The Morning Show – Apple + Season 1 Episode 9 Recap and Review

The Silence Culture

The Morning Show’s penultimate episode definitely feels like it sets the scene for its season finale, preparing us for the long-awaited interview with Mitch and what he has to say about his situation. The next episode promises to be quite dramatic as we see it unfold while witnessing the repercussions which will inevitably come after this.

We start the episode with Mitch visiting Hannah to speak about when she slept with him to get a promotion. He asks for her help to go on record and reveal Fred used to silence the women he was involved with. After he spins the story to make her believe she wasn’t really a victim, she tells him she’ll think about it.

Bradley and Alex have drinks in her penthouse apartment where they talk about her divorce announcement. Bradley then changes the conversation and mentions Mitch who came to see her to request an interview on the show. However, Alex doesn’t take it well and thinks Mitch is after everyone, including her. She’s angry that Bradley didn’t talk to her before meeting him and suggests he went to her because she’s an easy target.

Maggie Brenner meets with Cory to ask him if he’s planning a corporate takeover as she spoke to someone on the inside who knows things that could incriminate people in the network. However, he remains vague and tells her he is not afraid to lose his job. In a bid to get the upper hand, Alex decides to have lunch with Fred and reveals everything Bradley told her about Mitch.

After discussing what’s best for the show, they come to the conclusion that Bradley shouldn’t be on it anymore. Fred then mentions that Charlie was also aware of Mitch’s behaviour and protected hi, which is where we then cut to Bradley as she does the same with Cory, telling him Mitch knows that Fred used to silence women to protect him. This revelation convinces Cory to help with her quest to get the interview on the show.

Things are a little awkward between Yanko and Clare as she avoids him after the meeting with HR. He then tries to make her feel better by inviting her out for a real first date. Alex speaks with Fred’s new candidate Daniel about their plan to replace Bradley but tells him to keep it between them for now. As he heads out of her flat, he makes a phone call to call his deal off with YDA.

Meanwhile, Clare speaks to Hannah about dating Yanko and her HR meeting. Hannah then reveals she’s the one who reported them as she saw them sneaking around and doesn’t think that it’s good for her career. This angers Clare despite Hannah explaining that she did it to protect her as she doesn’t want people to take advantage.

Heading to her first date with Yanko, Clare starts having second thoughts and admits that she feels overwhelmed, worried about what everyone will think about her. Yanko tries his best to convince and reassure her but unfortunately it doesn’t work and she tells him she doesn’t feel the same anymore.

After talking with his lawyer on the phone about his divorce, Mitch finds Alex knocking at his door to tell him that Bradley will not be interviewing him and to leave the show alone. Mitch then confronts her because she knew what was going on, remembering she used to make cruel jokes about the women he was seeing. After Alex tells him he will not be doing the interview on her show, Mitch reveals that he will have no problem going to another show instead. Using the last card in her deck, Alex mentions a time they were on location and woke up next to him one morning after drinking together and not remembering how she got there.

Bradley and Cory meet with Charlie about Mitch’s interview. Charlie panics and thinks it will be a disaster for the channel. However, they tell him it will be better if they did the interview and not another program.

Meanwhile back in the bar, Hannah receives a call from Mitch, asking her to go on record and back him up, prompting her to meet him at his apartment. She tells him she didn’t use him for a promotion but felt used and pressured. This angers him though as he tells her that she can’t blame him for what she regrets doing as she should have known full well why he invited her that night. She then ends the conversation agreeing to do the story but requests to remain anonymous.

Chip calls Alex to make sure she’s alright and while it looks like he wants to say more to her, he remains silent and wishes her goodnight which closes the episode out on a thought provoking note.

We are almost at the finale of the first season of The Morning Show and things are not looking good for the people of the network. Mitch’s interview is set to be quite explosive and we are left to wonder how many casualties he will leave behind. Alex is certainly doing anything she can to survive it too, using any means necessary to avoid the firing line, including accusing Mitch of taking advantage of her.

The different interactions between all the characters remains really intriguing and the excellent chemistry they deliver has definitely helped the show become quite enjoyable. With a second season already on the way, I have a feeling next week’s episode will end on a cliffhanger but with that, I am also hoping we will see some closure for some of our characters.

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