You- Season 4 Episode 9 “She’s Not There” Recap & Review

She’s Not There

Nadia has the good fortune to hear Joe approaching and staying hidden before he notices her as episode 9 of You season 4 begins. Joe, the decent person, is horrified once he has seen the condition Marienne seems to be in. To the shock and horror of Hallucination Rhys, he brings her a sandwich and says he’ll come up with a workable plan to release her by the next day.

Once Joe ends up leaving, Nadia and Marienne come up with a hopeless strategy to get rid of Joe. Before giving Marienne a weapon to murder Joe, Nadia requests that Edward bring her ketamine, which she intends to use to put Joe to sleep. Since Nadia was arrested for attempting to not pay on the subway, it should come as no surprise that the plan fails.

Joe dedicates much of the day to devising a grand getaway from London so he can send Marienne off without harm. He obtains a fake passport from a young individual he came across online and travels to Adam and Phoebe’s wedding celebration to bid farewell to Kate and enjoy one last night with her.

When Lady Pheobe is extremely intoxicated, high, and unsteady, her partner is already making plans on how to enjoy her money. Adam steps in when Kate attempts to reason with her. Adam removes Joe and Kate from the party after their unsuccessful attempts to persuade Phoebe.

Without her relatives or genuine friends present, Lady Phoebe ends up marrying Adam at the Sundry House. She is seen leaving her wedding celebration in tears as she walks away upset and all alone.

The next day, Kate checks for Phoebe’s whereabouts in desperation. After Phoebe’s breakdown, she was coned against her consent, and Adam seems to have complete responsibility for her care and funds.

Kate yells at her dad in frustration concerning Pheobe’s circumstances. Tom visits Kate since he needs her to abandon her humble life in London, return to New York, and gradually take over his business.

Joe serves his captive snacks in the basement and makes a quick promise to release her. He is urged by Marianne to check on her child by taking out her mobile. Once Joe messages Beatrice, he receives some terrible news: Beatrice called Juliette’s grandmother, who picked up the kid and moved back to the United States, presuming Marienne had relapsed. Undoubtedly, Marienne is totally devastated upon learning of her kid’s moving.

Joe is coping with his shame over ruining Marienne’s life. However, Rhys won’t quit putting pressure on him to accept his darkness and end Marienne’s suffering permanently. A tired Joe takes a few of the tranquilizers he managed to steal from Lady Phoebe and passes out, falling into a sound sleep.

Following a long sedative-induced nap, Joe wakes up feeling rejuvenated and goes on to tell his captive that she is now free. His code somehow doesn’t operate when he attempts to unlock the cell door. Additionally, Marienne experiences anaphylactic shock after consuming a sip of the beverage he decided to bring.

Joe is then instantly taken to his kitchen where he speaks with Gemma. He eventually reconnects with Beck after Gemma. Joe apologizes for killing her thereafter.

It’s Love’s chance to speak up at last. Love won’t accept Joe’s attempts to justify his behavior. He begs his deceased wife for the key that will allow him to save Marienne, but she instead hands him a pistol.

Adam appears to be having a blast in the meantime. His aristocratic partner, who also appears to be locked up in a psychiatric ward, has made him an incredibly wealthy man.

So Adam is having a good time while hanging out with a dominatrix. She tries to tie him up and then lets in two more dashing men. Adam believes he is about to enjoy himself but the woman he incorrectly identified as a sex worker as well as her two men pals, consequently happen to be hitmen sent to him by Tom Lockwood.

Kate faces her dad about Adam’s untimely passing since getting to know the news. Tom confronts his kid with the stark reality that he owns her, rather than attempting to conceal anything. He was responsible for all of her accomplishments, including the buying of her apartment. She didn’t establish a life for herself in London, she was made to believe she did by him. Tom presently seems to want her to operate for him again.

Following his epiphany from his discussions with the deceased’s dreams, Joe immediately goes to Marienne with the intention of releasing her and killing himself. Rhys, in what seems like a hallucination, is against this plan. Joe, on the other hand, is certain of his position. Thereafter, Rhys uses Marienne’s state of breakdown to persuade him not to carry out his plan. Joe says, “I broke her”, in response, owning up to his monstrous status and taking full responsibility for his deeds.

It’s considerably late for Joe when he comes down to the basement. Joe left Marienne some painkillers, and it appears that she took too many of them and passed away. Undoubtedly, Rhys appears elated, while Joe is devastated.

The Episode Review

After finding out what really happened regarding the actual Eat the Rich Killer (Joe), Joe comes up with an arrangement that will allow Marienne to walk free. Joe is compelled to confront his past and appears to recognize the fact that he’s the true antagonist of his tale.

Joe Goldberg as well as the viewers who relied on rationalizing the serial murderer’s toxic behavior have been given a wake-up call by this season, particularly because of this and the previous episode. There’s no doubt that the central character is a severely disturbed individual who has to be institutionalized for the protection of everybody around him once it is revealed that Rhys is only an alter ego produced by Joe’s fragmented psyche.

The conflict between Joe’s civilized self and his primitive self is quite fascinating to watch (id and ego); the use of the Jekyll and Hyde premise throughout these episodes is quite creative.

The second half of this season seems to be a significant improvement over the first half, and all the extra weak characters, like Blessing, appear to have been permanently eliminated. Furthermore, it will be fascinating to see what unfolds next and how the show ties up all the loose ends since the season finale is just one episode away.

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