Ghosts – Season 3 Episode 5 “Something To Share” Recap & Review

Something To Share

Episode 5 of Ghosts Season 3 begins with birthday celebrations for Kitty. Mike however feels left out and wishes he could hear what the other ghosts are saying. Well, this eventually sees him stumble upon a recipe for a vision potion online.

Meanwhile, the house is abuzz with drama right now given the church hall roof is being fixed up. This means numerous different groups are using the house for their meetings, including Zumba and group therapy sessions.

With this in mind, Alison tries to learn more about Kitty’s past. Specifically regarding Kitty’s sister Eleanor, which is a sensitive spot for her.

During flashbacks we see the issues befalling Kitty, including Eleanor stealing more of Kitty’s inheritance after some tricky wordplay.

The real issue though comes form the ball. Eleanor sabotaged Kitty’s dress, fed her warm oysters, locked her in the bedroom and even blindfolded her, forcing the girl to stumble into their deceased Mother’s urn. All of this causes a wedge to be driven between her and the family.

Just before Captain looks close to admitting his own problems… art class begins. Only, it’s short-lived given the church roof is fixed and the guys are heading back again. Fanny is certainly disappointed, especially when she realizes she’s addicted to gossip.

As the episode closes out, Alison and the other ghosts all end up having Mary’s recurring dream regarding a frightening man and carrots. Is this a foreshadowed glimpse of the finale? Either way, Mike decides he’s actually quite glad that he can’t see the ghosts.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode to Ghosts bows out with a decent therapy session, allowing us to dive in deep to Kitty’s past and learn more about her sister woes. The entire chapter is set up nicely to explore this, although it’ll be interesting to see exactly what Captain’s secret is, given it seemed like he was going to reveal something major.

In a way, it would be nice to see Mike able to see the other ghosts and it would definitely spice things up. At the same time though, it creates a nice dynamic within the house with these short snippets of Alison talking to thin air.

Either way, the episode bows out with a promise of more drama to come in the finale. Quite what will happen next though, remains to be seen.

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