Sex/ Life – Season 2 Episode 4 “The Weakness In Me” Recap & Review

The Weakness In Me

At his brother’s place, episode 4 of Sex/Life season 2 starts with Cooper having sex with a different woman. She attends NYU and is a junior. When Cooper finds out, he is immediately embarrassed by himself. Cooper must undergo the walk of disgrace in front of his brother as well as his boyfriend. Cooper’s brother confronts him and mentions how concerned Francesca is about him. Cooper admits about running into Billie to his brother. He doesn’t appear to be coping with the separation’s psychological consequences well. He is advised by his brother to address his mental instability and reduce destruction.

Billie finds out that because of his label, Brad is now being accused of fraud. When Billie tells Sasha about this, she expresses shock and disbelief because she thinks Brad is innocent. Sasha advises Billie not to take any action despite her desire to stand by Brad.

Brad, in Billie’s opinion, desperately requires some company right now. In the meantime, Gigi reassures Brad of her support and keeps reminding him of her role as his wife. Brad then requests to meet Billie in his loft after she checks up on him. Sasha laughs at this situation because she knows what will happen.

Brad faces Billie at his home. When Billie finds the cot, she notices how the space has changed and discovers that it’s fully prepared for a family. Billie immediately notices that there is a new couch too.

Many changes have been made by Gigi. Brad acknowledges his mistake, but he is clueless as to how the fraudulent activity came about. He always had the impression that he could support his family. Billie tells Brad he’ll make a wonderful dad as tears stream down her face.

Brad tenderly caresses Billie’s face and holds her hands before she informs him that she doesn’t want to kiss him. Billie resists Brad’s attempt at a kiss. She asserts that it isn’t who she is.

Sasha is receiving a lot of flak and is charged with being anti-feminist. She discusses this issue with her agent, Mick. She is instructed by Mick to wrap up her relationship with Kam to enable them to continue to portray her as an “independent woman”.

Sasha goes to visit Kam and they proceed to have sex. Sasha then informs Kam that they will remain together in total secrecy but must call it quits in public. Kam worries that she is compromising her integrity in order to protect the brand. He believes she is being used by her agent. Kam is unwilling to help with the storyline that she and her agent have decided upon. He challenges her to pick one option because he won’t live a lie.

Billie and Trina ultimately attend a spa treatment. It’s extremely awkward since they have to wipe seaweed all over their bodies to get rid of all the bad energy. Trina apologizes to Billie for her actions with Cooper and expresses regret. She seems to be embarrassed. Billie’s choices make Trina jealous. Billie encourages Trina to make courageous decisions and offers to assist her.

Billie confesses to visiting Brad at the spa, and something nearly happened there, but she couldn’t because she has a boyfriend. After that, Gigi texts Billie to schedule a meeting.

Francesca realizes what Cooper has done and orders him to leave when he attempts to connect with her. Since Dev is aware of what Cooper had been doing to his partner Trina, he’s also mad at Cooper. Cooper apologizes to Francesca, but she retorts that Cooper turned her into the whore of wall street. Thereafter, Cooper acknowledges having sex with many other women in addition to Trina. Francesca now thinks that he might have been the problem in his marriage to Billie, so she leaves.

On meeting Billie, Gigi admits that she is aware that Billie and Brad met at their home. Billie insists that she stood by Brad as a friend, despite the fact that she thinks something ended up happening. In their relationship, Gigi refers to Billie as a ghost and believes that they are only together since they are expecting a child. Despite wearing makeup for a modeling shoot, she seems to get hurt and begins to cry. Gigi informs Billie how she had her chance and that it is now her turn. She begs Billie to give her the chance to be with Brad.

Since the bartender refuses to hand him a drink, Cooper gets furious. However, Emily soothes him, and he is shocked to be seeing her at the very same bar. Emily is aware of his impending divorce, and she convinces Cooper that divorce grief is common. Cooper believes he is not really the person he believed he was and feels like a phony.

Cooper hears Emily say she understands his heart. She declares her affection for Cooper but Cooper wants to kiss Emily. However, Emily rejects his advances owing to how intoxicated he is.

Brad texts Billie and expresses his love and longing for her. Majid ultimately confronts Billie about this while holding flowers. Majid confesses to Billie that he needed money badly but there was a price to pay: he had to have intimate relations with the investor, Crystal. He goes on to tell her that he has established boundaries with the investor and he asks her for another chance.

Billie acknowledges seeing Brad. She informs Majid that nothing actually took place, but it nearly did. Majid tells Billie that it would be foolish to act as though they didn’t both have pasts. Billie welcomes Majid to her flat, where they have sex. She is told that he will perform any sexual act for her. They travel to the carnival and they end up having sex on a ride thereafter.

Brad scrambles to the hospital after learning that Gigi is experiencing active labor. He makes it there in time but it’s a very intense moment when their baby boy is born.

The Episode Review

This episode succeeds in sinking to a new low. It makes it abundantly clear that the main characters end up ruining not only their own lives but also the lives of anyone who crosses paths with them. For instance, Sasha dumps her boyfriend because he won’t participate in her charade, Cooper drags Francesca down with him, and Billie teaches her friends how to act recklessly in the name of being bold.

The fact that the show consistently portrays this behaviour as acceptable is worse than the fact that they are anything but horrible people. The audience is consistently given the wrong message through this show.

You feel sympathy for Brad’s wife after learning about his wife’s situation. While his wife is pregnant with his child and making living arrangements for their family, he appears to be pining after Billy, having fantasies about her, and even meeting her behind his wife’s back in this episode.

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