Ghosts – Season 3 Episode 1 “The Bone Plot” Recap & Review

The Bone Plot

Episode 1 of Ghosts Season 3 begins in Button House with all the ghosts gathered together. There’s a documentary crew aboard, intent on finding out about History’s Greatest Plots. Apparently there was a coup back in the day but Julian is convinced it’s to do with him. Believe it or not, it’s actually to do with Sir Humphrey Bone.

Apparently the circumstances surrounding his death were complicated. Well, a lot of this stems from his misunderstanding of the French language. Humphrey is convinced that he’s about to join a book club when in reality, he’s actually helping to house a pretty big coup to usurp the throne.

When the gang leave, one of the books left behind includes notes which Humphrey ends up reading. However, this sets him up as the mastermind behind the whole plot.

As we soon find out, he wasn’t actually killed by soldiers. In fact, he was actually beheaded by a couple of swords falling from the wall!

As the crew continue to do their documentary, Alison is given the opportunity to be interviewed and discuss her thoughts. Only, Alison has a fear of talking in front of the cameras and begins to panic. Thankfully Thomas is on hand to give her some pointers.

However, there’s a bigger fear abound in the house. Barclay Beg-Chetwynde shows up and seems to be on the verge of a heart attack. This puts Julian on high alert. After all, if Beg-Chetwynde dies there then they’re all stuck with a new ghost!

It turns out Barclay isn’t having a heart attack after all. It’s actually just a tag he’s forgotten to take off his shirt. He’s also interviewed too, with Julian making a cameo appearance by moving a vase in the background.

As the episode closes out, Captain and Fanny both find themselves chuckling at a pun regarding Humphrey “sticking his neck out”, a long-running gag this chapter regarding the pair not finding very much funny.

The Episode Review

Ghosts is back and this charming series continues to deliver hearty laughs alongside more background for each of the ghosts. The first two seasons did a great job of that, with some brilliant quips mixed in with a simple but consistent story to keep things lighthearted and enjoyable. Season 3 picks up with the same tone and style as before, which is great to see.

Learning more about Humphrey is certainly a welcome inclusion too, while the individual subplots work well around this main story to keep things lighthearted and interesting.

Quite what will happen next remains to be seen but one thing’s for sure, Ghosts looks like it’s going to be another highly enjoyable romp.

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