Ghosts Season 3 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Part Of The Family

Episode 6 of Ghosts Season 3 begins with the ghosts all sitting around and watching football. This is Mike’s doing, and he’s intent on trying to impress the others at work by getting involved in their sporty chats. At the same time, they debate about whether to shoot a promo video for Button House. After all, it could help them to drum up more money for the estate.

While Alison heads out to talk to Lucy, the ghosts all take it in turns to do some improv acting. This continues throughout the episode, while Alison decides to help out Lucy by investing in her business. Only…there’s a problem.

Is Lucy really Alison’s sister?

Kitty and Captain figure out that Lucy’s photos are actually filmed in the wrong location. Alison is having none of it though and refuses to believe foul play is involved.

Well, all the ghosts band together to figure out what’s really going on. It turns out the pictures have been doctored and even worse, Lucy is a complete fraud. She’s a con artist and very clearly not Lucy’s sister.

The ghosts chase after Alison and Mike as they leave the estate, stopping them just in time thanks to a handy kick of Humphrey’s head.

Does Mike finish the promo video?

Thanks to the ghosts interjecting, Lucy is found out and Mike even snaps a photo of her ready to send on to the police. Alison thanks Kitty and the others, giving her a big ghostly hug.

As the family all sit down to eat (with the ghosts using their improv skills of course), Mike heads outside to finish up the video. Thanks to Julian’s “expertise”, they manage to complete a sweeping dive across the manor. Will this result in more business for Button House? I guess we’ll have to wait for season 4!

The Episode Review

Season 3 of Ghosts bows out with a decent finale, one that finally sees us learn the truth about Lucy and her diabolical plan. If there’s one gripe here though is that each season is only 6 episodes long. There’s some great humour in this show and the various different team-ups for the ghosts and Alison make for a delightful revolving door of comedy.

Julian’s mischievous antics with Mike throughout the season comes full circle at the end, with Julian helping Mike out with the promo video.

Likewise, Kitty uses her knowledge of treacherous sisters to help out Alison and stop this transaction from going through. While the plot was perhaps a little predictable here, it still makes for an enjoyable watch.

Overall, season 3 of Ghosts bows out with a delightful finish, one that will hopefully see the show renewed for a fourth outing!

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3 thoughts on “Ghosts Season 3 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. I’ve been watching this show since it first aired-and must say it gave me a few chuckles…over time and am looking forward to its ending as scheduled.
    hope to see a similar comedy next season .

  2. In response to Dennis, could it be because in a previous episode the solicitor said that the drive now officially belonged to them?
    Anyway, I love this show. So glad HBO Max is running it. American tv is now going to make a version. I can’t imagine it will be as good but will give it a try. At least to tide me over for the next season of this one.

  3. There was a problem with this – the ghosts can’t leave the estate grounds. The gate is as far as they can go. If they try to go farther, they immediately find themselves turned around. By this logic, when Humphrey’s head is kicked over the wall, it should’ve immediately appeared in the air heading back onto the grounds. It never should’ve made it to the car.

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