You – Season 4 Episode 7 “Good Man, Cruel World” Recap & Review

Good Man, Cruel World

Joe is content at the beginning of You season 4 episode 7. The first legitimate date between Joe and Kate is going great. While having a great time, they casually plan their life together.

Tom Lockwood, Kate’s dad, is expected to visit London the very next day, becoming her worst nightmare come true. Despite having intended to travel away and ignore Tom, Kate let Joe persuade her to go out to eat with him. Joe is uncertain, while Rhys wishes Tom was brutally murdered.

Kate tells Joe that although Tom Lockwood is “pure evil” and strong, he is also incredibly charming, relatable, and likable as they arrive at the eatery to visit her dad. Joe realizes he may not be in his element after shaking Tom’s hand.

Tom hasn’t just learned who he really is, but he additionally believes Joe killed his very own former wife, Love Quinn. Tom appears to offer Kate something she finds difficult to turn down, further muddying the waters.

After dinner, Joe decides not to murder Tom. Tom aims at bringing Rhys down from a political standpoint. It turns out that Rhy’s well-known rags to riches narrative consist mostly of embellishments.

In the meantime, Lady Phoebe, who recently became single, comes to grips with the latest happenings. When she starts to feel unsafe, she stays with Kate. Kate makes arrangements for a secretive meeting with a psychological wellness center after spotting the symptoms of PTSD.

Adam arrives pleading to see his ex whilst Kate and Phoebe prepare to leave for the treatment center. Except for the Aston Martin, he has lost it all. Additionally, he was forced to spend the night on a bench where even the nearby animals were high. Kate objects, but Phoebe consents to let Adam take her to the treatment center. However, they don’t get very far. Once Kate runs into the couple again, they are both very heavily intoxicated and planning a wedding.

Joe’s determination to not kill Kate’s father is short-lived. He briefly intends to obtain a recorded video of Rhys making the Eat the Rich Killer acknowledgment. Conversely, he finds out that Marienne is being held captive by Rhys.

Joe hesitantly schedules a conversation with Tom. Once Joe enters the library, Tom makes him a tempting offer. He informs him that Rhys Montrose decided to move to his former wife’s home from London following the disclosure of the information about his phony memoir. Joe could eliminate his adversary quickly since there are no devices there.

Mr. Lockwood is prepared to use his authority to resolve any domestic legal problems limiting Joe from residing as himself if he kills Rhys. Meanwhile, Nadia continues to harbor suspicions about Professor Moore. He doesn’t help himself by falsely claiming to have read her document when he didn’t, falling right into her trap.

Once Nadia’s partner sends some images of Joe that were taken at Dawn’s flat, she is unable to resist the urge to pry. Once she enters his home covertly, she discovers a peculiar key concealed on the inside of a book of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Joe travels to the location Tom provided him. When he rings, Rhys opens the door but doesn’t recognize him. In the hopes of finding out about Marienne’s exact location, Joe then drags Mr. Montrose into his basement, shackles him up, then torments him.

Mr. Montrose claims he doesn’t understand what Joe is talking about, so Joe chokes Rhys while enraged. Even before Rhys’ sudden appearance, he has little time to reflect on what has just transpired. He is informed by Rhys that Marienne is in a cage.

During the final sequence of the episode, Nadia follows a trail that leads her to an unused structure. The cellar door was unlocked by the book’s hidden key. She manages to find a glass cage down in the cellar and discovers Marienne inside the cage.

The Episode Review

The episode introduces Kate’s father, a new character who is quite intriguing. It seems like Rhys has a strong opponent, and it’s entertaining to see Joe switch between the two when deciding who to assist in taking the other one out.

The episode also advances Lady Phoebe and Adam’s storyline. These two are among the secondary characters that the show does a poor job with. Their narrative arc seems to have a very weak development and lacks any real points of interest.

Nadia is yet another weak secondary character. This episode shows her just magically uncovering hints that lead her to the cage in the cellar. Given how unimpressive these secondary character arcs are, it’s rather disappointing.

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