their family outing. At his diner, Majid gives the kids dessert. Majid is invited to watch Hudson play soccer. Afterward, Billie informs Majid that she can’t leave the kids as he pulls her out to share a tender moment. She invites Majid to stay with the family in Connecticut so he can attend Hudson’s soccer game the following day.

When Majid gets to Billie’s place in Connecticut and sees her in mom mode, courting a separated mom becomes a real thing. After the kids are asleep, Billie invites Majid to take a shower with her. Majid notices her and Cooper’s photographs as they climb up the stairway, but she convinces him that she intends to move them. After that, Billie and Majid have sex.

In the meantime, Cooper is driving recklessly while riding in a Lamborghini alongside one of the women. She keeps bringing up Connecticut, which makes him think of Billie. He keeps going faster while crying. In the end, he crashes into Dev’s car. His vehicle flips over. Furthermore, Billie’s phone rings at night; she’s probably about to hear some bad news!

The Episode Review

The entire divorce arc involving Billie and Cooper was clearly intended to elicit feelings for the protagonist and Cooper. However, given the premise of the show and how they both appear to be so unconcerned about their children, it’s difficult to feel empathy for them and the situation they’re in.

The episode features a sequence near the end in which Billy is having sex with Majid and Cooper is in an accident, and the show tries to sync both of these events, which makes no sense and is unintentionally hilarious to watch.

Many loose ends are being left as the season approaches its final episode. Sasha and Kams’ storyline reaches a decision point, forcing Sasha to make a choice. Billie runs into Brad yet again. Cooper has an accident, and Majid appears shocked to see Billie as a mother. It’ll be interesting to see how the final episode ties all of these loose ends together.

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