Ghosts – Season 3 Episode 3 “The Woodworm Men” Recap & Review

The Woodworm Men

Episode 3 of Ghosts Season 3 begins with Button House under attack. Well, according to Mary anyway. In truth, it’s actually just men arriving to treat the place for woodworms. So with the house out of bounds for Mike and Alison, they decide to go camping in the garden.

This is just the ticket Captain and Pat need to exert their authority and try to encourage Alison to make a tent. Only, when the poles break and Mike turns it into a competition over who can make the better tent, things get competitive.

Well, Alison gets the tent drawn up, a fire going and even sits down to have a nice brew too. Mike however, is not having much luck with his tent. Then again, Alison has just had a helping hand from two ghosts, so there is that.

Back inside the house, Julian changes the channel from Grease across to Nightmare on Elm Street. An oblivious Kitty is scared witless when she returns. When the electricity goes out, thanks to Mike trying to set up an electric generator outside, it sends Kitty, Julian and Robin on a scared rampage.

Well, everyone huddles around the campfire and decide to tell some ghost stories. This ends up scaring everyone in attendance, who huddle up around Alison. Although she wants to sleep, the ghosts have no intention of doing so.

With this in mind, Alison gets up and ends up cuddling Mike in his tent instead. When the sun finally rises, camping finishes and all seems well in the house. However, the boiler man is due to arrive at 2pm. Poor Mary senses the worst!

The Episode Review

Ghosts returns with a brilliant episode this time, featuring some great jokes, a change in location and a good mix of humour and drama.

While some of the other episodes in this show have focused exclusively on one ghost, this one manages to juggle the entire ensemble and give each a consistent story and something to do. Pat and Captain helping Alison with her tent makes perfect sense while Julian and Robin together is a surprisingly good match-up following on from their chess game.

The gag around Grease and Nightmare on Elm Street works surprisingly well too and the final joke with the boiler man serves as the metaphorical cherry on the cake. This was a great episode and easily the best of the season so far!

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  1. At the end of Pat’s “ghost story” about his friend, (Susan?) what was it that they found facing a wall after it turns around? I couldn’t understand the word.

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