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Laws of Attraction is a Thai boy legal-romance drama that tells the romance story of a money-inclined lawyer and a Taekwondo teacher. Charn is a defense lawyer who will do anything to win a case for his wealthy clients, including framing or sabotaging witnesses. Tinn is a humble taekwondo teacher who highly values virtue and morality.

The two accidentally meet one night when Tinn saves Charn from an angry plaintiff who lost a case due to Charn’s scheming. Charn likes Tinn at first sight. 

An accident causes Tinn to lose someone he loves, and the case brings Charn and Tinn together. The two hold opposing viewpoints and must work together to help Tinn get justice. At first, they both have differing reasons for pursuing the case where one seeks revenge and the other seeks justice. However, as they find ways to work together, they become close, learn to trust each other, and chase a common goal. 

The script follows a rebirth plot using flashbacks to explain past events, especially to illustrate the tragic past that informs Charn’s current negative view of people. Tinn comes in to help Charn learn to trust and see goodness in people and become the lawyer his mother would have wanted him to be. The script perfectly combines drama, mystery, suspense, and romance.

The suspense and the mystery will keep you guessing, and the beautiful love scenes between the three couples send butterflies to the stomach. The mystery and the suspense are well written such that they are not frustrating but keep viewers anxiously waiting for the next episode.

The characters have distinct traits, and they all have a role to play in bringing the story together. Charn’s tragic past turned him into a schemer who trusts no one. He is cunning, cold-blooded, cruel, and a dangerous lawyer who only cares about money. On the other hand, Tinn is rigid, stubborn, and strong-willed. He has strict life principles that he stands by and sees the goodness in people. 

Thaenthai is a rich kid who everyone thinks is rowdy and selfish. However, he only acts tough and careless to seek his father’s attention. His true character is someone empathetic, generous, and warmhearted. In contrast, his father, Thattep,  is a power-hungry, corrupt politician who will ruthlessly kill anyone who opposes him, including his son. He is violent and rebellious.

Another character is Thee, Thaenthai’s bodyguard. He cares about Thaenthai and is protective of him. A past incident brought them together when they were young. Thee is loyal and always takes care of Thaenthai. He is the only one who knows Thaenthai’s true character, and they make the second couple in the series.

Another supporting cast includes Gramma Aew. She is a thoughtful woman who helps her grandson Tinn learn to give Charn a chance. She is also trusting since she chooses to trust Charn’s good intentions even after learning about all the horrible things he has done. Other significant characters include Rose and Maya. They are the third couple, and they both care deeply for Charn. They are resourceful and help Charn and Tinn in their dangerous quest for justice.

Not forgetting Nawin, who appears in the last two episodes of the series. His presence brightens the scene because he is ruthless, like a mafia boss, but also funny and turns timid at the sight of Chan.

The series is well-rounded, with an amazing cast and a plot that progresses swiftly. The romance is neither rushed nor slow and develops naturally, especially between Charn and Tinn. The drama will keep you on edge, while the couples’ lovey-dovey scenes will keep you giggling and make your heart flutter. 

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  • - 7/10

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