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The biggest complaint with Ghosts is that it’s not long enough. With six delightfully goofy chapters, Ghosts steps it up a gear to deliver one of its best seasons yet. With a simple overarching story and deeper character development this time around, Ghosts manages to juggle its hearty laughs with a much softer core – and it’s all the stronger for it.

Much like previous seasons, the premise here revolves around Alison and Mike up at Button House. Following a bump on the head in season 1, Alison can now hear and see various different ghosts around the house while Mike remains blissfully unaware – yet aware enough to know the ghosts exist.

This odd dynamic works surprisingly well, and this third season confidently exploits that in the best way possible. There’s some really great moments of comedy that rely on this, mostly involving mischievous Julian.

The central crux of drama here though revolves around Alison greeting a new face at the house. Alison’s long lost half-sister Lucy shows up and could well have a claim to the house…but is she really who she says she is? Or is this just ghost paranoia talking? It’s an intriguing set-up but one that does feel overly simplistic, which is a shame.

While this plot ties everything together, the six different chapters work as individual episodic romps too, with a different character explored and deepened each time. This time around we learn more about Kitty, Julian and headless Humphrey’s backstory, with amusing flashbacks that feel ripped right from a Horrible Histories sketch.

That’s perhaps unsurprising though given the talented writers who worked on that show are back again to bring their comedic wit and charm to the screen. There’s some great jokes in here too, with a combination of slapstick, parody, wordplay and good old fashioned silliness helping to give this a unique charm and tone.

As mentioned before, the different ghosts all have their own unique quips and personalities that play into this, which are exacerbated and subverted across the season.

While the main story is incredibly predictable, it’s the comedy and individual episodic ideas that make this such a lighthearted, enjoyable watch. The only disappointment you’ll find with this is that it’s only 6 episodes. God, this show should be double the length at least!

Now onto its third season, Ghosts doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. This is a fun, vibrant, well written series with enough ideas and interesting characters to make for one of BBC’s better comedies in recent years. While this season does feel like it needs one or two extra players to spice things up, it’s a minor point in what’s otherwise a highlight enjoyable series. Let’s just hope this show is renewed for a fourth season!

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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