Wedding Plan (Thai BL) – Episode 1 Recap & Review

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Wedding Plan episode 1 starts with our main protagonist narrating what he thinks makes a great wedding. This allows us to see the wedding he is currently talking about. Our excitement is uncontainable after seeing Prapai and Sky from Love in the Air finally tie the knot. Among the guests are Rain and Phayu, who are a tad jealous that their friends beat them to the altar, but are nonetheless happy for them.  

And, as the narrator says, it is a lovely wedding befitting the great love story of the couple. We then meet our narrator, Nuea, who is the wedding planner who made Prapai and Sky’s wedding dreams come true.

A few days later, Nuea indulges himself with junk food at McDonald’s. He gets a call from his boss, Imm, reminding him about a meeting with a big new client in a few minutes. Nuea promises to be there as soon as he is done eating. After eating, he still has time, so he scans the restaurant for a possible love interest. It looked bleak for a moment until his eyes landed on one hunk of a man sitting by himself.

Nuea was just thanking the gods for blessing his eyes when a woman walks into the restaurant and proceeds to sit with the man. Arrgh, the good ones are always taken! 

Disappointed, Nuea heads back to the office and is shocked when the handsome man from the restaurant walks in. Nuea sends a quick prayer that he is not their new client but sadly, he is. The heartthrob is Sailom, nicknamed Lom, and is planning to marry his long-term girlfriend, Yiwa. 

They start the meeting, and Imm and Nuea question the couple about what they want for their wedding. The couple wants to hold their wedding in three months and Nuea notes that this means they will need to work quickly. Lom takes it to mean that Nuea means it is impossible and challenges him to get a rise. Nuea takes the bait and tries to be as diplomatic as possible with his answers. 

Seeing the meeting is going off the rails, Imm takes charge and returns them to the wedding discussion. She inquires about the couple’s dream wedding and is surprised when Yiwa and Lom say they have no idea what they want. They simply want a wedding but don’t have any preferences on what it should look like. Imm asks if the couple’s parents might have thoughts or ideas, and is told that the parents will only be involved with the guest list. 

Imm and Nuea are stumped and exchange looks, conveying that this wedding will be an uphill task. They ask about the estimated guests, and Lom says they are hoping for 500 guests but Nuea suggests they prepare for more just in case. Lastly, they discuss the budget and Lom is clear that the budget is limitless. 

After the meeting, a frustrated Nuea complains to Imm that it will be hard to plan this wedding given that the couple has no clarity on what they want. Imm suggests that Nuea meets with Lom and Yiwa again and try to give them some ideas to look into.

The next day, Nuea visits Lom at his office and is shocked to hear that Lom is busy. He gets even more frustrated because he had booked an appointment already. Lom says he can give him five minutes or meet later when he is free. Of course, Nuea does his best to keep his calm even though he wants to hit Lom. 

He reminds Lom that three months is a short time to plan a big, amazing wedding, and they need to lock down the theme and venue of the wedding. He insists that they will need at least half an hour to discuss the wedding. Lom suggests they meet later that night at 10 pm, and Nuea gladly agrees.  During this whole conversation, Lom gets a bit flirty with Nuea and even asks him to address him simply as Lom. This interaction leaves our cute Nuea feeling slightly hot and bothered, and quickly scrums out of Lom’s office. He tries to remind himself that it is bad business for a wedding planner to fall for the groom.

Night rolls by, and we see Imm, Sun and Nuea have dinner. Nuea seems exhausted, so Imm asks what is wrong with him. Sun wonders if Nuea is having a hard time with Lom since he came from their meeting. He also notes that Lom is Nuea’s type but Nuea says that Lom is a jerk. Nuea is getting irritated with Lom’s attitude towards the wedding. 

To make matters worse, Lom invited him to meet at the gym, which Nuea hates. Gyms remind him of his ex-boyfriend, who had a fitness obsession. Nuea had a tough time keeping up with his ex and was sure the fitness instructor was out to murder him with the never-ending exercise regimen.

