Sex/ Life – Season 2 Episode 3 “Seasons Of Love” Recap & Review

Seasons Of Love

Episode 3 of Sex/Life season 2 opens with Billie and Majid having wild sex. Billie expresses her dream that her relationship with Majid should blossom into something special. It seems as though she’s in a passionate relationship this time. As snow hits outside their window pane, Billie and Majid express their love for one another.

Furthermore, they agree to attend the winter celebration together. Majid goes on to ask whether she can come seeing as Brad and Gigi are planning to attend. Billie is confident that she’ll be alright.

Kam and Sasha are having a good time together. Kam expresses his desire to accompany Sasha to a televised event, but she seems uncertain. Sasha is cagey, considering his help strange. She has structured her life in ways that suit her. She admits, however, that she has absolutely loved having a man by her side throughout her accomplishments.

Meanwhile, the couple leaves for the work meeting. As she shows up, she is questioned by a reporter. She mentions how she has a wonderful partner who continues to support her and provides additional information about her relationship with Kam. Bringing her partner to the work meeting, on the other hand, tends to work against Sasha. Apparently, she has been nicknamed “Miss Dependent” on social media.

While face timing her kid Hudson, Billie finds out that Cooper has been dating Francesca and also that she went to Cooper’s house. She rushes to Cooper’s workplace out of anger thereafter. She later discovers he is no longer employed by that company. Cooper declines Billie’s call when she starts calling him seeking answers. She sends him a message concerning Francesca, but he doesn’t respond.

Cooper avoids Billie when they eventually have a face-to-face confrontation. It’s here that Cooper finds out that Billie isn’t with Brad. This surprises him. Billie goes on to clarify that it was never about Brad, while Cooper comes to believe that it had something to do with their union. Following that, Billie confides in Sasha that she is concerned because she can see Cooper is hurt.

Trina attempts to reapply for her position at the firm where she previously worked. However, the interviewer mocks her for her ignorance of social networking sites. Shortly afterward, Trina and Cooper reconnect after running into each other. Cooper is requested not to inform Devon of her interview. She appears to be steered by Cooper’s comments when he tells her that the business would be fortunate to have her.

Cooper is questioned by Trina over whether he thinks about the night he got close to her. Cooper nods his head while giving her a seductive glare. The two agree to meet up later since they want to hook up. Cooper is powerless to resist and agrees. Once Cooper arrives home, he requests that Olga consider taking the night off and after some persuasion, she does.

Trina accepts Cooper’s invitation to his home and they start kissing right away. Trina is a little annoyed by Billie’s dressing gown, however Cooper persuades her. Trina removes her clothing and Cooper is restrained to the bed as she asks him to beg her. Hudson then enters out of the blue and sees everything.

When Billie attends the celebration, she notices Majid standing next to a woman who is speaking softly in his ear. When Majid approaches Billie, they kiss. Billie inquires about the woman right away, but Majid informs her that she’s among his restaurant’s investors. He explains that flirting with the investors is part of his job.

Billie’s situation then takes a turn for the worse when Sasha informs her that currently Brad and Gigi are husband and wife. Billie appears to look at Brad and is instantly heartbroken. She is unable to control her emotions and she can’t quite believe Brad has such an impact on her. She smiles bravely and offers Brad and Gigi her good wishes.

Billie explains to Brad in private that she and the child are better off because of his marriage. Billie receives an apology from Brad, and their exchange becomes more sentimental. Brad tries to console her, but she rejects his words of consolation and leaves.

Later, at the celebration, Gigi starts asking Billie for parenting tips. Billie offers breastfeeding suggestions but it’s clear that Billie is dying inside while Gigi tells her the extent to which Brad has embraced family. Billie instructs Gigi to just stop talking, offers her one final tip, and then turns and leaves, with Gigi left puzzled.

Billie runs into Sasha and starts ranting regarding Gigi and Brad. Since Gigi is a decent person, she is much more hurt. Later, Billie discovers Majid having a fling with the exact same woman from before in his workplace. Majid makes an attempt to explain to Billie that his life has its challenges as she storms out. The situation for Billie then worsens. Her kid Hudson calls her to talk concerning Trina and his father.

In Connecticut, Billie criticizes Cooper. She finds what he did to their kid inside the house appalling. After Hudson has fallen asleep, Cooper tells Billie that he made a mistake. He expresses his desire for family time and how much he misses the two of them. Cooper receives Billie’s apology for hurting him. She goes on to tell him that they desperately need to seek counseling and work through the situation.

Billie declines Cooper’s invitation to stay the night and suggests that there is someone else instead. Billie is ordered out of the house by Cooper as he starts to get angry.

Interestingly, Gigi goes on to tell Brad that she’s seen how difficult the party had been for both Billie and him. Brad informs Gigi that he and Billie have a shared past. He reassures Gigi that she’s his woman, and he is grateful for the opportunity to spend the remainder of his days with her. Following that, they have sex.

After sex, Gigi informs Brad that she doesn’t want him to see Billie again. She observes that he and Billie are uncomfortable with one another.

The Episode Review

In this episode, Sex/Life follows the show’s usual pattern. Everyone seems to have extramarital affairs, cheating is accepted, and the perpetrator always finds a way to blame the victim. What’s truly heartbreaking is that the children, Hudson and Ellary, are being dragged in the midst of all of this. The kids appear to be suffering the consequences of their parents’ rash decisions, which is terrible.

Even though both Billy and Brad are now in committed relationships, the episode showcases how they appear to have feelings for one another. In all honesty, the Brad/Billy drama is now way too repetitive and tedious, and it appears that the writers are suffering from a lack of direction.

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