Love in the Air Season 1 Thai BL Review – How much cuter can these two couples get?

Season 1

Episode Guide

Not Just Rain but a Raging Storm– | Review Score – 2/5
I Hate Payu And I’m Not Talking about the Weather– | Review Score – 3/5
I Like Rain And I’m Not Talking about the Weather– | Review Score – 3.5/5
Warm Me with your Heart– | Review Score – 4/5
The Calm Before the Storm– | Review Score – 3.5/5
The Near Raging Storm– | Review Score – 4.5/5
Sky After Rain– | Review Score – 3/5
Not Just Wind, but a Typhoon– | Review Score – 4/5
Could You Be the Wind That Passes By?– | Review Score – 3/5
Could You Be the Sky That Becomes my Destination?– | Review Score – 3/5
The Sky of the Wind– | Review Score – 4.5/5
When the Sky Surrenders to the Wind– | Review Score – 4/5
The Wind Will Always Embrace The Sky– | Review Score – 4/5
Love in the Air: Special Episode – | Review Score – 4.5/5


Light spoilers ahead for the outcome of a few characters!

Thai BLs are on the rise and 2022 seems to be the year for the most NSFW shows to come in the form of gay romance stories set in Thailand. We have two new ships that will go a long way with BossNoeul (Payu and Rain) and FortPeat (Prapai and Sky). Love in the Air is a 13-episode (and 1 special episode) long lankorn (tv show) set in an architecture college where two first-year students end up finding the loves of their lives. 

The show is a regular BL show with some great spicy scenes that will go down in the history books of Thai shows while the two main couples have all the fans swooning with their on and off-screen chemistry. Love in the Air revolves around the lives of Sky and Rain, two first-year students who are close friends. 

The show first narrates the story of Rain who has a crush on a girl named, Ple. Ple has a crush on the alumni, Payu who is someone that all students, including Ple’s brother, have the hots for. After his encounter with biker Payu, Rain understands why everyone is swooning over the biker. 

Payu seemingly hits on Rain and the latter pledges to make Ple see that Payu is interested in men. Rain is adamant about winning Ple over but he claims to do so by having Payu fall in love with him. Smooth. 

On the other hand, Sky is not looking for true love. Cross that. The sky is sure that true love does not exist because of his ex who took advantage of Sky’s innocence and abused his power over a young Sky. After coming in contact with Payu’s biker friend, Prapai, Sky has a one-night stand with him in exchange for a favour. Knowing sexual relationships to be a barter, Sky tries to alienate himself from Prapai to the best of his ability. 

Meanwhile, Prapai is a batboy to his core but he still can’t get over the time he spent with Sky. He finds out more about his one-night stand and starts showing up outside Sky’s house an awful lot in order to make the anti-romantic fall in love with him. How cute! 

The 13-episode BL drama divides the story of the two couples into two parts with the first 7 episodes dedicated to Payu and Rain’s love story where Sky and Prapai are the second leads. The final 6 episodes deal with Prapai and Sky’s journey towards love with Payu and Rain in the background. 

In my honest opinion, this was the only part of the entire show that irked me because there was an awkward gap between Sky and Prapai’s first introduction to each other to when they started seeing each other often. To see how Prapai did not ever think about Sky during the first six episodes was somehow confusing because he seemed to be distracted by his partner because of the night he spent with Sky months ago. 

The makers’ decision to narrate the stories of the two couples separately was valid but the special episode proved that a linear narrative was just as romantic and effective. The show is pretty tame when it comes to comedic moments and some characters just exist in the background without any benefit to the story. To me, the way Payu forced himself on Rain at the beginning of their storyline was uncomfortable to watch and I am sure it would be triggering for many victims of abuse. 

However, what went wrong with their story is compensated when Rain eventually falls for Payu. Their NC (No Children/18+) scenes are extremely sensual and I am sure the actors share a trustful bond with each other to be comfortable doing so. Prapai and Sky’s story was extremely beautiful and Prapai really is a green flag when it comes to Thai BL boyfriends. 

The only setback from their relationship to me is how short it was because we see everything the couple goes through in 6 episodes. Had their story been narrated in a linear format from episode 1 onwards, there would be more scenes showing us Sky’s traumatic past and how the couple deals with it instead of packing it all in one episode during the finale. 

With all that said, the two romances are really beautiful for their own reasons and I am glad fans got a glimpse into their happily ever afters with the special episode. The special episode was beyond shocking for me to watch, especially the NC scenes between the two couples. 

I am hopeful to see Boss “Daddy” (Payu) in a lot more mafia shows because his persona fits the bill and his chemistry with Noeul (Rain) is something that I will be looking forward to in the future of their projects if any. The SkyPai storyline deserves its own full BL show and I hope to see FortPeat together in more shows as well.

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  • Verdict - 8.5/10

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