You Season 4 Part 1 Review – Bold but ultimately unsuccessful move to deviate from the norm

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You chronicles the journey of Joe, a captivating but destructive man who has the propensity to become consumed and go to incredible lengths to incorporate himself into the lives of the people to whom he is drawn.

Joe came to Paris in search of Marienne at the finale of Season 3 after killing Love and fabricating his demise. With the commencement of Season 4, he has abandoned his fixation with discovering his long-lost love and has established a brand-new life for himself through a different name.

Joe is now working as a lecturer using the fictitious name Jonathan Moore. He appears to be trying to start over, however blood and chaos always seem to pursue him, and so this time somebody has their eyes set on taking Joe out.

This part gives us a look into Joe’s fresh start and demonstrates how tirelessly he is working to change. It initially appears as though Joe is truly changing for the better and making sure not to murder anybody else for once. Sadly, his promise to himself to “never again” is quickly broken when he becomes involved in a murder. With his most recent obsession tempting him, Joe must identify the hunter in order to avoid becoming the prey.

Since its debut season, the crime drama has repeatedly won praise from both critics and viewers, and it persists to have a devoted worldwide fan base. This installment of the season delivers a powerful punch by providing answers to several queries from the previous season and it’s laying the groundwork for the new part’s events.

Given that they have a model they are confident will continue to work, You’s first installment of season 4 is a fairly bold deviation. Joe Goldberg, who has always been endearing and cunning, finally has the moral high ground this season when he becomes the target of stalking and must work quickly to identify the assailant before he ends up in prison.

Having said that, the first half of You season 4 features some of the series’ poorest writing to date thanks to an array of uncharismatic characters and a recurring, circular whodunnit, despite Penn Badgley’s outstanding performance as always.

You focuses its satire on the affluent young London aristocratic class. The writing of these dull, extremely wealthy Londoners is completely repulsive and neither intelligent nor innovative in its portrayal.

This is among the most forgettable cast the series has given us to date. While Lady Phoebe is decently endearing and Nadia tends to bring a young wit suggestive of Ellie from season 2, the rest of the cast make this a struggle to get through at times.

A You love interest is typically a big part of the season’s charisma, however when Kate serves as such a poor secondary character to Joe, the show ends up losing not only a captivating romance to carry the season forward during its darker moments, but also to diversity of viewpoint. Even though Joe Goldberg is a legendary character and Penn Badgley is incomparable, the protagonist only succeeds when pitted against a strong female lead, and Kate falls short in this regard.

Additionally, there are no morally grey characters in this entire cast who are worth rooting for, which is disappointing given that season four features the biggest ensemble yet.

In keeping with the hype surrounding this show, the first half of Season 4 also has a particularly gruesome finale. Within five episodes, the plot takes such dramatic spins that will leave you wondering what Joe will face next and what the appearance of a new nemesis might imply for his future.

While it is admirable that the show takes a chance and departs from its typical plotline, the secondary characters – and even the nemesis – are rather bland. It will be interesting to see how the story develops in part 2 given that Joe is the prey in this installment, but for now part 1 fails to impress.

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  • Verdict - 6/10

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