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Joe came to Paris in search of Marienne at the finale of Season 3 after killing Love and fabricating his demise. With the commencement of Season 4, he has abandoned his fixation with discovering his long-lost love and established a brand-new life for himself through a different name, Jonathan Moore.

Joe appears to be trying to start over, however blood and chaos always seem to pursue him, and so this time somebody has their eyes set on taking Joe out. Rhys reveals himself to be the murderer of the rich in the grand reveal of Part 1. However, the revelation in part 2 really kicks things into high gear, but we’re not about to spoil that here.

As a result of this though, the second half of this season is a significant improvement over the first half. It’s incredibly entertaining and full of thrilling surprises that play out beautifully. Furthermore, the storyline is also grounded in psychological depth that elevates the story to a new level.

At one point, with no justifications or clever voiceovers, You pushes viewers to take a peek at Joe head-on. Through the eyes of his victim, we are able to witness the sort of creature he is. Furthermore, Marienne’s point of view is a pleasant breath of fresh air and adds an extra layer of depth to the series.

The show includes a Jekyll and Hyde element that is enjoyable to watch, particularly if you are acquainted with the novel. The conflict between the civilized and primitive self (ego and id) is creatively implemented across the series.

However, some plot points in part 2 don’t add up, leading some plot contrivances and niggling issues that are hard to ignore. We do discuss that more in our episodic recaps but suffice to say, it holds the series back from being a more cohesive story.

The success of the second part of season 4 is primarily attributable to Badgley. In a performance that is both grounded and frightening, he makes a lasting impression. Additionally, he makes the episodes the finest period of the show since the very first season. It’s a surprise because this season’s first few episodes came across as very average.

A You love interest is typically a big part of the season’s charisma, however when Kate serves as such a poor secondary character to Joe, the show ends up losing not only a captivating romance to carry the season forward during its darker moments but also to diversity of viewpoint. Even though Joe Goldberg is a legendary character and Penn Badgley is incomparable, the protagonist only succeeds when pitted against a strong female lead, and Kate falls short in this regard.

While the central plotline is intriguing, the secondary plotlines exist solely for the sake of existing, so much so that even if the show had not provided viewers with clarity about what was going on with these secondary characters, such as Blessing, it would not have been noticed.

The second part also advances Lady Phoebe and Adam’s storyline. These two are among those aforementioned characters that the show does a poor job with. Their narrative arc seems to have a very weak development and lacks any real points of interest, while Nadia is yet another weak secondary character.

Part 2 of You season 4 is equal parts fascinating, scary, and thrilling. The central plotline is intriguing and entertaining, and the plot twist manages to elevate this to the best part of the show when compared to the other seasons. The secondary storylines and characters are underdeveloped though, which is a letdown, but this is undeniably an entertaining part to binge watch.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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