Sex/ Life – Season 2 Episode 2 “Georgia On My Mind” Recap & Review

Georgia On My Mind

In the first scene of Sex/Life episode 2, Billie visits Brad at his home, and the two have sex right away. Brad requests Billie to leave town with him. Thereafter, they proclaim their love for one another. Brad is apparently daydreaming, though. He is woken up by Gigi in the current timeline while she is making changes to the flat in anticipation of their soon-to-be-born baby. Brad, however, can’t help but fantasize about having sex with Billie.

Brad goes to Billie’s workplace after. Seeking information about her and Majid, he requests to see her. Billie clarifies that she has broken up with Cooper and is filing for divorce. She expresses her happiness for Brad because she thinks he’s happy with Gigi. Brad is shocked owing to the outcome of his relationship with Billie. Brad then goes to meet Majid and straight up warns him not to harm Billie.

Billie goes to visit her kids when she returns to Connecticut, so she is pretty shocked to discover Cooper and her mom in the kitchen. Although it is obvious that her mom is on Cooper’s side, Billie continues to insist that it is her day with the kids. Billie’s mom politely serves to remind her that children benefit from consistency, which the traditional mom offers. Billie’s mom lectures her after Cooper heads to work, telling her that Cooper seems to be a great dad and guy and she needs to fight to win him back.

Billie tries to justify herself. However, her mother informs her that she has struggled with her sexual desires ever since she was a young child. Billie disputes that initial claim, informs her mom that she was raised to feel ashamed, and then leaves.

Billie calls Majid after her heated argument. She informs him that their passion cannot progress due to her problems.

The advice Mick, Sasha’s new agent, gives her is that if she thinks big enough, she can advance in her professional life. Thereafter, Sasha faces Kam at her current workplace. She tells him that she worked hard for 17 years to move on to the next phase of her career. Sasha doesn’t think they ever act in her best interests, and Kam always comes first. Kam assures Sasha that she need not make any sacrifices and encourages her to consider balancing a career with a relationship with him.

Mick, calls her and informs Billie that he has a book deal and that she has 15 hours to pitch to the publishing company. Kam understands that she needs to end their date early because it is a huge opportunity. Amidst the sliver of hope, Sasha invites him over for sex. She thinks 14 hours is ample time to prepare a pitch for a book.

HR urges Cooper to head to work to discuss his connection with Francesca. Cooper receives a severe warning before being cleared of all charges. Conversely, HR fires Francesca. Cooper faces the decision-makers because he is enraged. Cooper is informed that Francesca misused her authority as a senior executive. Cooper, however, refuses to go along with their judgment. Thereafter, he asks them to remove him instead. Furthermore, he kisses Francesca in front of the officials to prove his love for her.

Cooper and Francesca indulge in sex after this argument. Francesca is shocked and ecstatic at how bossy and manly Cooper is. Francesca suddenly declares that she would like to wed Cooper. She is completely smitten with him. This suggestion surprises Cooper, who assures her that he shares her desire. However, Cooper says he needs some time.

Cooper then heads over to a restaurant and orders them Chinese food while having second thoughts about Francesca’s wedding proposal. He converses with a young, blonde woman while placing his order, and she makes advances. Cooper betrays Francesca by having sex with this stranger inside the restroom.

Billie’s mom expresses her regret to her for her comments. She states that the reason she has the opinions she does is because when she was pretty young, she was called a “slut” at school. Billie tells her mom that Majid may or may not be her future, but Brad and Cooper are most definitely in the past. She continues to defend herself by saying that she wishes her kids to see her happy.

Deliberately this time, Billie decides to visit Majid at his bar. Soon after, they kiss and spend the remainder of the evening together. Billie is requested to visit and stay at Majid’s home thereafter.

At Majid’s residence, Billie and Majid get together. However, when things become intimate, Billie seems to feel uneasy. She claims that she hasn’t been touched by anybody besides her husband for years. Majid, however, is patient and has no expectations. Billie respects his classy demeanor and they end up having sex. Billie sobs after they’re done because the satisfying sex overwhelms her.

Brad tries to end his relationship with Gigi because he is unable to stop thinking about Billie. However, Gigi can’t hear him because she’s wearing headphones. She then proceeds to show him the ultrasounds of their unborn child. As a consequence, Brad gets emotional. The very next second, Brad asks Gigi to marry him.

The Episode Review

This episode outweighs the morally repugnant quality of the previous one if you thought that was terrible. At first, Billie’s mother comes across as reasonable. Billie changes her mind, though, and justifies her actions to her mother and us. Furthermore, she says that she wants her children to see her happy, which is unreasonable. It’s incredibly low to use your children to defend your despicable behavior. The problem isn’t that the show has a morally questionable protagonist; it’s that it repeatedly attempts to paint the actions of the character as acceptable.

Brad is an odd character, and not in a good way. He considers breaking up with his girlfriend one minute and then asks her to marry him the next. It’s strange how bad this character’s arc is. At this point, the writers clearly have no idea what they’re doing with him.

The problem is, two characters you could sympathize with in the previous season make terrible decisions in this episode. In a flashback scene, we see Sasha ghosting her ex-boyfriend at the airport without even telling him. Furthermore, she refuses to acknowledge her mistake and instead attempts to justify it by claiming that he was not prioritizing her career (which is true). In his defense, though, she didn’t communicate with him before leaving. Sadly, her behavior is also portrayed as acceptable (only if the genders were reversed maybe people would see how awful the behavior was).

Cooper follows in Billie’s footsteps and cheats on Francesca with a stranger he meets in a restaurant. It’s understandable that when Francesca asked him to marry her, things got too real for him too quickly. However, what is not understandable is him telling her he is on the same page as her and then cheating on her instead of simply having a conversation with her about it.

At this point, it seems as though the show is attempting to normalize cheating because almost all of the main characters have clearly engaged in cheating with no consequences whatsoever.

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  1. This review felt very jaded and seemed to have missed the point of the episode entirely.
    There was so much focus on “cheating being made to look good”, the reviewer seemed to have overlooked the actual complexity of the show. You reduced it down to black & white and overlooked the gray.
    The entire premise of this show is that life and people are messy. That feelings causes you to act irrationally and the consequences that come from it.

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