Ghosts – Season 3 Episode 2 “A Lot To Take In” Recap & Review

A Lot To Take In

Episode 2 of Ghosts Season 3 begins with some first-day nerves. Specifically, Mike has butterflies regarding his new job at the bank. Although all the ghosts empathize with this feeling, Julian boasts that he’s never been this nervous and afraid. Well, unless you count the time he died and turned into a ghost of course.

While Mike works from home (telling only dressed from the waist up) Alison plays hot potato with the different ghosts, trying to please them all. Only, this comes to a grinding halt when a woman named Lucy shows up at the house. Apparently, she’s Alison’s half-sister!

As she’s invited in for a drink, Thomas finds himself infatuated with her while Kitty believes she’s a baddie. It turns out Lucy was watching the documentary aired the previous night and had to get in touch with her.

While they talk, we learn more about Julian’s ordeal when he turned into a ghost. He actually tried to leave the ground 100 different times but was unsuccessful every time. Robin watched on from afar, rather amused at his numerous failed attempts.

Well, Mike ends up failing quite badly on his first day, ending up on a call with a customer for over an hour. With the threat of being fired on the cards, Mikes decides to quit and tells the customer as much. Only, she has a job for him.

As the episode closes out, Julian reflects on the moments he accepted becoming a ghost and sits down to play a game of chess with Robin.

The Episode Review

So it looks like Alison has a half-sister and that could well be an intriguing little twist to the story going forward. There’s some good laughs in this chapter too, and learning more about Julian’s backstory is a welcome inclusion.

On top of that, the story continues to juggle all its different subplots nicely, with Kitty and Pat off dancing while Mike ends up spending way too long on his phone call. While it’s not quite as good as the first episode, there’s enough to like with this one nonetheless.

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