The Morning Show – Apple+ Season 1 Episode 3 Recap and Review


The Co-Host Job

Episode 3 of The Morning Show sees the pace slow slightly compared to the two previous episodes as the show concentrates on preparing Bradley for her new job, while showing Alex attempting to deal with her stress. While more is revealed about Mitch’s past, Fred and Cory are quickly becoming the antagonists of the show, determined to get rid of Alex.

In the aftermath of her speech, Alex and her colleagues do their best to deal with the press’ questions. Cory tells them to tune in on Mondays for their first show while a shocked Bradley leaves. Fred becomes angry at Cory for talking to the press, agreeing to what Alex has done before Cory tells him that she did them a favour and this will eventually help get rid of her. Fred is dubious though, going on to ask Cory for another month in order to groom Bradley into becoming Alex’s replacement.

Sarah calls Alex soon after and berates her over what she did, demanding she apologise to Fred while Mia takes Bradley back to the office. When Chip arrives, Mia asks him to be Bradley’s producer. Corey turns up soon after and tells them he believes Bradley is the right choice for the show too, adding more weight to this idea.

Alex attends a disciplinary meeting where she’s berated about what she did. She doesn’t listen though, going on to confidently proclaim the only reason the show is doing well is because of her. After the meeting, Alex finds Bradley in the studio who tells her she doesn’t like surprises and doesn’t really want the job. After convincing her to take the offer, Alex tells her to arrive for 7am the next day.

In the morning, Bradley meets with Mia to discuss next steps and explains she doesn’t like being forced into things, while Alex heads to the office to discuss Bradley with Chip and the writers. It’s here she reveals she wants to conduct Brown’s interview herself. Daniel bursts into Chip’s office soon after though, unhappy that Bradley has been chosen instead of him as he was promised the job.

After playing tennis with his Director friend, Mitch relays his idea of doing a documentary about what happened and wants to have the victims speaking out. However, realising the Director is also facing similar accusations, Mitch tells him that he wants to talk about the specifics of the MeToo movement.

Bradley does some screen tests and seems to impress everyone by how quickly she learns the ropes. Afterward, Bradley heads out for a wardrobe fitting with Cory where he relays his plans to her, believing The Morning Show needs a more diverse audience and wants to attract real women. We then cut to Mia who heads into Mitch’s old changing room and presses a button under the table, locking the door.

Mia visits Alex’s dressing room to advise her against Ashley’s interview as she believes it shouldn’t be her doing it. It’s here we find out Mia was having an affair with Mitch, and Alex knew all about it. Back in the studio, Mia tells Bradley that Alex has decided that she’ll be the one interviewing Ashley. Shocked, she chases after Alex, asking why she chose her and why she’s not helping her rehearse. Alex tells her she’s lost and has no idea what she’s doing before urging her to sign the contract. The episode then ends with both women looking nervous and about to go on air for the first time together.

While the latest episode was a little slower than the other two, it still offered some interesting segments where we’re slowly seeing Mitch might not be as innocent as he claims to be. With Mia now in the picture, who seems to know more than she’s letting on, it feels like more home truths will come out in the episodes to come and that should make the show even more dramatic to watch, especially with Ashley Brown’s interview on the horizon.

The first three episodes of this Apple+ original were quite enjoyable to watch though. Jennifer Aniston has done a great job here and with Reese Witherspoon now sitting next to her during the show, it should become even more entertaining to watch, with plenty of dramatic moments on the horizon. While this may not be the strongest drama out there, there’s enough here  to keep you coming back for more.


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