Cutie Pie 2 You Review – A Blissful Ending to a Cute Love Story

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Fans of the Cutie Pie series were beyond elated when Domundi announced a new special season to finalize the story of Kuea and Lian. For most BL lovers, this was the best way to usher in the New Year given that the first episode was released on January 6th.

Obviously, there were questions on whether the show will still be as good as season 1 and in most ways season 2 does deliver. That’s even more impressive given it only has 4 episodes.  The cast and the writing team don’t disappoint and we are soon sucked back into the culmination of the love story between Kuea and Lian.

These new four episodes follow the couple as they plan their next steps after Kuea’s graduation. Lian is hoping to finally settle down with his man and tie the knot. Kuea is hoping to pursue his dream as a singer. The dilemma in this season occurs around whether he chooses love or his dream – and that bothers Kuea for a while.

We also get to se the other couples in the show who have earned a place in the viewers’ hearts. Yi and Khondiao are making slow progress but the love between them is still there. They have both grown and are there for each other. It will be interesting to see the progression of their relationship in their new series Naughty Babe. The series will be the continuation of their story so please do check it out!

Nuer and Syn are still going strong but Syn has a dilemma of his own. He needs to decide whether he will stay in the monkhood and what the future holds for his relationship with Nuer. Unfortunately, we were not able to see what they decided to do by the end of the series but we will just assume that the NuerSyn ship is sailing well.

The season also delivered on the love scene, especially in the last episode. If we are honest, we shed a few tears during this scene. It was so emotional and raw, it almost felt like we were intruding on a very intimate moment. The directors and the actors did an outstanding job with this part.

Of course, we have to admit that the actors are extremely talented. We all know Nunew is a great singer and if you need further proof just watch the show. At one point he sings one song in four languages.  Zee did an amazing job portraying his emotions with his eyes and most viewers were able to relate to the couple’s situation. It also helps that all characters have great chemistry with their respective partners and have worked together for a long time now.

I loved that the series showed a conversation between the characters about LGBTQ+ marriage rights in Thailand. The world is slowly becoming more accepting and I am glad the show used its platform to start /add to this conversation.

If there’s one gripe though it comes from the length of the series. At only 4 episodes there just isn’t enough here to really dive into the supporting characters. Most viewers would have loved to see how Nuer and Syn solve their dilemma and how their relationship progresses. It feels like we were robbed of Nuer and Syn’s moments.

Cutie Pie 2 You is still worth watching and if you are looking for a cute BL then you should add this to your watchlist.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

1 thought on “Cutie Pie 2 You Review – A Blissful Ending to a Cute Love Story”

  1. This was my very FIRST BL series and I will admit I fell in love from the very first episode ..I laughed ..I cried my heart was full of love.The cast was AMAZING and the writers out did themselves…thank u for such an loving series I even cried knowing it was over.No matter whom we choose to love their is NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY….its the love in our hearts that choose for us.I just can’t say enough of good thing’s and to anyone don’t ever let society tell u it’s wrong to love the person u choose…Live ur best life and b happy💖💖💖💖

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