Back to Lom, Nuea is sure he is a pain in his ass but is not ready to give up just yet.  He is afraid it will ruin the company’s reputation. He sets his mind to deliver the wedding of the century and opts to reach out to Yiwa instead.

The next day, he meets Yiwa, but she is worse than Lom. She doesn’t care where the wedding will be held, what dress she will wear or even who will attend. She informs Nuea that she has left all decision-making to Lom. Basically, she plans to only show up at the wedding, say her vows and live to see the next day. 

Nuea is surprised by her unusual attitude, given she is the bride. He tries to press her for more and she finally tells him that she won’t mind having her wedding venue near her home. Nuea asks if she is sure that Lom is to be trusted to make all decisions, and she insists that he is. 

After his meeting with Yiwa, Nuea is back to square one and has to go back and try to play nice with Lom. In the meantime, Lom goes to the office for a while and later goes ​​standup paddle boarding. He gets a call from Yiwa asking him to stop teasing Nuea. Yiwa feels that Nuea is about to lose it and feels bad for him. She asks Lom to contact Nuea and get to planning the wedding. 

Speaking of Nuea, he is at the office on the verge of a mental breakdown. The wedding planning is stressing him out and they need to sort things out quickly but Lom is being difficult. He laments to Imm, telling her he is having difficulty. As she comforts him, Lom texts Nuea and asks to meet. Nuea is happy and gladly accepts to meet at Lom’s convenience. 

They meet at the gym and Nuea finds Lom working a sweat at the machines. He can’t help and admire Lom’s fine muscles – and neither can we! The instructor tries to get close to Nuea in a bid to get him to join the gym but Lom quickly intervenes. Nuea thanks him and suggests they start discussing the wedding. He tells Lom about Yiwa’s wish to have the wedding in a hotel near her house. 

He asks Lom if he has a particular hotel in mind, but once again Lom tells him that he can decide himself. Nuea decides to go with the first hotel since the hall is perfect and suitable for a grand wedding. He is surprised that Lom doesn’t want to compare prices and insists the budget is limitless. Lom says that he trusts Nuea’s skills and experience. He asks him to follow and pick up some files relating to the wedding. 

Nuea tags along and gets distracted when they enter the changing room and Lom takes off his vest revealing his broad naked back. He nearly kisses Lom’s back when he stops abruptly and quickly tries to pull back. He ends up hitting the locker too hard on his back. Lom checks up on him and gets way too close. For a brief moment, Nuea is scared Lom will kiss him and asks what he is doing. Lom finally pulls back, opens his locker and gives Nuea the files. 

Nuea quickly excuses himself and Lom chuckles at how fast he left the changing rooms. He then fondly remembers the first time he saw Nuea at Prapai and Sky’s wedding. Nuea was always rushing from one point to another. Prapai only had high praises for Nuea and suggests that Lom hire Nuea’s company for his wedding to Yiwa. It turns out that Lom was also checking out Nuea at the restaurant the day they had their first meeting. 

The episode ends with Yiwa approving Lom’s desire to go after Nuea. Lom points out that he is about to get married, and it might be hard to convince Nuea to date him. Yiwa tells him to put on his charms and court Nuea. She has no issues because, at the end of the day, she will remain his bride. 

The Episode Review

It seems like Yiwa and Lom are playing a dangerous game. Why are they getting married if they are not dating each other romantically? Maybe this will be revealed in the next episode. Overall, this was a great introduction to the characters and we will be looking forward to how this unique love story will progress. 

As a fan of Love in The Air, it is deeply fulfilling to see that Prapai’s wish to marry and take care of Sky came true. We only wish that we could have seen more of their story and the moments leading up to the wedding. Nonetheless, we are grateful that we got the beautiful scene of them saying their vows to one another. We can only hope our remaining riders, Phayu and Rain, will tie the knot too!


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