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Best Thai BL & GL weddings

In celebration of Thailand’s landmark proposal to legalize same-sex marriage, we’re sharing our recommendations for great Thai BL & GL weddings.

If you’re a fan of Thai BL/GL stories, join us in cheering for Thailand as they move toward legally approving same-sex marriage. Thai BLs have become hugely admired around the world for stories that feel both realistic and poignant. They often feature great character pairings and side-couples who can capture our hearts. Thai GLs are now also picking up steam with similarly watchable results. So which stories contain depictions of weddings for same-sex couples? Clink a toast and click the links to see more on our list below.

Cutie Pie (2022)

Cutie Pie is a rom-com featuring two sons from wealthy families that are engaged by their parents. With a seven-year age difference, Lian manages both families’ businesses and believes he can quietly manage his demure fiancé as well. While Kuea is a university student pretending to study engineering but with a budding side career as a singer at a club that competes with his affianced’s business.

Lian doesn’t seem to be as keen about the arranged marriage as the completely head-over-heals Kuea. His indifference prompts Kuea to try to win him over while, at the same time, keep his social activities on the down-low.

Naughty Babe (2023)

Naughty Babe follows the story of Yi and Khondiao, a couple who first appears in Cutie Pie. As their wedding nears, Khondiao questions whether Yi truly loves him or is simply fulfilling his promise to their families. Feeling uncertain and unloved, he absconds to Switzerland, quickly followed by Yi. However, Yi gets into an accident on the way and wakes up with no memories of their break-up, instead accusing Khondiao of wanting to escape the marriage.

 Wedding Plan (2023)

Wedding Plan follows Nuea, a wedding planner who falls for one of his clients, Lom, with instant attraction. Lom is obligated by his family to marry Yiwa. Without knowing this, Nuea tries to remain professional and swallow his feelings. But how does Lom feel?

Following on from 2022 Thai BL, Love in the Air, some of your favorite couples join the party for Wedding Plan. If you’re itching for a wedding from the go, check out Wedding Plan Episode 1. And if you’re hooked, check out Wedding Plan Special Episode.

TharnType (2019)

TharnType is an absolute classic in the world of BL, a story about university roommates, one straight, one gay. Type has a hatred of gay men based on fear, having been molested as a child. When Type realizes his roommate’s preferences, he launches a campaign to make him leave the dorm. Tharn, of course, refuses to be pushed out. The tension between them explodes into a passionate relationship. But can Type admit his feelings?

To catch the wedding you’ll have watch through to the special after TharnType Season 2: 7 Years of Love, all the way to TharnType Season 2 Special: The Wedding Day. This compelling love story is worth it.

Gap (2022)

Mon idolises Sam, who is eight years her senior. She follows her path, attending the same university and afterwards into her career, joining her start-up company. But she’s surprised to find that Sam, now her boss, is not the same kind-hearted child she knew. Her hot-and-cold attitude leaves Mon confused.

But as time passes, they get closer once again and start to fall for each other. Sam, however, is engaged to a man selected by her Grandmother. If she doesn’t make a success of her company within five years, she’ll have to close the business and immediately marry the guy.

Cherry Magic (2023)

Based on Japanese drama, Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!, the Thai Cherry Magic is a modern-day fantasy wrapped up in a rom-com.

Achi is a quiet, simple guy who keeps his head down at work. However, on his 30th birthday, he realizes that he can read the minds of whomever he touches – all because he’s a virgin. With his new power, he finds out that the hottest guy at the office, Karan, has a crush on him. But Achi isn’t gay, is he?

If you love this one, check out 10 Shows Like Cherry Magic.

Laws of Attraction (2023)

Laws of Attraction is a romance drama focusing on a money-minded lawyer who falls in love at first sight with a Taekwondo teacher. Charn is a defense lawyer who will do anything to win a case for his wealthy clients, including framing or sabotaging witnesses. Tinn is a humble Taekwondo teacher who highly values virtue and morality. The two meet when Tinn saves Charn from an angry plaintiff who lost a case due to Charn’s scheming. 

It’s an accident that brings Charn and Tinn together again. At first, they have differing reasons for pursuing the accident case – one seeking revenge and the other keen for justice. However, as they find ways to work together, they become close, learning to trust each other and chasing a common goal. 

Unforgotten Night (2022)

Heartbroken after getting turned away by his crush, Kim goes out for drinks with his colleagues. At the club, he attracts the attention of crime boss, Kamol, and the two leave the club together. Their one-night stand kicks off with bondage progressing into pain-play.

Kamol had been disappointed with previous partners but he’s pleased by Kim who appears to suit his needs, neither running away nor crying. Meanwhile, the next day, Kim has regrets. Kamol, however, has set his sights and continues to pursue him, immediately asking him to move in. Will the broken-hearted Kim decide he likes what Kamol has to offer?

Love Syndrome III (2023)

A spin-off with side-characters from Unforgotten Night, Day (Kim’s long-time crush) and Itt have now been together for two years. After a serious accident, where Day gains amnesia, Itt blames himself for what’s happened, wanting to take care of him. But the Day who awakes after the accident is different, no longer the kind, caring boyfriend Itt once knew. Can Itt help him regain his memories and turn him back to the person he used to be?



Which Thai BL resonates with you? Let us know in the comments below. Click here to see more Thai BL content. For recommendations on new BL content, check out: Upcoming BL dramas March 2024



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