You – Season 4 Episode 6 “Best Of Friends” Recap & Review

Best Of Friends

Joe’s situation changed throughout the first half of season 4 once he became the victim of a psychotic killer Rhys Montrose. Rhys killed his rich friends whilst also attempting to frame Jonathan (Joe) for the crimes. The previous part of Season 4 was an exhilarating roller coaster with a clear tone switch, with Joe going from being the season’s real culprit to the sole hero.

Joe appears to be making preparations to find Rhys. However, defeating a politician is trickier than Joe’s prior attempts. Rhys’ residence has CCTV, and every single one of his outings involve public events.

The occurrences at Hampsie traumatized Roald into choosing to take a lengthy, extravagant vacation out of the city, while Kate is organizing a charity celebration in honor of Simon. Adam’s money woes are apparently getting worse, and he’s soon left with no choice but to propose to Phoebe. While they continue to be together, their union is fragile. Having lost her cherished Hampsie to fire, Lady Phoebe has been struggling. She is awake and constantly feels like there’s somebody who is watching her.

Once Nadia reveals that Rhys runs by himself every Saturday, Joe feels as though he has an opportunity to take down the Eat The Rich Killer. When Joe arrives home, Rhys has unexpectedly arrived. Thereafter, Rhys reveals that he killed Malcolm for pressuring him, Simon for trying to take advantage of girls and for ruining his media strategy, and Gemma since he slept around with her.

Prior to asking Joe to complete a task, Rhys expresses his desire to be close buddies with him. Thereafter, he orders him to frame another person for the killings. Joe is instructed to plant Simon’s ear, which Rhys quickly left inside Joe’s refrigerator previously.

Connie is believed to be the most likely suspect among the friends to be found accountable for the killings. He doesn’t have an explanation for the killings, so authorities already highly doubt him. The reason being that he frequently passes out from drugs or booze, not because he’s responsible.

Joe meets Nadia at Kate’s celebration, who has recently begun courting her colleague, Edward. He also has a quick discussion with Kate before deciding to put the decaying ear in Connie’s bag. However, after understanding that Connie gave up drinking and checked himself into rehab, he starts to have strong reservations.

Once a woman finds her and separates her from the celebration by posing as a cop, it turns out that Lady Phoebe’s fear that somebody has been following her is reasonable. Thereafter, Phoebe is trapped in a hotel suite, and the woman claims she will protect her from the murderer.

The characters of this season have frequently appeared at public gatherings where this woman was pointing a camera at them in earlier episodes. The lady goes by the name of Dawn, and she’s apparently been following Lady Phoebe for decades, fooling herself into believing that Phoebe is her close friend. However, despite how insane Dawn is, she appears to truly care for Phoebe. As a consequence of that, she reveals the reality concerning Adam’s financial situation.

Fortunately for Phoebe, Nadia notices her being dragged away and tells Joe about the same. Thereafter, Joe summons the authorities. Once again, Joe emerges as the hero after discovering where Phoebe is held. Even before cops show up to imprison Dawn, Joe can’t seem to turn down the perfect alternative and places Simon’s ear in Dawn’s handbag. As it turns out, he started to feel bad for Connie and was unable to frame him; however, Dawn seemed to be the best target.

Dawn’s case is reported in the newspaper the very next day, but Nadia doesn’t seem persuaded. She is beginning to believe Joe is concealing things. Meanwhile, Adam attempts to use wedding plans to mend his financial situation despite the fact that a psychotic stalker took his partner away the previous day. He seems to be in danger of going penniless. He then pops the question during a private outing with Lady Phoebe. She evidently already understands why he intends on marrying her, so her response is a no.

During the celebration, Kate gets back in touch with Niko, a former lover, and companion. She decides to invite him to her flat for a fun night. Meanwhile, Kate discovers at her flat that Niko is actually working for her dad, who has sent him there only to purchase all the artwork. Joe is welcomed inside after she harshly asks Niko to leave. Once Kate swears not to inquire concerning Jonathan’s past, the two end up having sex.

Joe’s happiness is fleeting though. When he gets back to his apartment, Rhys is sitting on the couch. The Eat the Rich Killer tale didn’t end with getting Dawn arrested. Rhys presently orders Joe’s assistance in killing Kate’s father Tom Lockwood.

The Episode Review

Jonathan makes an effort to get rid of Rhys Montrose, his former friend who is now his adversary, but is unsuccessful. Conversely, he is compelled to follow Rhys’ directions, which include finding a person to blame for the killings. Somebody is eventually held accountable for the killings after Lady Phoebe’s stalker tends to make a surprising move.

It’s intriguing how the episode begins with Joe in an unusual situation where he must stop a killer instead of being one. However, compared to his previous romantic relationships, this one with Kate seems to be the least interesting. It’s a little disappointing given how crucial a challenging, efficient female lead serves the show.

On the other hand, Joe’s “You’s” appear to have been replaced by the nemesis. It’s crucial for antiheroes to have compelling motivations, and this character certainly has one: he appears to despise the wealthy, resembling a modern-day communist. It will be intriguing to see how the upcoming episodes play out.

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