The Morning Show – Apple+ Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


The Morning Show returns this week with a very intriguing episode, offering up some interesting character development between the two main leads as they’re forced to deliver the show in a tough location. Meanwhile Chip and Cory get ready to shake things up at the network, promising some dramatic moments for the weeks to come.

We start the episode with some footage of the Californian wildfires devastating the country. Fred, who has to evacuate his house, calls Cory and decides to have the girls go on-location to cover the fires during the show. It’s here we see Bradley spent the night in Cory’s room and he tends to her needs as she wakes up with a heavy hangover. Alex meanwhile wakes up to Chip calling her about covering the fires. Despite trying to refuse, Jason arrives to tell her that he’s fed up with their lives and wants a divorce and is planning to tell their daughter in the evening. This causes her to panic and asks him to wait until she’s back from LA.

When the whole crew arrive in LA, they have a meeting to discuss all the different stories they’re going to cover. However, tension builds when Bradley suggests doing a piece on celebrities’ houses being prioritized over poorer households. This causes some outbursts by Alex who is getting fed up by her ways, especially since the Ashley Brown interview. After coming up with a story regarding celebrities hiring private firefighters, we see the different staff as they organize themselves for the difficult day ahead.

Meanwhile, Cory is busy watching a pilot of a new show for the channel and as he heads outside, he comes face to face with Chip who explains that he is worried about his job and that he needs protection. Determined to keep his position, he proposes a deal with Cory; to help him get to Fred’s position in exchange for job safety. Cory is interested but suggests that they would need something concrete on Fred to get him out, which Chip isn’t sure about.

Back on the set, Bradley decides to make Claire her assistant who then quickly heads to Yanko to give him the good news. However, he is more concerned about people finding out about their affair than her promotion.

Despite the tension between the two women, they manage to deliver the news about the fire on the show but Alex soon gets emotional when they interview a man who has been saving dogs from the fire, speaking about the importance of family. After the interview, Bradley follows Alex to her dressing room and does her best to comfort her despite the hostility Alex has. As Chip arrives, it’s here she explains that Jason wants to get a divorce.

Later that night, Claire decides to go into Yanko’s room, which is witnessed by Hannah while Alex knocks on Bradley’s door to explain her emotional behaviour. She tells her she’s getting a divorce and is worried about her daughter’s reaction. After Alex says goodbye, Bradley does her best to reassure her about mother-daughter relationships, by using her own family life as an example. Alex thanks her and ends the conversation with a big hug. In his room, Chip calls Cory and tells him he is ready to talk, while Bradley receives a text from Mitch claiming that he has information she might be interested in where we leave the episode, hanging in the balance.

The Morning Show remains an enjoyable drama with enough interesting characterisation and plot twists to keep you coming back for more. This week touches on another difficult issue that California has been facing over the years, and finding out about rich people hiring private firefighters to tackle fires around their house was certainly eye-opening.

There were quite a few different scandals and twists this episode too, including the big reveal about Hannah. Alex and Bradley seem to have cleared the air too but it almost feels like the calm before the storm, as Chip is planning something with Cory and of course, Mitch’s intriguing text. After this episode, The Morning Show looks set to offer up quite a few dramatic episodes to come as we approach the finale.


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