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Apple has certainly pulled all the stops with The Morning Show. With an enormous budget and some great names to its cast, the show certainly stood out among the slew of opening titles on Apple TV+ when it was first announced last year. While it may not be the strongest drama out there, the series manages to remain enjoyable thanks to its topical story, touching on various societal issues the world is facing nowadays.

The Morning Show starts right in the heart of the action with Mitch Kessler, co-anchor of a morning broadcast. Having been accused of sexual misconduct and fired from the popular program, this shocking news causes a shockwave that ripples across to the media. His co-host Alex is the one most affected by this and when she realises that her job is also on the line, she makes a bold move by hiring controversial journalist Bradley Jackson.

As the series progresses, we follow how Bradley adjusts to her new position while dealing with the dark side of the network. At the same time, The Morning Show also sheds light on how the events unfold for the rest of the characters, leading up to a big reveal behind Mitch’s accusations.

The premise behind The Morning Show is certainly controversial and tackles some difficult subjects, especially with the #MeToo movement, which is very present in the media lately. While the drama is not always very original and can at times feel a little predictable, the show manages to deliver its story skillfully as we uncover just what has been happening at the Network. Keeping a similar tone and pace throughout, The Morning Show gives enough twists and decent characterisation to keep you engaged right up to the very end.

One of the strongest points of the show is definitely the cast. With many strong actors at its helm, Apple has invested a lot to bring in some recognisable faces to front this drama. Jennifer Aniston is excellent in her role while Reese Whiterspoon also delivers a strong supporting-role performance. Their chemistry on-screen is excellent as they learn to work together and adapt to each other’s work ethics.

When the show was released last year, a second season had already been green-lit and unlike many other shows, this drama actually manages to nail its finale. There’s some satisfying resolutions for some of its character-driven drama too, while leaving enough open for its second chapter. This is something that other series often fail to achieve so it’s a nice surprise to see this one end in such a good way.

As well as some clever editing, the show also offers up some interesting settings as the team cover some major world tragedies. From the bush fires in California through to a shooting in the neon-washed streets of Las Vegas, there’s a good range of scenes covered, helping the show feel more grounded and relatable.

The Morning Show may not be the strongest drama out there, but it does bring some interesting and bold issues into the streaming world of TV. Apple have certainly poured a lot of money into the series and managed to deliver an enjoyable and thrilling ride, mainly thanks to its strong cast and dramatic plot twists. For anyone looking for an enjoyable and easy to watch drama, The Morning Show is certainly the strongest on Apple right now, and should be enough to keep you hooked and ready to come back for the second season.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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