You – Season 4 Episode 8 “Where Are You Going…” Recap & Review

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

Marienne’s point of view is followed as episode 8 of You season 4 starts. After finding Marienne somewhere at a London art exhibition, Joe lets her slide, but he didn’t just take her necklace. She passed out after he put something in her drink, woke up chained to a chair in a run-down apartment, and Joe said he was interested in fixing their relationship.

When Marienne attempted to speak with Joe, he was continuously playing the autobiography of Rhys Montrose on a recording. To prevent her from staying up too late, he would give her food with water that was drugged.

Just before he placed Marienne inside the glass cage, she attempted to flee, however Joe grasped and pushed her to the ground, injuring her hand. Marienne began screaming at Joe in agony, pleading with him to release her. Joe goes insane because he is unable to handle the guilt he feels for his behavior. He tried to deny being Joe as he slammed his face against the pane of glass.

Joe used to bring Marienne meals initially. For her broken arm, he immediately bought her medications. Somehow, she managed to skip the pill. Joe gradually stopped coming. She was out of the water as well as the crisps he had left for her. Visions of her kid kept her level-headed as she was on the verge of going insane. Marienne had no food when Nadia discovered her.

Nadia wishes to help but seems to be unsure how. Since Marienne is aware of Joe’s unbelievable capacity for evading the law, she immediately stops any discussion with the authorities. The student does, however, guarantee to think of an idea and arrive the next day.

Every aspect of Joe’s universe is falling to pieces. Indeed, Joe has always been the Eat the Rich Murderer. He managed to kill Simon for exploiting young artists, Malcolm for making fun of Marienne, as well as Gemma for noticing that the killings only began once Jonathan came on board.

Seeing as he killed his wife and left his kid, while the Rhys in his mind clarifies, Joe has been experiencing mental instability. He split in two after hurting Marienne.

It seems as though Joe was really a big fan of Rhys Montrose’s autobiography. He became obsessed to the point where he began stalking the actual Rhys and even took a few souvenirs from him, like a backpack of nail clippings as well as a sweat-soaked towel. Rhys’ preferred eatery was the Indian place where he routinely ordered food for his abducted victim. In addition, they were never in touch.

Joe and Kate are still having a great time together. Kate, nevertheless, is concerned regarding Lady Phoebe. Kate was invited to Adam and Phoebe’s engagement ceremony, however, the couple decided against getting engaged and instead decided to get married.

Phoebe’s fragile state of mind is evident from Kate’s discussion with her. Adam is profiting greatly from the circumstance. He also convinced Phoebe not to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Joe discovers the key and moves towards the rough location of the old house after finally acknowledging reality. In the period leading up to Marienne starving to death, he is engaged in an endless quest for her. He approaches the door of the renowned Indian restaurant from the outside, recognizes it, and also the Rhys in his mind affirms that he has arrived at the exact location.

Nadia seems to be the only issue at hand. She has already been down in the basement with Marienne, and it seems like the two of them are planning a quick escape.

The Episode Review

Joe’s demeanor is a major component of You’s allure. Whatever he does, it’s difficult not to want the endearing bookworm to succeed. It certainly helps that he frequently finds himself in the company of horrible people.

With no justifications or clever voiceovers, this might be the best episode in the current season and possibly of the entire show because it pushes viewers to take a peek at Joe head-on. Through the eyes of his victim, we are able to witness the sort of creature he is.

Viewers who survived the season’s first half will find Marienne’s point of view to be a pleasant breath of fresh air. At this point, Marienne’s character seems to be quite intriguing. In addition, the episode includes a Jekyll and Hyde element that was enjoyable to watch, particularly if you are acquainted with the novel. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

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