The Morning Show – Apple+ Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review


Las Vegas

The Morning Show returns with a new episode this week based around another tragedy: the Vegas shooting. We spend the whole hour in the past as we see the events leading to Mitch’s downfall, offering up an interesting and much-needed perspective to the story as it ties in with the current events in the present.

We begin with a flashback as Mitch wakes up 2 days away from his 50th birthday. He arrives at the office where everyone wishes him happy birthday including Mia, but things seem a bit awkward between the two. The same day, Alex complains to Chip as the network has decided to let Mitch cover the baseball playoff. He explains they did some tests and Mitch came off better, but tries to reassure her about this decision. We also see that Mitch used to be exactly like he was described, flirting and making lewd comments to women around him.

It’s also Clare’s first day who struggles a little to fit in while Hannah explains to her that she is determined to do whatever she can to get to where she wants to be in the business. Back home, tensions are high between Mitch and his wife Paige as he tries to apologise for his latest affair. On their way to dinner with Fred and Geneva, they quickly stop at the studio as Fred asks him to pick up some papers. As it turns out, it was a ploy to get him there for his extravagant surprise birthday party.

After a musical number from Dick Lundy, Fred discusses with another executive how lucky they are to have Mitch but unfortunately, the numbers for Alex aren’t looking so good and they debate what the next course of action will be. As the party gets underway, Clare introduces herself to Yanko, telling him how impressed she was by his piece on the hurricane, while Mitch congratulates Hannah on convincing the senator to come on the sho

After the festivities end, Chip finds out there has been a shooting in a concert in Vegas. Determined to cover the piece, he decides to send Mitch and Alex on location. Realizing that Mitch hasn’t left the studio, Chip walks him out and, not able to find Jared, Mitch suggests bringing Hannah but also asks to get Mia off his team as the situation is a little uncomfortable for him.

In Vegas, Alex struggles not to cry as she relays the news with Mitch. They later discuss the hardships they see everyday and Alex tells him how she wouldn’t be able to do her job if it wasn’t for him. Heading back to the hotel, Mitch sees Hannah and decide to walk with her. They discuss his beginnings in the business and compliment her on her big break before heading back to his hotel where they watch a movie together. As Hannah struggles to contain her tears after a very emotional day, he turns off the TV and hugs her. Trying to leave, Mitch holds her in place and starts kissing her. As he takes her into the bedroom and undresses her, we see that she is uncomfortable with the situation but doesn’t move away.

Back in New York, Hannah stares at her computer, still not over the recent events. Mitch arrives in the office and much to her surprise, acts as if nothing happened. This prompts her to bursts into Fred’s office. As she tries to tell him what happened with Mitch in Vegas, he quickly tells her that he heard she has been doing a great job and implies she can become head booker if she stays quiet. Shocked but seeing that she doesn’t have much of a choice, she walks away just as the camera pans to the giant screen showing the news that Weinstein has been accused of sexual harassment. We then cut to Alex and Mitch as they watch the latest news, calling Weinstein a pig which is where the episode ends.

The Morning Show’s latest episode is set entirely in the past which gives us more details on how things used to be in the studio before Mitch’s scandal. We see that he definitely wasn’t as innocent as he claimed to be, especially with the way he acted around Mia and Hannah who we can’t help but feel sorry for.

This was a really interesting episode, giving a lot more depth into the story and while we only see the past, it reinforces the narrative by given us some background for all our characters. The Morning Show remains quite the decent drama each week, especially as it ties in with current tragedies and scandals, giving the show a more realistic edge. As we head towards the finale, it will be interesting to see what the show will bring us and whether it will end with a cliffhanger, but in the meantime, The Morning Show has grown to be quite the enjoyable drama to watch on Apple TV.

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