Ghosts – Season 3 Episode 4 “I Love Lucy” Recap & Review

I Love Lucy

Episode 4 of Ghosts Season 3 begins with the ghosts all discussing cocktails. Only, there’s a problem. Fanny is unusually happy, dancing about the place and singing. Something is clearly not right!

Elsewhere, Alison and Mike learn that Lucy’s arrival has completely changed the dynamic of the estate. It seems because Lucy is older, she may actually have a claim to the house. In order to confirm she’s blood related though, they’ll need to confirm her DNA.

When Captain finds out, he decides to use his expertise to spy on Lucy. This is made a little easier by Lucy staying in the house overnight. Kitty is obviously not happy either struggling to hide her jealousy.

There’s definitely something going on with Fanny and Mary follows her upstairs to find out what this is. Well, it turns out she’s actually involved with Humphrey’s body…but from his neck downward… it’s complicated!

Meanwhile, Julian and Robin mess around with the laptop while Mike is trying to work. They mess with the words on an email, eventually ending with a kiss…and then sending a follow-up email after where Mike writes “I want you”.

As fate would have it, Mike’s boss actually takes really well to this and heads over to the mansion in order to spice things up! When Mike reveals the truth, he actually gets promoted in order to hide this awkward misunderstanding.

Things with Lucy and Alison take a turn for the worst though when the latter outright asks about the inheritance. Lucy is taken aback, claiming she doesn’t actually want the house and takes offence to this line of enquiry, rushing outside and leaving.

The Episode Review

Ghosts returns with another funny episode, this time focusing on several different subplots together. The headless Humphrey and Fanny romance is a nice angle, helping to add more depth to Fanny’s character, while Julian messing about with the emails and his archaic attitude lends itself nicely into a hilarious and awkward string of misunderstandings with Mike’s boss.

The Alison/Lucy situation is still the dominating issue here and it’s difficult to see exactly what Lucy’s true intentions are. Is she really as innocent as she seems? Or is she a complete fraud? We’ll have to wait and see where this one goes across the episodes!

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