Wedding Plan: Special Episode 8 Recap & Review

Special Step: Wedding Plan 

The Wedding Plan special episode starts with Nuea and Lom on a cute waterboarding date. Their relationship is still growing strong, and they seem happy together. Nuea enjoys watching his man waterboarding, and Lom likes being possessive, always sneaking some PDA. Ahhh! People in love!

As the day comes to an end, Lom informs Nuea that he is ready to let everyone know about their relationship. Of course, Nuea is concerned about this, but Lom assures him everything will be fine.

The next day, he introduces Nuea to his mom. As expected, Lom’s mom is not exactly supportive, but she doesn’t give them a hard time either. Lom asks Nuea to give his mom more time to come around to the fact that he is dating a man. Nuea remains understanding and is happy to be part of Lom’s journey.

Elsewhere, Imm and the rest of the staff at Nuea’s company come together to help Lom plan a secret wedding. Imm is not a fan of Lom, but he is slowly trying to win her approval. Nuea is unaware when Lom suggests they take a trip back to Chiang Mai, but with a little detour. 

While Lom has Nuea fooled into thinking that they are going on a minor vacation before visiting his family, Imm and her team decorate Nuea’s parent’s home. The plan almost goes awry as Nuea gets impatient to see his family and fails to understand why they are in Chiang Mai but can’t visit.

On the other hand, Marine and Yiwa jet back to the country for the wedding. They help Imm and her team to prepare along with Sun and Ryu. Marine is happy to be back in Thailand, and Yiwa is happy Lom finally got his happy ending. 

In the meantime, Lom does his best to keep Nuea occupied and happy.  He is hoping to buy more time for Imm and her team. He informs Nuea that he booked them a hotel, and they won’t be heading home till the next day. Unfortunately, the next morning, Imm texts him, telling him things are far from ready. The team is still working and is wrapping up the decor. 

As the day progresses, Nuea gets bored and more impatient, demanding to go home. Luckily, Imm texts Lom and informs him everything is set.

On their way, Lom and Nuea stop by the bridge, where they confessed their love for each other. Nuea jokes that Lom might propose and is surprised to turn and see his man on one knee with a ring in his hand.  Nuea is moved to tears by Lom’s sincere proposal and says yes.  

Lom takes him home, and Nuea is once again surprised by all the preparations done. There is no time to explain much as things happen rather quickly. Yiwa advises the young lad to catch his beauty sleep before the big day. As much as he is in shock, Nuea gives in and goes to sleep.

A new dawn arrives, and Lom and Nuea get dressed in traditional Thai attires for their wedding. We have to admit, they make quite the dashing grooms. Nuea confides in Lom that he appreciates the initiative he took to plan the wedding by himself.

It allowed him to feel special on his wedding day and relieved him of the pressures he feels planning other people’s events for a living.

The day goes without a hitch, and we get teary-eyed as we watch their love come full circle. We would have thought they would come so far. Love sure does move even mountains! Although Lom’s parents are absent, Nuea’s parents do their part and give their blessings.

Why are Lom’s parents missing? Thank God Yiwa and Marine are there for Lom. The newly married couple is all smiles and good vibes as their guests wish them the best and share in their joy.

Night draws by and as tradition, Lom and Nuea promise to take care of each other in front of Nuea’s parents. Lom is happy that he is finally married to the love of his life. On the other hand, Sun continues to be naughty and tries to listen outside Lom and Nuea’s bedroom. Sun asks Ryu to seriously give him a chance and allow him to be lovey-dovey. 

Meanwhile, Yiwa and Marine have a lovely moment under the stars. Yiwa is happy for Lom, and they reminisce about their own wedding. They regret that no one was there to support them. However, they are grateful that Lom and Nuer sent them presents and congratulated them.

Back to our newly minted husbands, Lom and Nuea have a heart-to-heart about how they feel. Nuea feels blessed and wants to pay his respects to his husband. It has always been his dream to do so. Once again, he thanks Lom for planning the wedding and loving him. It is a deeply moving scene. Nuea’s love and respect for Lom as his husband clearly comes through. Lom confesses his love for Nuea, and they make love. 

The next day, the couple prepares to start their honeymoon, but the weather hinders them. Lom is sad since he had an itinerary and was looking forward to spending time with Nuea outdoors. As if hearing their prayers, the clouds give in to their wishes, and it stops raining. The show ends with them taking a lovely walk along an orchard, being all lovey-dovey. 

The Episode Review

It was not exactly the special episode we had in mind, but it was a great chapter all the same. Mame did a great job finalizing the story of Lom and Nuea; we got to see them get married and catch up with Yiwa and Marine. It was a beautiful wedding, and Lom and Nuea looked happy. We only hope their happily ever after lasts forever. 

It was sad that Lom’s parents didn’t make it to the wedding, but that was their loss! Hopefully, they won’t miss other big, life-changing moments of their son’s life.  

Well, it is officially a wrap for Wedding Plan; let us know what you liked or didn’t like about the show. As always, looking forward to reading your comments!

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