The Morning Show – Apple+ Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Under Pressure

After last week’s dramatic episode set in California, the team returns to New York with a somewhat slower chapter, preparing for the finale ahead. Situations are slowly unraveling as more revelations come to light and things are looking bleak for Alex; she faces some personal hardship as we find out she may not be as innocent as she claims to be.

The episode begins with Cory and Chip sharing food and discussing the wrong-doings and dodgy deals at the studio and while Fred can’t be linked to any of this, Chip suggests leaking what he knows to a journalist. However, Cory suggests waiting until they have something concrete on their boss.

We then cut to Bradley as she heads off to meet with Mitch. He tells her he will reveal everything he knows and all the people involved but he wants to be interviewed by her on the show in exchange. She worries that the story could take down the show and the whole network in the process. He then leaves her by saying that he will tell his story with or without her and encourages her to think about it.

Alex and Jason announce to their daughter they’re getting a divorce. As expected, she doesn’t take it well and blames her mother for not trying hard enough and prioritising her job over them. Bradley arrives to work and as she head into Alex’s changing room, the latter confides in her about everything she is currently going through. We also see that tension is still around in the studio when a colleague makes a lewd comment to Mia about her affair with Mitch.

A panicking Clare rushes to see Yanko as she finds out he has been summoned to HR. He tells her to relax and decides to tell everyone they are dating as he’s fed up with all the secrecy. Fred speaks to Cory about a replacement for Chip. However, he tells him to be careful and to try being happy with how things currently are at the station as he might be left with nothing while Alex gets told by her PR that having a divorce will look very bad for her right now due to the situation with Mitch.

Before a photo-shoot, Alex asks Bradley to help her with her divorce announcement and to discuss it over dinner. As the shoot gets underway, a stressed Mia is fed up with the rumours going around so she decides to take a microphone and speak to everyone. She tells them she knows what people think of her; that she slept to get ahead and went to The Times about Mitch. She admits that everyone makes mistakes and wants to do her best in her job, in order to get on with her life.

As Clare and Yanko are questioned separately by HR about the nature of their relationship, Clare becomes very uncomfortable as she’s forced to offer up details. Alex meanwhile, visits her daughter in college and apologises about everything. She tells her she doesn’t understand as her dad is perfect and believes Alex hasn’t been trying enough. After Lizzie has some unpleasant words for her mother, Alex starts screaming at her, telling her how much she has done over the years and to stop acting so ungrateful.

Bradley calls Mitch and tells him that if he can find someone to corroborate his story, she might be able to help. Mitch then heads to see Hannah, asking her to repay the favour he did for her, which is where the episode ends.

While we’re offered a slightly slower episode this week, The Morning Show remains quite entertaining as we slowly see people crack under the pressure. Mia and Claire are the ones struggling the most in this episode and things are not looking good for the latter and Yanko after their HR meeting.

Alex and Bradley seem to be getting closer with each other too but this is bound to be short-lived given Bradley secretly agreed to interview Mitch. What will he reveal about his ex-colleague and what was Hannah’s involvement in the on-goings at the station? I’m hoping these questions will be answered as we reach closer toward the final episode but in the meantime, The Morning show continues to offer up entertaining drama as the story and its character development consistently tick by each week.


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